National Geographic Kids Singapore

National Geographic Kids Review

National Geographic Kids is a nice magazine that kids will love. Kids have a natural interest in animals/birds/dinosaurs, and this will inspire them to start reading, and learn about animals at the same time. Animals are a key topic in Science and will be tested in PSLE eventually. PSLE requires students to know the difference between mammals, birds and reptiles, and also certain insects.

National Geographic Kids

Note that the National Geographic Kids is for around age six. Many Singapore students are more advanced in reading, and in fact they can move on to the adults’ National Geographic magazine if they are interested.

Especially if your child is gifted or in the GEP, at age 9 they should be poised to read the adult version of National Geographic to learn more advanced vocabulary and scientific concepts. (For gifted students, the kids version of the magazine may be too simple.)

National Geographic

For students interested in Geography, the National Geographic Atlas of the World, Tenth Edition is an excellent book to learn all about the Earth. A piece of trivia is that the chess world champion Magnus Carlsen could memorize the entire atlas when he was just a little kid. “Magnus was able to recall the areas, population numbers, flags and capitals of all the countries in the world by the age of five. Later, Carlsen had memorised the areas, population numbers, coat-of-arms and administrative centres of “virtually all” Norwegian municipalities.”

See also our post on: Recommended Educational Toys.

Chinese High School Student “Proves” Goldbach Conjecture


According to popular Chinese Social Media, a Chinese teenager from high school has purportedly proven the difficult Goldbach Conjecture, which is that every even integer greater than two is the sum of two prime numbers.

Update: He has recently realized his mistake and deleted the post. Do check out his proof if you are interested!

Oven-roasted Tomatoes

Cooking For Fun

Recently, I’m crazy about tomatoes. I always want to try sun dried tomato, yet weather here in Singapore is very humid. So I guess sun dried tomato is impossible here. Then this oven-Roasted tomatoes came to my head.

And it’s very easy.

1. Chop tomatoes into slices (around 0.5cm thick). You can use cherry tomatoes or any ones of small size.

2. Place all tomato slices in a big bowl. Drizzle in olive oil, spread a little salt and add in dried herbs you like. I used dried oregano. Toss a bit.

3. Put tomato slices in baking tray and arrange them in one layer. You can put them very close to each other. Because they will shrink after dehydrated.

4. Preheat oven to 200 degree C. Roast tomato for 15-20 mins or till they get wrinkled and a bit burnt on the edge.

They can be used in…

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Seahorse Pillow Review

SeaHorse pillow is my favorite brand of pillow. I have tried many types ranging from “top-end” brands like Tempur, to standard popular brands like King Koil. Basically it is worth buying a quality pillow to have a good night’s sleep.

SeaHorse is a Hong Kong brand, and it has several advantages:

  • Designed for Asian body in terms of firmness and thickness. Westerners have broad shoulders so they need a very thick pillow. If you buy Western pillow brands like King Koil, often they are too thick, your neck will be at an awkward angle.
  • Also, westerners like to sleep on very soft beds, while Chinese like to sleep on firmer beds due to an ancient belief in Chinese medicine (the best is allegedly to sleep on a hard wooden bed). Hence, western brand pillows are designed to sink into the soft bed. If your bed is Asian bed (i.e. more firm), it won’t sink in and you will be left with a very tall pillow.
  • Quite affordable in terms of price. If you want the best pillow, it is probably Tempur as they have “space-like astronaut material”. However it is very expensive, and also it may become hot under the Singapore weather due to the “space material”.

This is the standard Sea Horse pillow that is good enough for everyday usage (from Official SeaHorse Qoo10 site):

[S$18.00](▼64%)[Sea Horse]SeaHorse SIL Comfortable Foam Pillow(100-100) Free Delivery!


They also have a memory foam version, which is better contoured to your head.

[S$54.00](▼59%)[Sea Horse]Sea Horse Memory Foam Pillow(100-100) Free Delivery!


‘I refused to meet my son’s JC teacher after the 1st meeting with her’

A mother’s heartfelt comment on Facebook (received 184 likes).

Excerpt: “I refused to meet my son’s JC teacher after the 1st meeting with her after 1st half of JC1. She focused the whole conversation on my son’s grades and that he will fail eventually. She was very superficial all the way and kept reminding me that it’s a prestigious school. I told her it’s just the 1st 6 months, too early to judge anything. My message to all parents, trust your kids and give them moral support and space. They have enough from these so called teachers who just worry about the school reputation and not the kid’s potential.”

Ohm $20 Referral Code: OHMREF25CC5A

*Ohm Referral Code: OHMREF25CC5A

Ohm has just improved their discount off tariff rate to 25%! Their fixed rate is also improved! Previously Ohm was good, now it is fantastic!

Read my previous review of Ohm at: Ohm $20 Promo Code: OHMREF25CC5A

Dear Customer,

Thank you for trying us out. We are glad that you have chosen Ohm as your preferred electricity retailer.

Our mantra is to keep prices competitive and not disadvantage customers who have signed up earlier. We still maintain the same view. Since the start of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) on 19 March 2018, we have kept our prices consistent in spite of the increase in Brent prices. After consideration, we realised that we are able to introduce additional savings to our customers and so, from 1st January 2019, we will be updating various Price Plans. The intention of this email is to inform you that although we are updating our prices, if you are still on our 3-month trial, you would be eligible to switch to any of our other price plans, you can choose to do so on our customer portal. at

Our Fixed Ohm Price Plans will be lowered to the following prices (inclusive of GST):

6-Months Fixed Ohm: From 20.01 cents/kWh to 18.35 cents/kWh
12-Months Fixed Ohm: From 19.58 cents/kWh to 18.03 cents/kWh
24-Months Fixed Ohm: From 18.14 cents/kWh to 17.98 cents/kWh

Our Ohm Discount Price Plans will be updated to the following prices:

6-Months Ohm Discount: From 20% discount off Regulated Tariff to 25% discount off Regulated Tariff
12-Months Ohm Discount: From 22% discount off Regulated Tariff to 25% discount off Regulated Tariff

Below is a Quick Guide on the price plan change process:

1. Go to our website at and click on Login at the top right-hand corner. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password through the “Can’t remember your password” link.

2. When you have logged into Customer Portal, Go to the “Electricity Price Plan” tab.

3. Select “Change my Price Plan”.

4. You will be redirected to our webpage by clicking on the “leave” button.

5. Select the Price Plan of your choice on the left top corner on the price plan page (e.g. 24-months Fixed Ohm). Click on “Change Ohm Now”, your current information will be auto-populated.

6. You will then reach the confirmation page, click “confirm & verify” to accept.

7. If you face any issues or you are required to re-enter the information, you can refresh the screen by clicking on your account name on the top right-hand corner.

Should you have any questions during the change process or have other general questions about the electricity market, please do let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

#TeamOhm would like to thank you for a great 2018 and an even better one in 2019. Happy New Year!

