Top Ideas for Supplementing Your Income

Even with the proliferation of vaccines and general optimism, the economy is still recovering from the worst of the pandemic. Many businesses shuttered permanently due to lockdowns and people are still reeling from the massive lay offs and other negative impacts of COVID-19.

If you find yourself in need of alternative revenue streams to pay bills, make ends meet or to build up your bank account, you may need to get creative. You can join the gig economy  or find different ways to ensure you have the money you need.

Below are some ideas on how you can find effective alternative means of improving your income.

  1. Teach a Course

There are always curious people online and you may have skills that many people are eager to learn about. Some of the most popular online jobs include teaching different languages to foreigners. This does require some level of accreditation and planning if you want to be a particularly effective or well-paid teacher. Or you may have a hobby or physical skill that you can turn into a course.

For example, if you are a house builder by day, you can start a vlog or an online course teaching people the basics of carpentry and other skills that could be useful in maintaining the structural integrity of a home. You can even use an online course creator to come up with a solid syllabus and keep track of your student’s progress effectively.

  1. Use Your Vehicle

A car can be a great investment but it can also be an endless money pit. According to the American Automobile Association, the average maintenance cost of a car is $66, not including the upkeep on tires and paying for the insurance. This can seem trivial but if you need every cent of your paycheck for bills or some other expense, it can quickly build up. Using your vehicle as a source of alternate revenue becomes a necessity.

The most obvious choice is to become a ride-share driver. Industry experts estimate that there are approximately between3 to 4 million Uber drivers alone in the United States. The great thing about being a ride share driver is you can fit it in your schedule easily. You can clock off work and look for rides before going home.

As long as you have free time, you can effectively make good money with your car. Just remember to find the best times to do so and be respectful of your passengers.

  1. Do Chores

It may seem childish, but there is a huge portion of the gig economy that caters to accomplishing chores for people. There are people who really need the help such as disabled individuals, older adults or someone who just has too many things to do on their own. The price for accomplishing these tasks usually scales from app to app and of course between individual chores.

The best way to earn as much money as you can from doing chores is to allot a lot of time to accomplish them. For example, you could do chores for an entire day and you may make as much money from your regular job. Cultivating a healthy relationship with clients can also lead to repeat customers who can give you a steady supply of chores. Their continued patronage can be useful in securing an almost reliable source of income outside your regular work hours.

  1. Custom Food

Everyone loves food and you can use cooking skills to make a tidy profit from your own kitchen. First, you must decide on a specialization that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or room to make enough money.

For example, you may have a knack for recreating the famous Cherry Garcia recipe, but how often can you repeat that? Do you have access to enough ingredients to make a living from it? Is your refrigerator large enough to hold all those ice cream containers?

An alternative means of making money from food is exploring baking. One of the largest financial drains in baking is rent, a problem which you won’t have to face if you cook at home. Providing custom baked goods to clients or only having limited products can also save up on production costs.

Making a living with an alternative revenue stream is difficult but it can be done. With the right ideas and perseverance, you can earn enough to supplement your earning quite nicely. As long as you remember to save up and be judicious with your expenses, you can find that your combined revenue will be enough to live comfortably.

Adulting When You’re a Freshman in College

If you think high school is hard, you’ll be in for a real treat on your first year in college. That’s because now, you can’t lean on your parents for help with basic tasks like cooking, paying bills, and cleaning your dorm room.

But it’s also a great opportunity for you to learn independence and self-sufficiency. It’s part of growing up and becoming an adult, terrifying everyone when they first step foot on campus. So, here are 12 tips that will help you feel like a grown-up during your freshman year at college:

It can take some time to adjust to being in college

You might feel overwhelmed at first due to the new people you meet, classes that are more rigorous than you expected, and pressure to find a job or internship before graduation day. But remember: this is all part of college life, and it’s temporary. Someday, you’ll look back at your freshman year as the time that you learned to handle big changes with ease.

You’re expected to take care of yourself

Take classes that will push you academically, sign up for clubs and organizations, figure out which meal plan works best for you in the dining hall, and ask for help if you need it. But you managed to push through your ABM courses in senior high school, so you’re going to manage this time around too.

College can be a confusing place

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean college will be any less confusing. It’s more important than ever that you learn how to manage your time and balance a social life with coursework. And remember that sometimes, having a “learning experience” isn’t the worst thing in the world.

