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GEP Test Format

There is limited information on the GEP Test Format on the official MOE website: IDENTIFICATION OF PUPILS FOR THE GEP The entry point into the GEP is at Primary 4. Pupils are identified for the GEP through a two-stage exercise … Continue reading

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GEP PSLE Discussion

It is well known that GEP students spend Primary 4 and 5 doing miscellaneous stuff that appear to be not directly related to PSLE, yet majority of GEP students score 250 and above for PSLE. Hence, the main question is: … Continue reading

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Researchers studying the Flynn effect have found that scores on IQ tests have actually improved over time.

This is an interesting read for parents and students. Basically, IQ is a complex notion that is dependent on various factors, including environment and educational factors. Source: ThoughtCo You’ve probably heard someone lament the state of “kids today”: that current … Continue reading

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GEP Questions

Recently one of our GEP Questions, the Fish Tank Question, was featured in the popular news site Mustsharenews. Do also check out our other equally tough GEP questions: The Worker Question Chicken and Rabbit GEP Question Gauss Sum Question GEP … Continue reading

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“Actual” GEP Questions 2017 (from Forum)

Since the actual GEP papers are never released, the next best source is from those who have actually taken it and post on forums like Kiasuparents. Some Maths questions my girl remembers. “ In a fishing competition, five kids caught … Continue reading

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Free Video about GEP

Video URL: https://video.toggle.sg/en/series/talking-point-2017/ep23/540809 Talking Point 2017 – EP23 Thu 5 Oct 2017 23 MINS By Channel 5 Published: 05 Oct 2017 Audio: English Cast Steven Chia Each year, only the top 1% of the primary school cohort will enter the Gifted Education Programme. … Continue reading

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GEP Selection Test Review and Experience

The following is a parent’s review and experience of the GEP Selection Test (2016). Original text (in Chinese) at: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xQpLynFWpZ6QNpI_vlw4cw Interested readers may also want to check out Recommended Books for GEP Selection Test. Translation: One day in September 2016 afternoon, read … Continue reading

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GEP / DSA Pattern Recognition Book

Visual Discrimination, Grades 2 – 8 Some readers of my blog has bought this book on Amazon. Upon closer inspection, I realised this is actually an excellent book for preparing for pattern recognition (visual discrimination) which is tested in GEP / … Continue reading

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GEP Test Dates 2015

Source: http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/gifted-education-programme/faq/gep-pupils/ Just a gentle reminder that the dates for 2015 GEP Test would be as follows: Schedule for 2015 GEP Screening Test: 28 Aug 2015 GEP Selection Test: 20 and 21 Oct 2015 Invitation to join GEP: Early November 2015 … Continue reading

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The Brain of John Conway (Gifted Mathematician’s Brain)

The book mentioned in the video can be found here: Genius At Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway Many scientists and research has revealed that the true source of genius comes from both nature and nurture. Talent is … Continue reading

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GEP Screening Test Question Sample: The Tap Question

The Tap Question is another one of those questions that only involve fractions and whole numbers, and hence technically within the grasp of a 9 year old kid sitting for the GEP Screening Test. However, looks are highly deceiving, and … Continue reading

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GEP Sample Question: The Worker Question

Here is a type of a typical GEP Exam Question that can come out. Technically, this question is in syllabus since it only involves Whole Numbers. However, in practice, this is an extremely tough GEP Exam question for students who … Continue reading

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GEP Exam Paper / GEP Questions

Firstly, do check out our GEP Recommended Books if you are interested in books that will help boost your chances of entering GEP. A typical sample GEP Exam Paper Question (Math) is the Chicken and Rabbit Question. This test is … Continue reading

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Book by Truly Gifted Kid (GEP Book)

This is the book written by a truly gifted kid, the book of all gifted books. If you are looking for GEP books, this is the GEP book to rule all GEP books, written by the gifted kid himself. The … Continue reading

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Small Group Maths Tuition at Bishan (O Level E Maths and A Maths)

Maths Tuition @ Bishan by Patient Tutor, NUS 1st Class Honours, Ex-RI (GEP) https://mathtuition88.com/group-tuition/ Location: Block 230 Bishan Street 23 #B1-35 S(570230) Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/chjWB *Small Group Maths Tuition available in 2014 — Registration/enquiries open now* Website: https://mathtuition88.com/ Patient and … Continue reading

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