Team Ohm

Price Plan Change Summary for Fixed Ohm and Ohm Discount

Fixed Ohm Price Plan (Inclusive of GST)

Current Price (cents/kWh) NEW Price (cents/kWh)
6 Months Contract 20.01 18.35
12 Months Contract 19.58 18.03
24 Months Contract 18.14 17.98

Ohm Discount Price Plan

Discount off Regulated Tariff Discount off Regulated Tariff)
6 Months Contract 20% 25%
12 Months Contract 22% 25%

Half-day Trip in Bird Park

Cooking For Fun

On the last day of 2018, my husband and I decided to visit Jurong bird park in Singapore.

It’s amazing. All the beautiful, lovely, and talented birds: parrots, penguins, flamingoes, emu, owls, vultures, lories, etc.

Here are some pics of birds:

And here is my favorite pic:

A white bird just stood in among a group of flamingoes. Well disguised! 🙂

Happy new year, everybody! 🙂

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Where can I buy Staub cast iron cookware in Singapore

One of the search terms for my website is “Where can I buy Staub cast iron cookware in Singapore”. I did some research and it sounds incredible, but one of the cheapest option is actually to buy from Amazon and ship it to Singapore.

This is a good idea for several reasons.

  1. Firstly, Amazon has certain offers from time to time that make Staub cookware extremely cheap. For instance, currently the Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4-Quart (3.8 liters) is selling for USD $99.95, whereas its original price is USD $407. Hence, even after factoring in the shipping fees of around USD $30, it is likely to be cheaper than anywhere in Singapore. (See the below Staub cookware, which is selling at $99.95 and ships to Singapore.)

Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4-Quart, Cherry

2. Local e-commerce websites may not necessarily be cheaper than Amazon. Be aware of a process called “drop shipping“. That means that the local website may not keep physical stock of Staub. When you order from them, they in turn order from USA and ship it to you! Hence, if you order directly from Amazon, you skip the middleman and it should logically be cheaper.

3. Amazon has extremely good customer service (that is how they became one of the richest companies in the world). If for any reason, your cookware is damaged (highly unlikely given the durability of cast iron), you can just lodge a complaint to Amazon and they will compensate you accordingly.

See also: Cast Iron Pan Singapore Review

Hwa Chong IP dropout shares his story: Student hacked and sabotaged Project Work of rival group

This is the dark side of the Integrated Programme, parents and students should read this (and definitely watch the video).

Something in the video is quite shocking: According to the interviewee Edwin, someone in his HCI batch “hacked into the files of another Project Work (PW) group to sabotage them so that they wouldn’t do well”. This is certainly “absurd”, as Edwin put it. (Note that PW is widely considered the least important of all subjects.) Such is the level of competitiveness in the top tier IP schools? Such unethical students are really the black sheep of IP program and society in general, it reflects the “black heart” of the student.

Good luck to Edwin, he seems like a nice guy. Perhaps this may be a blessing in disguise for him, his path less travelled may lead him to a better life in the Land Down Under (Australia).

Source (Text and Video):

“With his top honours in finance and economics, Singaporean Edwin Chaw, who recently graduated from the University of Melbourne, should enjoy good job prospects when he returns home.

But the 26-year-old is applying for jobs in Melbourne, Australia, instead, as he believes that his past as a “dropout” from the elite Integrated Programme at Hwa Chong Institution still haunts him.”

Promotion Criteria for IP Schools

Entering IP is not all smooth sailing, there is still much work to be done. Most IP schools will set a minimum criteria to proceed in the Integrated Program (i.e. skip ‘O’ levels). Those students who don’t make the criteria may be streamed into the ‘O’ level track.

A recent post from Kiasuparents summarized nicely the situation for the top 4 IP schools:

At the end of the day, it’s each sch’s perogative to set the IP promotion bar at a level it deems fit. For HCI/NYGH case, that bar was set at 65%, while RI set it at 60% and RGS at 50%. The R sch students also have the flexibility to choose the best subjects for GPA calculation (and not have to include all subjects).

Source: Kiasuparents

Hence, basically for HCI/NYGH an average grade of B3 and above is needed to proceed in the IP track, while for RI it is B4, and RGS is just pass (50%). Note that IP exam papers tend to be tougher than usual, hence it is not as easy as it sounds to get B3 in an IP school, or even to pass.

While the ‘O’ level track is not bad in the sense that it provides an ‘O’ level certificate as a backup, the problem is that IP schools are so entrenched in the IP system, and so used to teaching IP syllabus, their teachers may or may not be proficient in teaching ‘O’ level material. See this news: RI’s O Level Scores: Only 1 student out of 10 made it to JC. Hence, there is always an inherent risk in being streamed to the ‘O’ level track.

$98 Smartphone (Xiaomi Redmi 6A)

Ideal for primary school kids who need a smartphone to keep in contact with parents. (iPhone XS is too expensive and unnecessary for a Primary 1 kid.)

It can do all the basic stuff like internet, camera, apps (WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook), etc. At just $98, it is essentially affordable to all Singaporeans.

[S$98.00](▼68%)[Xiaomi]Xiaomi Redmi 6 PRO Redmi 6 Redmi 6A 3GB 32GB 4GB 64GB Play Store Local Seller Warranty


$259 Laptop with 8GB RAM and 240 GB SSD

This is probably the cheapest laptop around with such stats. 8GB RAM and 240 GB SSD is definitely enough for any kind of school project, and in fact should be enough for casual computer games too.

An excellent choice for students/adults looking for a budget computer that is not too slow. (Do not get those with 2GB RAM, no matter how cheap they are. You will regret when you discover that they take 20 min just to start up and 10 min just to open internet explorer.)

Refurbished means it is not brand new, but on the good side it means it has been repaired and checked for any errors.

[S$259.00](▼57%)[Lenovo]Lenovo Thinkpad X240 / X250 UPGRADED 8GB RAM 240GB SSD ( Refurbished )


German Language Institute in Jaipur

Language Legos is the leading German Language Institute in Jaipur. They are well known for speaking Practice Sessions with Native Speakers, and Goethe Certified teachers.

Click here to check out online classes from Language Legos.

German is a very useful language to learn due to Germany being a world leader in industry and education sectors.