You don’t have to know everything right away

It’s okay if you don’t know where the campus gym is, how to make a budget, or how to cook for yourself. If you don’t know all the answers, that’s fine. Ask questions and learn as you go because everyone had to start somewhere, too.

Take advantage of all the opportunities available

Don’t be afraid to get involved and try new things. If you want to join a club or organization, go for it. If there’s an event that interests you on campus, don’t hesitate. And if you need help with something at school, don’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s easier than you think.

You might take on debt to afford college

Many people at this age are trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for tuition and housing without their parents’ help. If you can, talk to your parents about paying for college and consider working a job to cover the rest of your expenses.

Know how to handle money

You might think you’re not old enough to deal with this kind of thing, but the truth is that now you need to know how to budget and spend your money wisely. If you don’t, it will be hard for you to pay for basic expenses, which makes it harder to buy books, get a meal plan, and go out with friends.

The hard work doesn’t end when you graduate high school

It might have felt like high school was the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life, but college is a lot more challenging. Now you have to maintain a high GPA while taking on a new workload and maybe even juggling a part-time job. It’s going to be tough, but remember that it will be worth it when you get that diploma in hand.

Get involved with campus life

There are so many opportunities to get involved at college and make a name for yourself. Join clubs, volunteer in your community, or do something that you’re passionate about on campus. If something interests you, don’t hesitate to put yourself out there and become involved!

Don’t be afraid to try new things

It might sound cliched, but college is where you’re going to learn a lot about yourself and what interests you. That’s not going to happen if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities and experiences that college offers. It might be scary, but it will all pay off in the end when you find out what makes your heart sing.

You’ll miss your family, but it’s okay

It will be lonely at first without your parents. You can take them out to dinner when they come to visit you on campus or communicate with them through Skype or send pictures of everything that interests you. It might not seem like it now, but having this time apart will make the relationship even stronger when you move back home.

You might not be able to work as much as you like

If you’re paying for college yourself, it can be awkward asking professors and other students if you could get the notes from their classes because it was a busy week and you had other things going on. Don’t feel bad about it, especially if you still have to get groceries or pay your bills because it’s not just about studying.

You’ve graduated from high school and are excited that the hard part is over. College can be a big change for many people, but don’t worry. It’s going to be a great time in your life where you get to grow up fast and do so many things for the first time!

Business Opportunities That Boomed in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global crisis that crippled the world’s economies. It caused billions of dollars in damages to property and businesses, leading many people to close their doors for good or lay off staff members who were not essential to operations. But the COVID-19 pandemic also created opportunities for other business owners around the world.

For instance, companies like ThynkEd can capitalize on the pandemic by providing opportunities for people to learn about new things from the comfort of their homes. Since then, other similar businesses have popped up, and they have all capitalized on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses that Boomed During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis that negatively affected the lives of millions of people. A lot of people lost their jobs and financial security. Many people also lost their loved ones, which affected their lives negatively.

Many businesses were forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic because it was simply not safe for people to go out and about. Governments around the world mandated people to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This has prevented a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs from generating profits as their customers were not able to purchase products and services. As a result, some business owners had no choice but to close shop because they could not generate enough revenue from the lack of sales.

On the contrary, there was also an increased demand for certain goods and services during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has benefited those who were able to provide them. Below are examples of businesses that boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Food catering and delivery services

One of the business opportunities that boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic was food catering and delivery services. Because people could not leave their homes, restaurants and fast-food chains were hit hard by this development as they were receiving fewer customers than usual.

As a result, many opted for home delivery instead so that hungry customers would not have to go outside. Businesses that provided this service could benefit from the pandemic because of increased demand for food catering and delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Online education

Online education was another business opportunity that had the potential to grow during this pandemic. With people having more time on their hands, they were able to consider taking some courses online, which was why many educational institutions saw an increase in enrollment rates during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for those who wanted to take up new jobs after graduating from school or college, the pandemic might have worked as an advantage to them. This is because they could get jobs online while working from home. They paid to learn new skills online so that they could start using these skills to earn more.

As a result, online education businesses prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, more people had more time in their hands. Therefore, more people were able to enroll in different online classes.

