GEP Selection Test Review and Experience

The following is a parent’s review and experience of the GEP Selection Test (2016). Original text (in Chinese) at:

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One day in September 2016 afternoon, read the son of the third son as usual time to go home, after the door looked calmly handed me a letter ~ OMG! A letter from the MOE to inform the son passed the GEP first round Examination, will be held on October 18 to participate in the second round of selection.

The son of the school in Singapore ranked 100 +, the third grade a total of seven classes, a total of about 280 students, he is in the best class. According to him, almost all the classmates participated in the first round of examinations, only through the eight individuals, including him. Later learned that, in fact, the school also 8 individuals to participate in the second round of their selection. Due to the small number of schools will not send people to pick up. Examination place in a subway station, never been to the school. The original quiet life, because to send test and upset, and finally have the opportunity to close feeling the legendary GEP.

A. Parents around the campus export was packed, looking at the eagerly a pair of eyes, I immediately think of China’s college entrance examination. Originally even sent too lazy to send his son to the exam, that is only an examination only, did not expect her husband told me to pick up the road, I began to excitement.

B. Carefully observed the son of the school to take the exam students, are not usually learn top-notch, but not usually take the scholarship. Such as the son of English is poor, but also through the first round.

Further, GEP study focus on learning with the usual very different. Also confirmed the rivers and lakes in the legendary: GEP will try to reduce the impact of language on the selection, so that truly talented children to stand out, and as much as possible without interference. Nevertheless, English is actually bad or affected. I asked the four students, all of the questions are difficult to answer the most difficult IQ, and the son of English that is better than IQ difficult, but there are several IQ questions did not understand, because the word does not know, of. In this case,

C. There are eight children in the class reference, thought that there will be a few other classes, did not think the day before the collection know that their school also their 8 classes. In fact, before the class this year, his son was assigned to other classes of students, there are several aspects of the results are good. Why the last one did not pass the GEP first round?

I think the first is the environment, in improving class, the teacher will be strict a lot of the other classes are not necessarily. Son is after almost a year, only to adapt to such a fast-paced and strict requirements.

Second, the amount of information provided is different. I remember the beginning of the beginning of his son’s class soon, on a large number of additional courses, including Mathematical Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Chinese writing, the second foreign language (Malay), plus a day CCA and school normal plus lesson. . .

Never had a tutorial managed son plus a lesson, home every day at least 4 points, and sometimes 6 points, as well as the violin and Chinese Orchestra, once tired and round and round all day shouting hungry. Home do not want to do anything, followed by his brother to play, to think of homework to do quickly, the next day and get up.

After six months, tired not, but the results plummeted. I have wanted his son not to learn these extra lessons, and his son said that these classes only their classes have, and other classes will not notice the information plus lesson, or learn it!

It now appears that the school had great efforts to catch them this class, the son is still helpful, and sometimes really forced a force, hold on, or there will be harvest. At least the son did not spend extra effort to improve classes, but also an improvement! This also fully shows that folklore, the small three-class is how important and tragic. I also know it!

From the test finished out of the children’s face, you can guess the state of the exam!

D. Elite is the elite schools, such as the son of this little-known school, a school had only a few people in the first round. The elite is the school charter to pick up, as well as teachers to accompany. Because the reference is really many people, a car also sat down, opened a few.

Nanyang Primary School is said to have 120 reference. People usually test and this test is almost, not just like to play like a try test chant. In this case,

E. When the son, met a lot of acquaintances. Parents who have children’s kindergarten students, parents who have attended the parents’ meeting, parents who have written classes, parents who have Chinese orchestra help, parents who have neighbors playmates, friends who have friends with God, and my fellow villagers and husband colleagues Even though the children in different schools, but the emphasis on education, parents, will eventually meet ~ to wait for the child to test this way to meet, quite special.

F. From the parents of the ratio can be inferred: the Chinese to the absolute high rate of reference, a small amount of Indian, a small amount of Malay, did not see Europe and the United States. Chinese like to test, but also good at the test, really reflected most vividly. After my visual, the number of boys more than girls. Take the son school, for example, 8 people have only 1 girl. I guess half of half a far cry. After all, his son son school class first, almost the girls occupied. Impression in the class last year, single scholarship, only the son of a boy.

G. GEP ultimately can be admitted to the rare, most parents are holding try to see the idea of the problem, let the children participate in, do not need all the energy on the GEP, but no need to focus on depletion in the primary three. Son of a classmate did not apply for GEP, heard there are not admitted to the second round, and some even admitted to the elite do not read.

Have seen a documentary article, his children’s classmates, the results are very good score is also high, can enter the first-class university, but eventually chose to read poly, because that read enough, never want to read!


Although most of the parents of the GEP rush, often the results are unsatisfactory. If the child has the ability to have a high degree of quality into the GEP selected elite, of course, is very good!

But if it is to further test, in order to further fight, one year or even several years earlier to the child overweight, premature energy consumption in reading this matter, the child’s desire to pursue knowledge and innovation, personal opinion, for the long And a variety of life, it is not worth!

I am a student of English in the workplace, said her daughter through the GEP test class children to go, now mixed very general.


Participating in GEP is a good experience. No matter what the outcome, are worth a try Oh!

In addition, the son of GEP in the second round of the examination notice, the accident received three years to transfer the success of the phone in the fourth grade to go home only 5 minutes away from the school, and is directly assigned to the best classes to This ended his last three years, 5-15 minutes a day, take a 15-minute bus, but also to go some way to learn the experience.

Attached: GEP introduction of Singapore

GEP History

In 1984, the Ministry of Education of Singapore launched the Gifted Class, which aims to foster gifted students and give full play to their talents so as to better serve the community in the future.

The nine schools that provide talent education are: Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), Catholic High School (Primary), Henry Park Primary School, Nan Hua Primary School (Nan Hua Primary School) ), Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Rosyth School, St. Hilda’s Primary School and Tao Primary School. Nan School).

GEP screening process

All primary school students have the opportunity to participate in the first round of screening tests, voluntary, not mandatory. The first round of screening tests, including English and mathematics, usually in late August each year (the specific test location and time to the Ministry of Education notice).

In the first round, only 5% of students will be selected to participate in the second round of the selection test (usually the examination time in mid-October each year). Usually only 1% of the students will be selected last year, from the fourth grade, more than 9 schools to enter the genius classes.

Genius classes differ from ordinary students in their curricula.

On the basis of the general curriculum, intensive classes will be arranged for the Gifted students to explore and expand the capacity of gifted students to stimulate their more personalized and profound learning.

(Text: Tao Ying)


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