中学华文口试常见的题目—Tips for Secondary Chinese Oral Test

Chinese Tuition Singapore








  • 有利于学生的身体健康。一些课外活动是属于体育锻炼。可以让学生在课余时间锻炼身体。
  • 有利于学生的心理健康。课外活动可以帮助学生减轻压力,放松心情。
  • 课外活动提供给学生更多与其他学生沟通交流的机会,可以促进学生之间的感情和增强他们的社交能力。
  • 培养学生之间的团队精神。一些课外活动需要学生相互合作来完成共同的目标,这就要求学生们在活动中学会分工合作,增强团队精神。
  • 学生可以在课外活动中发掘自己的爱好和特长,这也有助于增强他们的自信心。
  • 课外活动还会激发学生的积极性和创造性。在活动中发现问题并解决问题。增强了他们的动手能力和创造力。



  • 对于社会而言,义工活动传递了爱心,加强了人与人之间的关爱,对于建设美好的社会具有重要意义。
  • 对于义工本人而言,义工活动是一个帮助他人的好机会,在帮助别人的同时,也丰富了自己的生活和社会经验。义工活动也是一个学习的好机会,可以拓展自己的视野,并且加强自己的沟通交流能力,用自己的力量来奉献社会。
  • 对于被帮助的对象而言,义工活动让他们感受到了社会的温暖,帮助他们融入社会,减少了疏远感。





  • 捐赠旧书可以帮助一些家庭贫困的学生,帮助他们减轻经济负担。
  • 捐赠旧书也可以帮助高年级的学生处理自己不用的旧课本。
  • 捐赠旧书还可以节约资源,保护环境。



  • 现在的华文课确实难度比较高,很多学生都认为学起来难度很大。
  • 许多华文的老师讲课方式确实有些枯燥,导致学生没有兴趣上华文课。本来内容就难,再加上学生没有兴趣学,这也就解释了为什么很多学生只有华文成绩比较差。
  • 其实这种现象也是可以改变的。希望教育部门可以结合学生的华文水平制定难度适中的课程大纲。也希望一些华文老师可以稍微改变自己的教课方式,让华文课更生动有趣,提高学生对华文的兴趣。

3, 你认为国家/政府在xxx方面做得充足/好吗?为什么这么说?





  • 新加坡的学生从小就接受种族和谐的教育,7月21日为种族和谐日,这一天,学校会举办很多活动,展示各个种族的文化和传统,让不同种族之间相互了解。
  • 种族和谐也被写在《国家信约》里面,不分种族宗教,建立公正,平等的民主社会。
  • 新加坡的通用语言为英语,这样就方便了不同种族之间的沟通交流。
  • 新加坡政府规定政府租屋(HDB)按照种族比例出售,加强了不同种族之间的融合。
  • 政府的政策和规定对各个种族都是平等的,如服兵役政策,所有的种族都要履行。
  • 对比一些国家因为种族骚乱,种族纷争而战火不断,新加坡虽然是一个多种族国家,却一直社会安定。(反面论证)







  • 学习压力大,课业繁重,没有空闲的时间来读报纸。
  • 相对于传统的纸质报纸,我更喜欢用电子设备,如手机,电脑等来了解新闻。比报纸更快捷更方便。


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人物肖像描写佳句 Good Phrases for Describing People

Chinese Tuition Singapore

1, 她那熟睡的面孔好像大理石浮雕一样,恬静、温柔,显出一种端庄纯净的美。

2, 瞧左边这个,微笑时露出两个酒窝,稚嫩的脸上浮着醉人的笑容,眼睛里透出柔和的光,宛然暖房里未经风雨的小花。

3, 他的脸庞长圆,额头上布满了一道道皱纹,两只眼睛深深地陷在眼眶中。

4, 小妹那圆圆的脸蛋沐浴着霞光,红红的,好像一个红苹果,又像一朵含苞待放的花。

5, 自从我懂事起,父亲就是那样一种形象:黝黑的脸庞,粗糙的皮肤,深深的皱纹,粗壮的身体。父亲是个送报工,每天风里来雨里去,在烈日下,在狂风中度过了一个个春夏秋冬。送报工,在我眼里一个普通的有些渺小,平凡的有些卑微的职业,因为这个职业,我曾经无数次觉得在同学面前抬不起头。

6, 一个矮胖的中年人走到客厅门口,容光焕发,脸胖得像一个圆球,下巴的肉往下垂着。看上去年纪不过40左右,实际上他已经是50的人了。头上没有一根白发,修理得很整齐,油光发亮,镜子似的,苍蝇飞上去也要滑下来。

7, 他是太苍老了,他的脸是瘦削的,黑黄色的。那眼角和嘴角布满了凌乱的皱纹,像一块老柏树皮;他突出的前额上刻着几条深深的皱纹,好像是被鞭子抽打出来的,他的眼睛是细小的,微黄的,他的背佝偻着,像枯枝似的手……

8, 小红长得很白净,高个儿,脸上总是泛着红晕,笑起来脸上两个浅浅的酒窝,别人都会醉到里面去。

9, 她有许多漂亮的衣服,配她匀称、矫健的身材,总那么合适,那么好看。可最新人的,还是那松软柔滑的黑发衬托下的俊秀的脸庞。当她笑起来的时候,腮旁两个浅浅的小酒窝和被睫毛遮住的隐隐发亮的眼睛,仿佛向外辉映着难以形容的柔和的光芒。

10, 在他被太阳晒黑的脸庞上,有一双炯炯有神发光的眼睛,它像两面镜子似的透亮,似乎能一下子照见我的心底。

11, 这深邃的目光,像碧天里的星星,那样明、那样亮,迸发出无限激情,流露出深深爱意,饱含着殷切希望。

12, 他有一双充满美丽的大眼睛,眼睛里包含着智慧的神奇与力量,每当你的眼神和他的碰到一起,便有一种说不出来的感觉。他的眼睛就像一潭神圣的拥有神奇力量的湖水,美丽而又宁静。

13, 在他高高的鼻梁下边,长着一张小巧的嘴巴。平时总是笑嘻嘻地,要是生起气来,两只嘴唇翘的老高老高,这时大家都打趣地说:“真可以挂上两只油瓶呢!”

14, 那圆圆的小脸蛋上嵌着一双水灵灵的大眼睛,嘴唇薄薄的,一啸小嘴一咧,眼睛一眯,还露出一对小酒窝,着实可爱。要是谁惹他生气了,他就会瞪大眼睛,小嘴一翘。

15, 由于多年的操劳,爷爷的手背粗糙得像老松树皮,裂开了一道道口子,手心上磨出了几个厚厚的老茧。流水般的岁月无情地在他那酱紫色的脸上刻下了一道道深深的皱纹,他那原来是乌黑乌黑的头发和山羊胡子也变成了灰白色,只有那双眼睛一就是那么有神,尽管眼角布满了密密的鱼尾纹。

16, 树丛被拨开了,一个小孩的脑袋钻了进来,这是个男孩子,大约有12三岁,又黑又瘦的小脸上,满是灰尘,头发约有二寸多长,乱蓬蓬的,活像个鸟窝。

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常见的修辞手法 Figure of Speech in Chinese

Chinese Tuition Singapore





















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Roti John

Cooking For Fun

It’s like a egg meat sandwich.


Minced chicken 100g (season with salt and pepper)

Bun (I chose hotdog buns, you can choose baguette or any other bread you like)

Eggs 2

Chili sauce 1/2 tablespoon



Black pepper

Slices of 1/2 onion

1. Cut 2 hotdog buns into halves, don’t cut through.

2. Heat a pan. Add in a little butter. When melted, place buns in with cut side down to fry a bit.

3. Heat pan again. Add in a little extra butter. When melted, sauté onion till transparent. Add in minced chicken. Stir fry till chicken gets white.

4. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl, add in 1/2 tablespoon chili sauce and a little salt to taste.

5. Pour egg into the pan to mix with chicken and onion.

6. Place 1 bun with cut side down onto the egg. Turn to low heat. Tuck the…

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Chinese Tuition Singapore



网络:wǎng luò, network;The Internet

社交媒体:shè jiāo méi tǐ, Social Media

社交网络:shè jiāo wǎng luò,social network

图片:tú piàn,picture

音频:yīn pín,audio

视频:shì pín,Video

多媒体:duō méi tǐ,multimedia

上传:shàng chuán,upload

下载:xià zài,download

更新:gēng xīn,update

浏览:liú lǎn,browse

删除:shān chú,delete

卸载:xiè zài,uninstall

屏蔽:píng bì,block

隐私:yǐn sī,privacy

个人资料:gè rén zī liào,personal information

软件:ruǎn jiàn,software

账户:zhàng hù,account

黑客:hēi kè,hacker

智能手机:zhì néng shǒu jī,smart phone

平板电脑:píng bǎn diàn nǎo,tablet


应用程序:yìng yòng chéng xù,APP

系统:xì tǒng,system

病毒:bìng dú,virus

链接:liàn jiē,link

摄像头:shè xiàng tóu,camera

密码:mì mǎ,password

垃圾邮件:lā jī yóu jiàn,spam

诈骗:zhà piàn,scam

虚拟:xū nǐ,virtual

转发:zhuǎn fā,repost

留言:liú yán,Leave a message/comment

点赞:diǎn zàn,like

博客:bó kè,blog


谷歌:gǔ gē,Google

搜索引擎:sōu suǒ yǐn qíng,Search engine

推特:tuī tè,Twitter

匿名:nì míng,anonymous

评论:píng lùn,comment


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Canon Camera and Camera Case Singapore

Canon Camera Review

Canon sells excellent midrange compact digital cameras that are good for those who are interested in photography, but yet not professionals (professionals need to use DSLRs which are heavy and hard to use).

Canon PowerShot SX740 Digital Camera w/40x Optical Zoom & 3 Inch Tilt LCD – 4K VIdeo, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth Enabled (Black)

The Canon PowerShot series (latest version is SX740 HS, which stands for ‘High Speed’) is the best in its price range, for instance it beats Nikon Coolpix A900 in several key metrics. Megapixel wise it is 20 megapixels which trumps all iPhone models (best is iPhone XS with 12 megapixels). The key thing is 40x optical zoom, which no phone can do. The phone zoom is called “digital zoom”, you lose resolution when you zoom in.

Canon Camera Case

The best camera case for Canon is by MegaGear. “Ever Ready” means that you don’t have to fully take out the Canon camera when you take photos. You just have to open the flap. Hence it saves time and increases the chance that you can capture the photo. (Imagine you are photographing a butterfly, by the time you take out the camera from your bag it would have flown away!)

The bad news is that no local stores, including online stores like Qoo10, Lazada carry MegaGear stock. The good news is that the Amazon stock ships to Singapore (and possibly other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, do check)!

MegaGear do make camera cases for many other brands, including Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic etc. (Hmm… I just noticed that almost all are Japanese brands?)

MegaGear MG1174 Canon PowerShot SX740 HS, SX730 HS Ever Ready Leather Camera Case with Strap – Dark Brown

The Canon camera I bought will be used in my food blog, do check it out in the near future for nice food photos!

Benko Gambit Review with Book Recommendations

I used to play 1. d4 as White, and had a terrible record against the Benko Gambit (something like 20% win, 80% loss). It improved slightly to 30% win after I switched to the Qc2 line. I have since switched to 1.e4, hence I do not encounter Benko Gambit as White anymore.

Review: Benko Gambit as repertoire against 1. d4

I decided to play the Benko Gambit myself as Black, and it gave surprisingly good results. The plan for playing Benko Gambit is very simple, fianchetto the dark-square bishop, line up both rooks on the a & b files, and play on the Queen side. The dark-squared bishop is very powerful as it has an unobstructed diagonal. White will have a very hard time hanging on to his two a & b pawns. The only way you can lose (other than obvious blunders) is if White checkmates you first (which is not that easy to do). In endgames, it is almost always the case that Black has an advantage.

From online research, it is stated that most players who are below master level don’t know how to play properly against the Benko gambit. Due to the simple and standard plan, you can also move very fast without having to calculate much and hence that is why Benko gambit is very good for rapid or blitz games. On the other hand, playing White against Benko gambit is very hard and tedious, hence white players tend to either lose on time or make a blunder in time trouble.

My rapid game against a 2100+ rated Lichess player:

White made a blunder by playing b3. What is the best move for black? (There is more than 1 correct answer.)

Best Books on Benko Gambit

Benko Gambit: Move by Move

This is a book by a Singaporean author, Junior Tay.

The Dynamic Benko Gambit: An Attacking Repertoire for Black

This book is by Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov, who shares the same name as the famous Garry Kasparov. (See also Garry Kasparov Masterclass Review.)

Play the Benko Gambit (Everyman Chess Series)

Recommended A-Level H2 Assessment Books and Guidebooks

Most students will prefer to read a concise, and to-the-point guidebook that really cuts off all the unnecessary stuff. Unfortunately, school notes are often the opposite, including tonnes of irrelevant information that at the end of the day is not tested. Though good for general knowledge, school notes are too long and wordy for a speedy and efficient revision session. When your exam is next week, you certainly don’t want to read through the history of Calculus, or all about the Galapagos Islands, for instance.

For example, reading the standard textbooks like “Halliday” (Fundamentals of Physics) for Physics or “Campbell” (Campbell Biology (11th Edition)) for Biology is very good when you are a year or two away from the A-levels, but absolute disaster if you are just months away from the A-levels.

The legendary guidebook series for A Level is by the author C.S. Toh. He has a knack of summarizing all you need to know into one book. His books are now available for sale on Qoo10, which means you can order it and get it delivered to your home without having to step out of the house. (Many people comment that sometimes bookstores do not have stock of this book.)

The store URL and the links are below. The subjects available are H2 Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. (Click on the images for the URL link)

Step-by-Step International Pte Ltd


[S$20.90][Step by Step International]CS Toh A-Level Mathematics


[S$15.90][Step by Step International]CS Toh A-Level Chemistry


[S$15.90][Step by Step International]CS Toh A-Level Physics



C.S. Toh Book Reviews

The books of C.S. Toh are a well-known secret weapon for H2 students. Both forums Hardwarezone and Kiasuparents have good reviews on C.S. Toh books.

Poor little girl gets beaten by parents for no apparent reason (China)

Poor little girl gets beaten up severely for no apparent reason. In the video, it is quite clear that there is another boy (probably the brother of the girl) who is not beaten at all. Hence, many netizens say it is a serious case of gender discrimination, or 重男轻女. Gender discrimination is especially serious in China due to the One-Child Policy, which although has since been scrapped, but its after-effects remain.