  • eCommerce stores

eCommerce stores also saw a boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since there was an increase in demand for products that could be purchased online, more people started to open eCommerce stores.

eCommerce stores became very helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic because people could buy the products that they needed without having to leave their homes. This was very convenient for people because they could avoid the crowds and the long lines at stores.

  • Freelancing platforms

Freelancing platforms also saw a surge in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was because more people needed help with different tasks that they could not do themselves. For example, many people needed help creating content or doing data entry. These people then turned to freelancing platforms to find the help they needed.

  • Residential and commercial cleaning services

Residential and commercial cleaning services also saw a surge in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was because these businesses helped people keep their homes and business premises clean when they were busy working long hours or could not leave their homes due to quarantine restrictions.

People became more conscious about the cleanliness of their homes and business premises. As a result, they entrusted cleaning tasks to cleaning companies because they felt more confident that these businesses would do a good job.

Capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the hardships that people faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, folks also had opportunities to earn more income. Some business owners took advantage of this situation and increased their market share because they satisfied customer needs better than other businesses did at the time. The businesses enumerated above were examples of the businesses that boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knowing How You Can Develop Another Person

Many consider teaching one of the most complex careers an individual can pick. That’s because many hate working for hours in a highly stressful classroom. But teachers also can develop their students’ lives deeply, which is rewarding for other people. Many find it rewarding to build their student’s potential. Many do that through a lesson plan to design lessons for college or high school students.

Being an effective instructor will help students grow and develop academically. It also means leading them towards new scientific innovations and frontiers. Before registering for certification examinations such as NASM kettlebell certification for fitness instructors, you must start thinking about your experiences and evaluating your strengths. Volunteer in classrooms, read interviews, and talk to seasoned teachers.

Below is a list of qualities you should develop before entering the teaching force.

Learning to Communicate Clearly

Honing your non-verbal and verbal communication skills will allow you to conform to your students’ needs. It’ll also help you determine when to listen to their pleas. On top of that, you must hone the communication skills that you’ll use to submit a detailed report to parents or colleagues. Learn more about how you can improve these:

  • Listen actively. Hone your active listening skills to help you communicate and listen carefully instead of preparing how to respond. It’ll also allow you to understand a student’s needs. If you’re dealing with a tricky question, don’t respond immediately.
  • Make sure to clarify. If you need further clarification, you can politely ask your students to repeat their concerns or questions. You can also narrate what you understood to check what part of their concerns or questions needs more clarification.

Being Fully Flexible and Adaptable

Each student has a unique background with individual developmental milestones, educational needs, and characteristics. Bear in mind that not all lesson plans, methods, or approaches will work well for each student. Effective teachers should be flexible to fit their student’s needs. Follow these steps to hone this trait:

  • Embrace each student’s individuality. You’ll have to build a classroom full of joy and acceptance. You can do that by teaching your students about freedom of expression and creativity in the classroom. Be mindful of their standing academically and developmentally. If they feel accepted and comfortable, they’ll also feel more comfortable learning and asking questions.
  • Find the proper teaching methods. You’ll also have to teach yourself how to identify your student’s learning needs while also finding ways to meet their academic needs. For example, other students might learn best while listening to the discussion while others can understand the topic better with hands-on learning approaches.

Evaluating Your Inner Personality

Evaluating yourself is your ability to reflect on your interests, objectives, and needs, resulting in academic success and self-acceptance. If you reflect on your personality, weak points, and strengths, you’ll also encourage the same level of self-reflection from your students. You can inspire students to do self-reflection through these tips:

  • Do self-reflection. Find the time include self-reflection activities in the class. Inspire the class to reflect and think about how they can improve themselves. You can promote self-reflection that tackles improvement by reflecting on their actions near the end of the semester or after their exams.
  • Do the self-reflection privately. Other students find it hard to talk about their personality, so effective teachers inspire them to share when they’re comfortable. You should also allow them to do it privately when they’re not. Making a journal is one way to do that. It’ll not ask hesitant students to talk about their insights in the entire classroom.

