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Did you know that PSLE Score Has Decimal Points?

When students receive their PSLE Score, it is in the form of a 3-digit number (e.g. 240, 252, etc.). Few people actually know that it is rounded off, and your actual PSLE score has decimal points! Source: Straits Times •First, … Continue reading

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GEP PSLE Discussion

It is well known that GEP students spend Primary 4 and 5 doing miscellaneous stuff that appear to be not directly related to PSLE, yet majority of GEP students score 250 and above for PSLE. Hence, the main question is: … Continue reading

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Challenging P6 Math Question (Cycling)

One afternoon, 5 friends rented 3 bicycles from 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. and took turns to ride on them. At any time, 3 of them cycled while the other 2 friends rested. If each of them had the same … Continue reading

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Should PSLE be Scrapped? 四不能除

According to this article by Channel News Asia, there are four “constraints” for why the PSLE cannot be scrapped. I call it the “四不能除“, named after a saying “四不能战” regarding a general Feng Zicai which I recently learnt about after … Continue reading

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Express vs Normal Academic for borderline PSLE score

For students scoring in the borderline of around 190- 200 PSLE score, there is a dilemma of going to Express stream in a neighborhood school, or Normal Academic N(A) in a more established school. Note that even good schools like … Continue reading

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Tessellations of Pentagons

Tessellation is a cool topic in primary level to PSLE math. Most students will enjoy it even if they hate other types of Math. It is a natural human instinct to be amazed at how different shapes can fit together … Continue reading

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Appeal from RGS to NYGH (Success)

Just read that appealing to transfer from RGS (Raffles Girls School) to NYGH (Nanyang Girls High) is possible: dd moved out of rgs to nygh. she got 262+2. she appealed to nygh and was granted interview on Thursday. was given … Continue reading

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Free Movie about PSLE

There are 2 short films on the subject of PSLE, free on YouTube. Quite accurate about the lives of kids in Singapore currently. Do feel free to watch if you are interested. It is truly a first-world problem (only kids … Continue reading

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PSLE Chinese Listening Exam (mrbrown) Very Funny!

Recently, there is a PSLE Chinese Listening Exam that does not make sense. Question: Student A bought a new clothes. Student B asks Student A: “You bought new clothes?” Student A said: ” No, it is sewn by my mother, … Continue reading

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(Important Changes) PSLE Math: Arrow -> vs Equal=

Source: Facebook For those taking PSLE, please take note of this important update regarding the difference between arrow and equal sign. Forward this to your friends taking PSLE! Basically, I think MOE is trying to instill students to be mathematically … Continue reading

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Top PSLE Score

The top PSLE Score for this year seems to be 286, from RGPS (Raffles Girls Primary School). Close runners-ups are 283, from NYPS (Nanyang Primary School) and Nanhua. Source is from https://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/t-scores/, which is self-reported by parents. Casting aside the “troll … Continue reading

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Kiasuparents PSLE

Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/kiasuparentcom-co-founder-comes-full-circle-site-launch Basically to summarize the article above, the co-founder of Kiasuparents’ son scored a respectable 4As and 229 T-score for PSLE. However, as their set target was 250, he did not get the Nintendo DS that was part of the deal … Continue reading

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New PSLE System favors “All Rounders” over “Specialists”

The new PSLE system clearly favors “all-rounders” over “specialists”. Scenario 1: Math-Whiz VS All-Rounder Imagine a Math/Science-whiz with Math:100 (AL 1) Science: 98 (AL 1) English: 84 (AL 3) Chinese: 84 (AL 3) Total marks: 366   (Approx. 275 T-score) … Continue reading

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New PSLE Scoring System, AL1 to AL8 (Singapore)

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/changes-to-the-psle-scoring-system-7-things-to-note-from-2021 The new, long awaited, PSLE scoring system is now out. Under the new scoring system, T-score is being replaced by Achievement Levels: AL1: 90 and above AL2: 85-89 AL3: 80-84 AL4: 75-79 AL5: 65-74 AL6: 45-64 AL7: 20-44 AL8: … Continue reading

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2016 PSLE Difficulty — Second Hardest PSLE in history

Watch this interesting video on the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam) in Singapore: https://www.facebook.com/cnainsider/videos/1073805505975459/ According to this girl, her teacher says that PSLE 2016 is the 2nd hardest exam in history. It seems school children these days have longer working hours … Continue reading

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Changes to PSLE: Less stress for students but don’t dumb down education system

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/changes-to-psle-less-stress-for-students-but-dont-dumb-down-education-system Latest Straits Times article on the PSLE. The Ministry of Education’s move is laudable. In effect, though, kiasu parents will still find a way to put the screws on their children. Mark my words. No system is perfect. But … Continue reading

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How to prepare for Changes to PSLE grading

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/changes-to-psle-grading-what-could-be-in-store The latest update is that the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) aggregate score is soon going to be scrapped and replaced with simple grade bands such as A, B and C. What effects will there be and how to prepare … Continue reading

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Live your Dream (Motivational Video) 夢想.激勵人心的演說

Just to share a very inspiring motivational video from YouTube. Not sure which movie it is from. (any readers know, please comment below as I would be interested) Highly suitable for students (and their parents) who have just completed their … Continue reading

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Markov Inequality + PSLE One Dollar Question

Many people have feedback to me that the Career Quiz Personality Test is surprisingly accurate. E.g. people with peaceful personality ended up as Harmonizer, those who are business-minded ended up as Entrepreneur. Do give it a try at https://mathtuition88.com/free-career-quiz/. Please help … Continue reading

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Primary One registration for 2016 to open on July 2

Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/primary-one-registration-2016-open-july-2 SINGAPORE — The Primary One registration exercise for next year’s intake will open from July 2 to Aug 27, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said today (June 18). Three new schools — Oasis Primary, Punggol Cove Primary and … Continue reading

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PSLE Results Release: Top Scorer in PSLE?

Also check out: Recommended Books for GEP Source: http://www.moe.gov.sg/media/press/2014/11/release-of-2014-psle-results-and-2014-secondary-one-posting.php PSLE Results will be out tomorrow! Wishing all students and parents all the best. 🙂 Currently, the PSLE Top Scorer is not released in mainstream media unlike in the past. It is … Continue reading

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Maths Tuition Centre: Circle Fraction Question (PSLE)

Solution: The total area is made up of 4 semicircles and four of the area X. (4S+4X) The unshaded area is made up of 1 semicircle and one of the area X. (1S+1X) Hence, the fraction of the figure unshaded … Continue reading

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When is PSLE 2014

When is PSLE? Please double confirm with the source at: http://www.seab.gov.sg/examTimeTable/2014PSLEExamTimetable.pdf PSLE Exam Dates/Schedule/Timetable A. Oral Examination Date Paper Time Thursday, 14 August&Friday, 15 August   English Language / Foundation EnglishChinese / Malay / TamilFoundation Chinese / Foundation Malay / … Continue reading

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PSLE could move away from aggregate scores: Lim Biow Chuan

Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/psle-could-move-away-from/777972.html The head of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Education, Member of Parliament Lim Biow Chuan, said that the Primary School Leaving Examination could do with less focus on aggregate scores. SINGAPORE: The head of the Government Parliamentary … Continue reading

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