Currently, the Shenzhen police has stepped in, hope something can be done to help the little girl.

By the way, in case someone is wondering who is taking the video, it is probably the landlord. Shenzhen is one of the most expensive cities in China to buy a house, probably the house is rented by the family.

Translation from

@北京青年报 On December 23rd, today, a video of a suspected child abuse in Shenzhen has attracted attention. The video shows that during the October of this year, a girl was beaten repeatedly by her parents during homework and eating at home. In addition to slapping her hand, she grabbed her child’s hair and the child’s mother beat the child with a broom, a plastic chair and other items. When the father wearing the “Meituan” team take-away rider’s overalls appeared, the girl was beaten. This scene was filmed by the camera.
In response to this, at noon today, the “Meituan” company responded that the video explosion was very heart-wrenching. We conducted a quick investigation of the identity of the man in the video. After investigation, Liu was a Shenzhen rider. He joined the company on August 26, 2018 and left on December 6.
Liu’s behavior seriously violated the basic ethical norms that the “Meituan” group riders should have, breaking through the basic behavior of the society and violating the conscience. He is not a qualified rider, not a qualified father. Violence against minors must be curbed! At present, we have linked the police and provided all the information of Liu. At present, the Shenzhen police have intervened.
Next, in addition to actively cooperating with the police investigation and handling the involved personnel, the Meituan group’s take-out and Meituan group charity will take action for the injured girl, and actively contact the Women’s Federation and other support agencies to provide her with the help.
At 13 o’clock on the afternoon of the 23rd, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Shenzhen police that the relevant departments of Baoan District Police, Women’s Federation and other departments have been involved in the investigation. At 14:20, the reporter contacted the Baoan District Women’s Federation on the incident. According to the staff, the Women’s Federation is currently investigating the matter and will issue a statement on the incident.
(The original title is “Shenzhen Baoan District Women’s Federation and the police involved in the investigation of child abuse incidents”)

(“Meituan” is a food delivery company)

How to Choose Schools based on PSLE Score – The 10 point gap rule of thumb

Kiasuparents have distilled a rule of thumb when choosing your secondary school after receiving your PSLE score: “make sure that at least the 6th choice is about 10 points below the child’s score to ensure no “surprises”.”

This is quite a good advice. For example, if a child scores 250, it is very risky to choose all 6 choices with COP very close to 250. Based on the collective experience of parents over the years, this 10 point gap rule of thumb works.

You will never know in advance, so it’s wise to follow the scheme that floppy and many others have outlined over the years: make sure that at least the 6th choice is about 10 points below the child’s score to ensure no “surprises”. The first choice can be a “reach” (a few points above the child’s score) and the remaining ones spread out in between. It does mean “losing out” by having fewer choices in the middle range, but it does ensure that the 6th choice is selected by the child, not MOE!


Did you know that PSLE Score Has Decimal Points?

When students receive their PSLE Score, it is in the form of a 3-digit number (e.g. 240, 252, etc.). Few people actually know that it is rounded off, and your actual PSLE score has decimal points!

Source: Straits Times

•First, pupils are ranked according to detailed aggregate scores that extend to decimal points. The No. 1 pupil is posted to the school at the top of his list of six choices. Likewise the second pupil and so on, until there are no more vacancies in the school. The pupil who fails to get his top choice will be posted to the next school on his list. If that school is also full, he will be sent to his third-choice school, and so on.

Hence, if your score is the same as the Cut-off Point (COP), there is a minuscule chance that you may not get in, reason being that of the decimal points. For instance, if the school Cut-off Point is publicized as 250, it may be the case that the last person to be admitted has a score of 250.36. Hence, if your PSLE score is 250.18, you would not be admitted into the school.

Case Study from Kiasuparents:

Online wrote:My girl at 254 could not get MGS O levels (1st choice). 2nd was MGS IP, 3rd NJC IP. Got posted to 4th choice – SCGS IP. The cut-off for MGS O levels is more than 254!

@ Online, don’t panic. It is possible that the cop is 254 and your girl missed by decimal points. I think you can call MGS to find out the COP for O level. If miss by decimal points you can appeal.

In that case, you may appeal and there is a chance that you will be admitted, subject to how many cases the school can handle. See also Appeal from RGS to NYGH (Success).

PSLE Posting Results

Good luck to everyone for their PSLE Posting Results!

According to the official MOE PSLE Posting Page, the results will be released through the following channels:

According to Kiasuparents, the result can come very early, at around 6am for some.

Do check out our post on PSLE Cut Off Points.

For appeals tips, check out Appeal from RGS to NYGH (Success).

PSLE Cut Off Points

The official document for PSLE Cut Off Point is the MOE PSLE Cut Off Point Booklet. Comprising of 200 pages, it contains all the official past year cut-off points for the various secondary schools for express and normal streams.

We showcase some of the PSLE Cut Off Points (for 2017 Sec 1) of various schools. Basically, Cut Off Points are unlikely to vary much throughout a period of 5 years, hence this list of cut-off points should be valid for at least 2018, 2019, 2020, until the new PSLE Scoring takes effect. Though, if your child is very close to the borderline cut-off point, it is wise to study the latest trend of cut-off points carefully.

The Cut Off Points List shown below are non-affiliation scores. If your child is affiliated, possibly a discount of 10 points or more are allowed. E.g. for Nanyang Girls’ High School, the non-affiliated cut-off is 264, but for affiliated students, 250 is sufficient to get in. Some schools have two tracks, IP track and O-level track, in which case the O-level track cut-off point (COP) is invariably lower than the IP track COP.

Tier 1 Schools are universally agreed “top schools” in Singapore, the “creme de la creme”. Due to their popularity, they usually have a very high PSLE cut-off. Do note that one should not choose a school solely by its cut-off point, school culture and the right fit is very important too.

Read our previous blogposts on how to choose schools not solely based on cut-off points:

Tier 1 Top Schools PSLE Cutoffs (250 and above)

  • CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: 252 (248 for O-level track)
  • VICTORIA SCHOOL: 252 (245 for O-level track)

Tier 2 top schools are universally considered good schools too. Most of them are very established schools with a long history in Singapore, with a strong school culture. Some of them have specialized CCAs which they are strong in.

Tier 2 Top Schools PSLE Cutoffs (240 and above)


A very notable mention is top neighborhood schools. Neighborhood schools, as the name suggests, are close to densely populated towns with many HDBs. Hence, it can be immensely convenient for many people. Imagine walking to your school in 5-10 mins, the amount of time you save in 4 years can be staggering. It can be a nurturing environment, with much less of the competitiveness present in the Tier 1 top schools.