Finding Your Passion for Learning

Effective teachers also make learning enjoyable by teaching them to appeal to their interests. If they enjoy learning, they’ll be more likely to perform better and engage more in class. You can instill positive feelings in them through these:

  • Find alternative approaches. Effective teachers will always use new methods to make their discussions more interesting. Others will turn the lesson into music, a performance, or a game. It’ll increase students’ interest in the class and promote collaboration skills, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Gather feedback. Gather feedback if you want to be an effective teacher. It’ll help you find the right path if you’re having difficulties with a lesson plan. Besides, it’ll be the best way to incorporate new elements they like about a topic. You can also use those to develop methods that best work for them, exploring areas that best pique their interest.

If you plan to enter the teaching field, follow these tricks to excel. You can thrive in this sector soon enough.

Reasons To Apply for a summer research program

Here is a question for you as you prepare your academic yearly goals for the next quarter/semester: Is participating in a summer research program on your bucket list for 2022? There are several reasons that would prove why you should and need to apply for summer research programs if your application did not make the cut. With summer program deadlines looming, you’re encouraged to keep looking for opportunities to broaden your horizons. Much has been published on how to create meaningful and useful research experiences for undergraduate students, but what about those in high school? Although high school students have many formal opportunities to undertake research, early-career scientists and principal investigators may not have much experience working with this age group, which poses different opportunities and problems than working with undergraduates. As a result, based on our experiences as early-career biologists and formal mentor training, here are some reasons you should go for summer research. If you’re a pre-med student, you don’t want to waste your summers. There are many things to do in the summer, but few are more rewarding or advantageous to your medical career than participating in a formal summer research program. If you’re still not convinced, consider the following reasons for participating in a summer research program.

1 — Science education

Taking part in summer research can pique your scientific curiosity, leading you to discover a field of study that you are interested in. You will be exposed to a wide range of study topics, which may spark new interests in you. Your summer program can also assist you in better understanding the scientific process, including how to start an experiment, gather data, analyze outcomes, and develop your scientific viewpoint.

2 — Resources Availability

As a participant in the summer research program, you’ll have access to materials you didn’t even know existed! Program directors provide a plethora of information regarding financing possibilities, internships, and fellowships available to minority students. You’ll have the chance to present your summer research at national meetings as well.

3 — Excellent Opportunity for Networking

Your professional network will increase when you begin a summer research program. Summer programs allow you to meet new mentors and collaborators. Collaboration is essential in science, and it will only benefit you in your professional life. Furthermore, networking with your peers will not only provide for a fun summer research program, but it will also serve as a support system.

4 — Motivation

You’ll be surrounded by peers who are passionate about the same science as you are, as well as instructors who will serve as mentors and provide that push of inspiration. These programs give you a belonging sense and may even help you determine whether or not you want to pursue a career in research

5 – Earn money by traveling.

Summer research programs usually last 8 to 10 weeks. Most summer programs will also cover your travel and housing expenses, as well as provide you with a stipend. This is a fantastic opportunity for traveling and seeing another state for a few days.

Summer research program deadlines differ depending on the program. They can occur at any time of the year, from the end of the fall to the end of the winter. Find a research program that might be a suitable fit for you if you’re interested in undertaking summer research at all. Because many summer research programs are competitive, you will almost certainly need to apply to many programs in order to be accepted. 

So, the above-listed points are a few reasons why a summer research program for high school students is beneficial and would be very helpful further.

The Most Important Things Your Children Have to Know about Managing Tiredness

Coming home from work could be a combination of the best and the worst feeling. You’re free from the pressure, but at the same time, you’re also exhausted and tired. The good thing about it is you can lie down on your bed to rest your mind and body. That’s how you’re going to recharge for the next day’s pressure.

You may think that kids have lesser responsibilities, making them incapable of what you’re feeling. While children have lighter tasks, they’re still prone to mental and physical exhaustion. It could be a symptom of other cases you may want to consult a physician for. Nevertheless, your children can also feel tired from doing so much work they need to accomplish.

So what can you teach them about managing exhaustion? How can you make them feel less tired? How can you let them handle tiredness by themselves? Here are some pointers you may want to discuss with them about managing tiredness.

Anyone can experience it

Your children need to know that tiredness is universal. It’s a feeling that most people feel. Anyone is prone to exhaustion, whether it’s mental or physical. You may notice your child to be very active and seem to be not fond of rest. That’s the perfect time to inform them that while tiredness is normal, they should not push themselves to the edge. Share knowledge about adults’ work habits and why there are off days at work.