Top Neighborhood Schools PSLE Cutoffs (230 and above)


Interesting Phenomena: Chess CCA Schools are mostly Tier 1 or Tier 2 Top Schools or Top Neighborhood Schools

Something interesting I observed, all schools who list Chess/Chinese Chess/Weiqi CCA in the MOE Official PSLE Cut-off Book are mostly top schools, either Tier 1 or Tier 2 Top Schools, or else Top Neighborhood Schools. Note that some schools may have Chess CCA, but did not list it in their specialty in the MOE Official PSLE COP Book. Is it correlation or causation, i.e. does chess help to improve academic results, or are students with good academics naturally attracted to chess?

Chess CCA Schools and Their PSLE Cutoff Point

  1. ACS(I) (both International and Chinese Chess): 250 COP
  2. CHUNG CHENG HIGH SCHOOL (MAIN) (Chinese Chess): 240 COP
  4. HWA CHONG INSTITUTION (Chinese Chess & Weiqi): 259
  6. NAN CHIAU HIGH SCHOOL (Chinese Chess & Mind Games): 241

Updates (2019 PSLE Cutoff Points)

Thanks to a helpful reader of our website, we provide the following corrections to reflect the updated 2019 PSLE COP:


ST. JOSEPH’S INSTITUTION : 250 (O level – 245)


Based on the new update, St. Joseph’s Institution and Temasek JC can also be classified under Tier 1 Top Schools in Singapore.

My 2018 Mathematics A To Z: Extreme Value Theorem


The letter ‘X’ is a problem. For all that the letter ‘x’ is important to mathematics there aren’t many mathematical terms starting with it. Mr Wu, mathematics tutor and author of the MathTuition88 blog, had a suggestion. Why not 90s it up a little and write about an Extreme theorem? I’m game.

The Extreme Value Theorem, which I chose to write about, is a fundamental bit of analysis. There is also a similarly-named but completely unrelated Extreme Value Theory. This exists in the world of statistics. That’s about outliers, and about how likely it is you’ll find an even more extreme outlier if you continue sampling. This is valuable in risk assessment: put another way, it’s the question of what neighborhoods you expect to flood based on how the river’s overflowed the last hundred years. Or be in a wildfire, or be hit by a major earthquake, or whatever…

View original post 1,440 more words

Cheap Flights from Singapore

Click here for cheap Flights from:

Popular Singaporean destinations like:

  • Seoul
  • Taipei
  • Japan (Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo)
  • Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh)

Most Singaporeans are only free to travel during the school holidays, unfortunately that makes December the most expensive period to buy air tickets. Book through Expedia to try to find the cheapest air tickets during the peak season of December:

URL: Expedia Official Site

Preschool Math Tuition Books and Toys

There seems to be an increasing demand for kindergarten Maths tuition for children of ages 2-6. (I have received many such requests lately.) Many parents are worried that their child may lose at the “starting line” which is Primary 1, hence are preparing beforehand during the ages of 2-6.

Possibly, at this age the best way to learn is through play, that is why Math Toys are very useful.

Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups, Bear Counters and Dice Math Toddler Games 70pc Set

Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears Toy is suitable for age 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 year old preschoolers to learn to add, count, sort & stack.

Goodnight, Numbers

Goodnight, Numbers is an award-winning bestselling bedtime story for kids, that help them familiarize with numbers.

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards – Classic Toy With 120 Solid Wood Shapes and 5 Double-Sided Panels

The Pattern Blocks and Boards toy is useful for developing pattern recognition and visualization skills; all very useful skills when it comes to the GEP Logic Section at age 9. PSLE has some very tough visualization questions on nets of cubes, only children with strong visualization skills will be able to solve them. It is notoriously hard to train for such questions (though there are some tips and techniques), it is almost like either you see it or you don’t.

Strong Visualization is needed to solve this type of questions, which appear in both GEP and PSLE. Source:

Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids: A Picture Method of Learning the Multiplication Facts

Times Tables would be the most challenging Math for children of the age group 3-6. Hence, early mastery of this subject will give your child a headstart to learn other more advanced math.

LeapFrog LeapStart Preschool 4-in-1 Activity Book Bundle with ABC, Shapes & Colors, Math, Animals

This 4-in-1 book bundle enables your child to learn about the alphabet, shapes, colors, math, as well as animals.

LEGO Education Set 45008 Math Train

This LEGO (Duplo) set teaches numbers, basic math skills, and includes fun activity cards. Very educational and fun toy.

Cheap Digital Piano Singapore

Do you know that there is a decent digital piano selling for just $599 on Qoo10?

Qoo10 Link here (with other piano recommendations):

It is the Casio CDP-135 Digital Piano, with 88 Weighted Keys. It is an excellent choice for parents with children who are starting on piano. The child may show some initial interest in learning piano, but who knows, children may just give up after a few weeks. Buying a upright piano will cost at least S$3000, and if the child gives up it ends up as a “white elephant” collecting dust.

$599 is certainly affordable for most Singaporeans, and it will serve as a first piano for young children. If they have a sustained interest, after a few years an upgraded piano can be bought. An additional benefit is that digital pianos never go out of tune. With Singapore’s humid weather and young children hitting the keys, actual pianos may go out of tune frequently.

Video of the Casio CDP-130, which is an older version of Casio CDP-135. (That means the CDP-135 is even better than what is shown in the video below.) The pianist plays Fantaisie-Impromptu, which is a difficult classical piece (above Grade 8 level). Hence, playing grade 1-5 classical pieces is no problem on the Casio CDP-135.

If you are willing to fork out a little bit more cash, the Yamaha P-125 is a good catch (around $950). (Also found on my Qoo10 piano recommendations page.)

Basically, the Yamaha P-125 is the top tier of the P range, P for portable. For Yamaha, the ranking goes like this P<YDP<CLP (Clavinova). For beginners, P-125 will be more than enough. YDP is for intermediate players, and Clavinova is for musicians and for actual performance.

Finally, if your budget is around S$1800, the best digital piano is probably Korg G1 Air.

Also, read our previous post on Cheapest Digital Piano Singapore.

Biggest Sheng Siong Outlet

Sheng Siong is a popular supermarket chain in Singapore. Many people like Sheng Siong because of its unique advantages of cheap price and wide variety of goods including exotic meat/vegetables not found in other supermarkets. Its pork section is exceptionally good and cheap compared to other supermarkets. This is apt as Sheng Siong’s CEO was formerly specializing in selling pork.

Sheng Siong outlets come in different sizes, from very big to very small. One of the biggest and largest Sheng Siong Outlet was the one at The Verge, also known as Tekka Mall, in Little India. Unfortunately, it has closed.

The biggest Sheng Siong seems to be now the one at Tampines Central, occupying 2 storeys.

Big Sheng Siong West Side

How about in the West region, which is the biggest Sheng Siong? Please leave your comments below if you know.

According to Google Review,

544 Jurong West Street is “Not too bad but it’s kinda narrow and not much space to move around. Quite a number of variety considering it’s a much smaller store compared to the one at Teban Garden or West Coast”

Hence, we know that Teban Garden or West Coast Sheng Siong is bigger than 544 Jurong West Sheng Siong. I have been to Teban Garden Sheng Siong, it is not that big actually. Hence, probably the biggest Sheng Siong in the west is West Coast Sheng Siong?

Important Update (2019): A very highly rated big Sheng Siong is the one in Clementi West, rated 4.2 on Google Reviews by over 1000 reviewers. For people living in West Singapore, this is probably the big and huge Sheng Siong that you are looking for. It is supposedly full of live seafood: “live seafood? This supermarket has it all!! GongGong, white clam, Mussels, crab, prawns, fishes and more!!!” (quote taken from Google Reviews)

Address: Blk 720, Clementi West Street, 2 #01-144, Singapore, 120720
Hours: Open 24 hours

Money Saving “Lobang” (Tips):

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Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH) Cut off point

Nanyang Girls’ High School has the highest Cut-off point among all secondary schools in recent years.

For 2018 Secondary 1 admission, the cut-off was 264 (inclusive of bonus points for Higher Mother Tongue).

In the last 5 years, the cut-off point ranges from 261 to 264.


RGS Cut-off point

Its close competitor, Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), is slightly behind at 260.

The school’s cut–off point will only be made known by MOE after the results of the PSLE posting every year. We have yet to receive information from MOE on the cut-off point for our 2017 Secondary 1 students. RGS’ PSLE cut-off point last year was 260.

Source: RGS Website

Historical Cut off point of Nanyang Girls’ vs Raffles Girl’s School

The historical situation used to be reversed; RGS used to traditionally have a higher cut off point (COP) than NYGH, in the early 2000s. It is hard to find the historical data, but all students during that era will remember clearly that RGS cut off point was higher than NYGH by a few points.

Cut-off point reflects the popularity of a school, hence it can be said that NYGH is slightly more popular than RGS at the moment. Some benefits of NYGH is a strong Chinese traditional culture; while RGS is strong at leadership and all-roundedness.

Also check out the following posts related to Nanyang Girls’ High School:

iPhone XR Price Reduction (Singapore)

Apple (US) has already started some form of price reduction for the iPhone XR, though only for trade-ins of iPhone 7 Plus. One can guess that their sales must be not as good as expected.

Though iPhone XR is indeed a good phone, the pricing of over S$1200 is absurd and unaffordable to the middle class. Note that the iPhone XR is supposed to be the cheapest model in the latest X-series. Even loyal fans of Apple are more likely to stick to older iPhone models like iPhone 7/8 than to upgrade. Other brands like Huawei and Samsung have much more affordable phones that are also decently good.

Basically, it is not sustainable for Apple to keep increasing the price significantly for every new model. Otherwise, the iPhone 20 will cost like S$3000? A corollary to Moore’s Law is that electronic devices are supposed to get better (but cheaper) as time passes. One of the first Apple Macintosh cost US$2495 in 1984, which is around US$5694 when adjusted for inflation.

When will iPhone XR start price reduction in Singapore?

This case will be good for protecting your iPhone XR if you get it after the price reduction:

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone XR Case (2018) – Black

2019 Calendar (Singapore) Printable

Singapore Calendar 2019

Quite a nice calendar template that I frequently use. From Calendar Labs.

For those looking for a more awesome and colorful calendar, do check out this “Hubble Space 2019 Calendar”. Possibly one of the most impressive calendars you can buy on the internet.

Goldistock -“Hubble Space Telescope” Eco-Friendly 2019 Large Wall Calendar – 12″ x 24″ (Open) – Thick & Sturdy Paper – Expand Your World & Your Mind

What are the Most Scoring Topics of Mathematics in JEE Main?

With a few days left for the JEE Main Exam 2019, the stress of the candidates is at its peak. One of the cohesive and most scoring subject out of the three subjects in JEE Main is Mathematics. To prepare well for this section, you need to know the most scoring and important chapters of the subject to score good marks.


The subject which is based on calculations and formula and has the vast syllabus need lots of practice and smart strategies to score good marks. Having 16 chapters in the syllabus and everything is dependent on each other, the JEE Main Mathematics can be mastered yourself only by more practice. So, here we are discussing some of the important chapters of the subject Mathematics that you need to have at your fingertips to crack JEE Main 2019.


How to Score More Marks in JEE Main Mathematics?


After completing with your JEE Main syllabus 2019, you need to focus on the scoring topics in every section which demands little extra effort and time. Your revision days must include the clear idea of important and most scoring topics in JEE Main Mathematics subject. We have listed the scoring topics in Mathematics below for you:


The complete syllabus of Mathematics is divided into 4 sections which are:

  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry


Now, before moving ahead with the important chapters, let’s study the complete syllabus of the maths. We believe that the subject Mathematics takes lesser time as compared to other subjects of JEE Main Physics and Chemistry. You can easily cover the major portion of the subject during the preparation of your boards. Check out the complete syllabus for the JEE Main 2019 for Maths Section:


Topics Units of Topics
Algebra Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Matrix and Determinants

Permutations and Combinations

Mathematical Reasoning and Induction

Binomial Theorem

Sequences and Series

Statistics and Probability

Calculus Sets, Relations and Functions

Limit, Continuity and Differentiability

Applications of Derivations

Integral Calculus

Differential Equations

Coordinate Geometry Straight Lines

Circles and Conic Sections

Three-Dimensional Geometry

Vector Algebra

Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities and Equations

After the complete syllabus, we are providing here the important chapters which you need to put more focus on. The important topics which we have mentioned are based on the analysis of previous year question papers. The topics which we have started with are based on the weightage in the JEE Main Examination.


JEE Main Mathematics Topics

High Weightage Topics Low Weightage Topics
1.               3-Dimensional Geometry

2.               Vectors

3.               Straight Line, Circle

4.               Probability Distribution

5.               Determinant and Matrices

6.               Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

7.               Complex Numbers

8.               Quadratic Equation

9.               Binomial Theorem

10.   Conic Sections

1.               Trigonometric Equations

2.               Statistics

3.               Mathematical Logic

4.               Set and Relation

5.               Height and Distance

6.               Properties of Triangle

7.               Permutations and Combinations

8.               Indefinite Integral

9.               Trigonometric Ratio and Functions

Now, it’s the right time to peep into the scoring topics by checking out the number of questions asked from these topics in last years and the maximum marks these topics cover. Here is the tabulated form of the scoring topics of Mathematics in JEE Main 2019.