You can help them

Task can teach your children responsibilities at home. On the other hand, assigning tasks to your children should always be planned. You don’t want your children to be overworked because of pressure. Juggling between heavy schoolwork and home pressure could make your children tired. You don’t want that to happen. One thing that you can do is to bring this up to your children. Talk to your children and assess them. See the most suitable house chores you can assign to each of them. Consider their ages and their abilities.

Look into their school workloads and see if they’re doing too much. This could help them in the long run. Say they’d get a master’s degree online when they grow up. Good managing of tasks would help keep them exhausted. Most importantly, you want them to understand that you can always help them. You can give fewer chores to your kid who has to finish a school project first. Better if you can also help them with their lessons. There are so many ways you can help your children reduce their chances of getting tired.

They’re not robots

Even machines wear out and malfunction. This is why your children need to know that the human body can do worse. We’re neither machines nor robots. We get tired if we try to pressure ourselves from doing too much. Humans have physical limits, and it will pose a danger if we try to exceed them. Your children need to know these things, so they would know if they’re doing too much.

If they know how to manage tiredness, they can easily tell you how they feel. If their teachers are giving too many tasks, they can be open to you. Your children can indeed program themselves to do things on a schedule. But unlike robots and machines, they should know that their bodies can run out of energy faster than a robot’s.

It’s okay to rest

It’s been ingrained in people’s minds that working is a responsibility that you have to prioritize. While it’s partly true, people tend to forget that rest is equally important. The thing is, this principle has been passed down from generation to generation. The result is people getting used to doing jobs for an unhealthy amount of hours. You should teach your children that this should not be the case.

Working will pay their bills once they start working. But who will do the work? Of course, them. You have to remind them that rest is necessary. Research has even shown that adequate sleep can improve a child’s overall mental and physical health. Break the toxic tradition of overworking. Make sure your children know the value of sufficient rest.

Working smart is the way

It all boils down to one thing. Working smart is the way. Teach your children how to do their duties efficiently. Make them practice methods that can help them do their tasks without distractions. Train them tolearn the ways of finishing chores on time. This way, they would have enough time to rest afterward.

Your children should have the basic knowledge of taking care of themselves. They need to know that their body is their responsibility. Neglecting their limits may result in harmful health consequences. Teach them how to manage tiredness to prevent over-exhaustion.

Toy Poodle Full Grown

This is currently our most popular video: Toy Poodle Full Grown! It seems that many people are curious about the size of a full grown toy poodle.

Toy Poodle Full Grown Size

A full grown toy poodle should be 10 inches tall, and weighs about six to nine pounds (2.5 to 4 kg). The Miniature Poodle stands 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 15 to 17 pounds (7 to 8 kg). This is the information from many other dog websites.

Charlie the poodle is 5 kg, on the high side for toy poodle, but yet less than the weight requirement for miniature poodle! 

So how do we classify a poodle that is heavier than 9 pounds, but under 15 pounds? That is a mystery!

The Benefits of Living in Another Country with Your Child

Migrating to a new country at a young age is beneficial because the child may consider the new location to be their home. They will grow up in that place and have no recollection of anything else. This personality trait makes them well suited for international companies or simply moving again if they choose to, later on in life.

Living in another country can also provide the child with a broader range of experiences. This is because to become effective problem solvers, children need new challenges. Being in these situations can help them gain new perspectives and skills they may not have had otherwise.

Choosing to migrate will allow your child to experience different food, languages, and customs while you’re living abroad. It can give them the opportunity to grow accustomed to new ideas and appreciate other cultures. Plus, they can meet people from all walks of life because of this. Here are other benefits of living in another country to your child:

Benefit #1 Receive Better Education

Migrating to another country will provide your child with a better education. Since the curriculum differs from one country to another, children may have better opportunities for learning new languages and techniques at an early age. The educational system of the second country may be more advanced than what is offered back home.

For instance, if your child were to get admitted to a British International School while you’re living abroad, then they will be able to take advantage of the quality education offered there. The administration, teachers, and environment are some things that make such a school an ideal place for learning.

Benefit #2 Learn New Languages

Moving to another country also gives your child the opportunity to learn new languages. Language is one way through which cultures communicate with each other. Cultures often vary around the world because of how distant they are from one another.