Also Checkout here – Top 5 jee main preparation apps


Topics Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Differential Calculus 7 28
Integral Calculus 4 16
Coordinate Geometry 3 12
Coordinate Geometry (3-D) 2 8
Matrix and Determinants 2 8
Probability 2 8
Trigonometry 2 8

Some Points to Remember for Mathematics in JEE Main 2019


  • Topics like Matrix and Determinants, Application of Derivations, Complex Numbers are simple and on the same hand scoring topics.
  • We recommend you focus on topics like Vectors and 3D, rather than Probability or Definite and Indefinite Integration. The reason being there is the marginal score for the examiner in these topics in the context of the questions.
  • Devote your time to Algebra as this chapter is scoring and easy on the same hand.
  • Pure Trigonometry questions are rarely asked in the JEE Main. This topic involves many formulas, once you mastered that you can score well.
  • The Circles chapter is the easiest chapter under the category of Analytical Geometry. If you have a good understanding of the concepts, you will be able to score well in this topic. As this chapter has no formula to mug up, only concept to clear, take no chance to skip this topic.
  • The chapter of Differential Calculus involves only one formula, so it is easy to master this topic with the sheer amount of practice.
  • If you ready to play brain game, go for the chapter Integral Calculus. Under this only one topic Definite Integrals has the minimal set of formulas, once mastered you can score excellently.
  • The chapter Vectors is the extension of the chapter Coordinate Geometry and so is easy and most scoring of all the topics. Chapters on Planes is easy and quick to solve.


Spend your time considerably in the reading theory of all the chapters and then move ahead with the practice. If you cover all the scoring topics which we have provided, we are sure you can score good marks in Mathematics in JEE Main 2019. Keep these points in your mind and start with your revision confidently.


Don’t forget to download JEE Main preparation app. It provides free study notes, quizzes, mock test, previous year papers, and all the updates related IIT JEE exams.


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Lion King Math

Recently the #3 trending video in YouTube is the Lion King Trailer. It would be quite amazing, to see the epic movie Lion King in “real life”.

Here is a very amusing video on Lion King and the “Math Song”:

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Tips and Tricks in Learning Math When You Know It’s Not Your Forte

Tips and Tricks in Learning Math When You Know It’s Not Your Forte

It’s a fact that not everyone is good at Math. It especially becomes a problem when you are about to take an important exam, such as an entrance exam for college or one of those daily quizzes your professor hurls at you during class. These are only some of the many reasons you should do your best in studying for your Math classes.

Here are tips and tricks in learning Math for you to get that sweet A+ on your report card:

  1. Study in a quiet place
    Math is a complex subject that needs absolute concentration. Avoid noisy places that can distract you or can hinder you from studying peacefully, although there are some ways in which you can study in a noisy environment where you cannot escape the noise. This subject needs your utmost concentration. An excellent study area is either your room or your school library, which lets you the focus in solving those tough equations.
  1. Check out online learning guides

Math has been around for a long time, and a lot of the topics in that subject has already been explored by experts before us. Luckily, we have the Internet now. You can scour the Internet for tips and tricks to learn new Math-related things. There are websites like that publish video guides to help you with your homework.

  1. Understand the processes
    Math is one of those subjects that you shouldn’t memorize. To excel in Math, you need to have a very firm understanding of mathematical concepts involved. It is recommended to understand everything, one topic at a time so you will a good grip on the subject.
  2. Study ahead
    In Math, it always pays off to read ahead of the scheduled lesson. Having a prior understanding of a certain topic can be an advantage to you. If you do advanced learning then in class you only need to clarify what you did not understand when you studied in advanced.
  3. Learn to use shortcuts
    Yes, you heard it. Math has shortcuts, too, and learning these shortcuts can help you a lot. There are a lot of simple things you can learn to speed up your calculations.


Here’s an example.
Add up large numbers in your head.
You are at a department store and you don’t have a calculator handy. You need to add up the cost of two items, for example, 384 + 297. Here’s a tip do this in your head quickly:

  • Round off the two numbers. You now have 380 instead of 384 and 297 becomes 300. If you add those up, the answer is 680.
  • Add up the numbers you set aside while you rounded off the two large numbers, +4 and -3. As a result, you have +1.
  • Sum this up with the 680 and you now have 681. You’re welcome!
  1. Enroll in peer-to-peer coaching
    Some schools initiate peer-to-peer coaching for specific subjects such as Trigonometry and Algebra. These programs allow students to review lessons, learn new things, and improve their understanding of a subject. This is beneficial to both sides as it is a form of a review for the mentor and a learning experience for the mentee.
  2. Have fun while learning!
    You have to have a mindset that Math is not a boring topic. If you have a computer, there are a lot of Math Games that you can find on the Internet. Playing Math games is a very productive way of learning while having fun. There are games made for both kids and adults.
  3. Practice, practice, and practice
    There is no quick way to learn something. Although some tips and tricks help make the journey easier. One good idea is to practice solving Math problems with a time limit. This way, your mind will be accustomed to the time pressure that you will feel during an exam. Always remember, nobody ever had it easy.Today, learning Math has never been easier for anyone with a classroom and a computer or even mobile device. You just have to start taking advantage of the avenues provided by the Internet today combined with the tricks mentioned prior. You can excel in Math with those tools, especially with the guidance of a good teacher.

Chinese Primary School Math

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As shown in the picture below, find the height of the table?

(No Algebraic equation please for Primary School Math).

Answer: [hint = 130 cm]

Try yourself before scrolling down.

. .


The 2 sleeping cats and 2 sitting cats cancel out, left 260 (= 110+150) for the 2x Table Heights.

1 Table Height = 260/2 = 130 cm.

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How you pronounce German Mathematician’s Names ( and Physicists )

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Germany produced many Mathematicians and Physicists who succeeded the 18 CE Newtonian England, and the 19CE Napoleonic France before WW2, after which the Americans (mostly the Jewish German immigrants) take over till now.

German names are difficult to pronounce for foreigners.










For due respect, please learn to pronounce their German name correctly.

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Euler’s and Fermat’s last theorems, the Simpsons and CDC6600

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I am a fan of Fermat, not only because my university Alma Mater was in his hometown Toulouse (France) named after him “Lycée Pierre de Fermat (Classe Préparatoire Aux Grandes Ecoles) ” , but also the “Fermat’s Last Theorem” (FLT) has fascinated for 350 years all great Mathematicians including Euler, Gauss,… until 1993 finally proved by the Cambridge Professor Andrew Wiles. Another “Fermat’s Little Theorem” is applied in computer Cryptography .

Below is the explanation of (n = 4) case proved by Fermat and the latest proof by contradiction.

Euler Conjecture: extends FLT to 4 or more integers if FLT still holds? (a contradiction found).

Simpsons “Fool” Equality: Proof by contradiction (odd = even)

Proof of FLT by Andrew Wiles (1993):

The proof by Contradiction of FLT (n=4) is in Part 2 of the video after 20:30 mins (Warning: a bit heavy)

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Improper Integral vs. Infinite Series

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$latex displaystyle int_{2}^{infty}{frac{1}{x^{2} – 1}dx} =boxed{ ln {3}}$

$latex displaystyle sum_{n=2}^{infty}{frac{1}{n^{2} – 1}} = boxed{frac{3 } {2 }} $

To test if the infinite series
$latex displaystyle sum_{n=2}^{infty}{frac{1}{n^{2} – 1}} $ converges, provided it is

  • positive &
  • decreasing function

you can convert it to $latex displaystyle int_{2}^{infty}{frac{1}{x^{2} – 1}dx} $
(although they converge to different values.)

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