Your child will understand and respect cultures if they know how to speak their language. They will also be able to communicate better with people around the world because of this. However, they must be taught new languages at an early age before they forget it.

Benefit #3 Expand Their Horizons

Living outside of their home country will help them gain a new perspective on life. They can learn new ways of thinking and behaving, expanding their view on current issues and problems without taking the place they grew up in for granted.

Being exposed to different cultures teaches children about respect for all people, regardless of where they come from. This can be done through examples from their surroundings, which is why it’s important to raise them in countries where they can learn these things.

Benefit #4 Meet New People

Living in another country will also give your child the opportunity to meet new people. They will grow up with different sorts of kids around them and encounter people who are not like them in any way. These sorts of experiences can help them do better in a multicultural environment.

Additionally, being exposed to such a diverse environment at a young age will help your child grow accustomed to strangers and various cultures. This can be a great benefit when they grow up, since being in the company with people from all over the world can make them more adaptive to change.

Benefit #5 Other Opportunities Abound

When you move to another country, there are many other opportunities for your young one to take advantage of. For one, they can attend schools that offer advanced courses in math or science.

Your child may also be able to take up apprenticeships with different professionals in the second country. This will help them learn new skills and even potentially get a job in their field when they grow up. They may also receive admission to colleges outside of their home country if they pass short courses in the other country.

Thus, living in another country will do your child a lot of good while they’re growing up. The educational system and culture will help them grow into well-rounded adults who can appreciate other countries’ perspectives on life. This can be seen as an investment towards their future, which is why it’s not such a bad idea to move abroad with your kids.

Most parents are afraid of uprooting their entire lives just to move to another country, not knowing what might happen along the way. However, it can be a good idea for kids if their parents can provide them with the best opportunities for learning and growing up in more than one culture.

What It Takes to Become a Successful Gym Fitness Instructor

The road to becoming a successful gym fitness instructor can be long and hard, but if you are dedicated to making it work, the hard work will pay off. People often dream of making it big by starting small. The basic principle behind this is that the more people know about your workout classes, the more popular they will become. You need to do many things to make yourself stand out from other fitness instructors.

1. Location

Finding the perfect location for your workout classes is half the battle. You want a place with enough room for all of your students and an ample amount of parking availability. If commuters could take multiple ways around town to get to your class, then that is a bonus.

2. Advertising

Once you have secured the perfect location for your classes, it is time to start advertising. This can be done in various ways, but some of the most popular methods include social media, flyers, and word-of-mouth. Make sure to target your audience and let them know what to expect from your classes.

3. Class Format

Creating a class format that is effective and interesting will help keep your students coming back for more. You want to make sure that each class is different from the last so that your students never get bored. Try incorporating new exercises or music into your routine regularly.

4. Instructor Personality

Your personality is one of the most important factors for attracting students. You want to be someone your students can look up to and feel inspired by. You must be energetic, positive, and enthusiastic in everything you do. This will show your students that you are passionate about fitness and that they should be too.

5. Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is critical for running a successful gym fitness class. Make sure to greet each of your students as they arrive and answer any questions they may have. If anything in their personal lives affects their workout routine, be understanding and accommodating.

6. Earn Certification

Being a certified fitness instructor is not mandatory, but it can definitely help you stand out from the competition. There are various certification programs to choose from, so find one that best suits your needs and interests. You can enroll in continuing education credit (CEC) courses online and receive more CEC points in fitness. This will open more opportunities for your fitness career.

7. Get Involved with the Community

Giving back to your local community is a great way to build relationships and gain exposure for your gym fitness classes. Participate in charity events, sponsor a local sports team, or partner with a nearby health club. The more involved you are, the more people know about your classes.

8. Keep Yourself Motivated

This may be one of the most challenging things to do as a gym fitness instructor, but it is essential to be successful. It can be easy to get burned out if you are not careful, so make sure to take some time for yourself every once in a while. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit or take a weekend trip with your friends. Just make sure that you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, so you must keep up with the latest trends. This can be done by reading fitness magazines, attending conferences and trade shows, or networking with other professionals in the industry. If you can incorporate new trends into your classes, your students will appreciate it, and you will stand out from the competition.

10. Have Fun!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to remember that you should have fun while teaching your gym fitness classes. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, your students will tell. Try incorporating some of your favorite exercises into your routine or listen to your favorite music while teaching. As long as you are having a good time, your students will too.

Becoming a successful gym fitness instructor can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By following these ten tips, you can make it easier and improve your chances of success. So get out there and start teaching those classes. Remember that the most important thing is to never give up and always stay motivated.

Cool Trigonometry Tips for High School Students

Trigonometry proof of identity is a common type of question included in O Level’s complementary mathematics curriculum. When the word ‘triangle’ came out, even high school students would break out into a cold sweat. This is because, unlike most of the Math topics, there is no standard plug-and-play approach to trigonometry problems. Each question is a new puzzle in which students must find a path from start to finish. Very often, students approach these problems by observing one step at a time.

Even though every problem of trigonometry is unique in its own way, there is usually a “rule of thumb” for learners to follow, so that they do not become misled. Here, we reveal some cool tips to help students conquer trigonometry with the aid of trigonometry tutoring help.

#1 Start Solving from Complex Side

To prove trigonometric identities, we always start from the left (LHS) or right (RHS) and step through the identities until we reach the opposite side. But smart learners always start from the difficult side. They know that it’s much easier to rule out a term to make a complex function simple than it is to find a way to introduce a term to make a simple function complex.

#2 Convert everything into Sine and Cosine (if possible)

Express all tan, cosec, sec, and cot as sin and cos for both sides of the equation. This is to standardize both sides of the trigonometric identities, making it easier to compare one side to the other.

#3 Use Pythagoras Theorem basics to evaluate between sin²x and cos²x

Pay special attention to adding squares in trigonometry. Apply the Pythagorean formula if necessary. Specifically, sin²x + cos²x = 1. This is because all other trigonometric terms have been converted to sines and cosines. You can use this identifier to convert and vice versa. You can also use it to remove both by replacing it with 1.

#4 Apply Double Angle Formula (when needed)

Pay attention to each trigonometric term in question. Is there a variable whose angle is twice that of another variable? If so, be prepared to use a DAF to convert to the same angle. For example, if sinθ and cot(θ/2) come up in the same question, then θ is doubled (θ/2), so you should use DAF.

#5 Apply the Expand| Factorize| Simplify| Cancelling Method

A lot of students have the strong belief that every single problem to prove trigonometry requires the utilization of trigonometric identities in the formula table. Whenever they get stuck, it’s not uncommon for them to stare blankly at the official sheet and pray that the answer will magically “jump out”. This is because most confirmatory questions revolve around good old-fashioned extensions, factorizations, simplifications, and abolitions of similar terms. In fact, some exam questions do not even require the student to use the rules of trigonometry.

#6 Take one step at a time 

Proof of trigonometric functions is an art. There are several ways to find the answer. Naturally, some methods are more elegant and concise, while others are crude, voluminous, and ugly. But no matter which route you choose; you will get a quote as long as you can get to your final destination.

Final observations

After solving many exam questions, some students tend to robot proving LHS = RHS whenever they see an equation involving a trigonometric function. Even when faced with the question “Solve the trigonometric equation…”… always read the question carefully!  

With the help of these cool tips and Trigonometry Tutoring Help, you are now ready to prove LHS = RHS!

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Gods Unchained Referral

If you’re looking for the next crypto game to play, Gods Unchained is a great game that you should check out. Sign up with my referral code: zPklyaLYZB on the website here:

The gameplay is quite similar to Hearthstone, and it is based on the latest crypto GameFi model of “Play-to-Earn”. One can currently earn around USD$100 per month (or more) just by playing the game for free!

Gods Unchained Referral Code Where To Find

Sign up using my referral code: zPklyaLYZB on the website here:

Gods Unchained Review

The gameplay is very similar to Hearthstone, as well as Magic: The Gathering. Each player will choose a hero (Nature, War, Death, Deception, Light, Magic) and 30 cards. Then each player will play cards per turn (limited by mana) and attack until the opponent’s hero has 0 health.

Gods Unchained’s team includes Chris Clay, who worked in game development and design for over 20 years, most recently as Game Director of Magic The Gathering: Arena. Clay brings vast experience to his new role as Game Director of the Gods Unchained project.

Gods Unchained Best Starter Deck

One can check out the latest “meta” decks at Many beginners use the Nature Starter Deck as it is one of the most beginner friendly, and doesn’t require much advanced tactics and synergies.

Gods Unchained Earnings

The current earnings for this game is quite good (~$100 per month) considering it is totally free to play.

The main earnings come from the current play to earn campaign:

  • Play 20 ranked games or more each week
  • Win 7 ranked games or more each week
  • Games must pass 4 rounds to be counted
  • Players must be at least Purified Iron (rank 4) by the end of the week to qualify
  • Player must play against a minimum of 17 unique opponents or more each week
  • Any account that is suspected of win trading, botting, multi-account or any wrongful activities will be disqualified and banned from Gods Unchained.

It is quite simple to qualify for the above criteria, one just needs to play 20 games per week and win 7 out of those 20 (35% win rate). One can just keep playing until the wins are achieved. The earnings for this campaign are paid out in the Gods Unchained crypto token ($GODS), currently priced at around $5.

The other way to earn is through earning free card packs, fusing cards (to become higher quality) and then selling them on the Immutable X market place. Depending on the rarity and usefulness, the price of each card can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars!

Gods Unchained Referral Code Bonus

The current bonus or benefit for using the Referral Code is to receive free card packs when creating an account!

If you decide to play this awesome crypto game, sign up with my referral code: zPklyaLYZB on the website here:

Disclaimer: The opinions on Gods Unchained expressed in this blog post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Gods Unchained Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

Tools That Will Assist You in Quickly Hiring the Best Candidates

According to our Global Recruiting Trends research, nearly everyone wants to break up the standard interview. According to talent acquisition pros, traditional interviews frequently reinforce existing prejudices, have a limited capacity to measure soft skills, and are untrustworthy. Besides, they’re not always entertaining.

However, there is an opportunity to replace the test of wills that interviews have become a real measure of skill.

The rapidly expanding list of online assessment tools has the potential to make the recruiting process easier, more efficient, and even more pleasurable, allowing employers to target individuals with the necessary talents and temperaments. Assessment options range from broad personality tests to delivery boy-specific aptitude assessments. (Boys?! Even the most cutting-edge technology appears to have some relics of the early twentieth century).

HackerRank Screening Test Alternative 

If you are looking for a HackerRank screening test alternative, then these might be useful to you:

My best advice is to head over to the HackerRank page and check out various options. To personalize your experience, you can select which tests you want to access and view the results of other people who used them as well. 

Here are tools to consider while evaluating candidates:


Kate Glazebrook, co-founder and CEO of Applied, considered traditional CV sifting to be an ineffective method of finding talent. She collaborated with a team of behavioural scientists to develop her company’s platform, including timed evaluations that help employers minimize prejudice in their initial assessment of a candidate.

Glazebrook told The New York Times that the platform also enables recruiters to “anonymize applications, chunk them up into batches for better comparative assessment, randomize candidates to avoid ordering effects, allow multiple evaluators to contribute their scores independently to harness the wisdom of the crowd.”


Codility’s technical recruitment platform, which automates sourcing, screening, and interviewing, has been used by customers in over 1,000 firms in 62 countries to conduct over 5.5 million code assessments. “With Codility,” explains Volvo’s head of recruiting Stefan Begall, “we can correctly assess candidates’ talents while increasing our candidate interactions and their entire experience during the hiring process.”


eSkill is the online skills evaluation equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. The company’s customized examinations address particular job needs for HR, sales, administration, IT, and accounting professions in industries ranging from health care to hospitality, totalling over 500 professional subjects. eSkill has over 4,000 customers worldwide, from Coca-Cola to Zappos, FedEx to Paychex.


Vivek Ravisankar and Hari Karunanidhi were software engineers at Amazon (Kindle) and IBM. They were dissatisfied with the amount of time on engineering interviews ten years ago. Today, their startup, HackerRank, provides a platform that assists businesses in locating the top available engineers and software developers. HackerRank provides businesses with the ability to use code evaluations in over 35 programming languages. HackerRank’s products have already been utilized by Amazon, Twitter, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, and over 1,000 other firms.


Criteria Corp released a new edition of its SaaS-based solution, HireSelect, enabling web-based pre-employment testing earlier this year. HireSelect offers aptitude tests (cognitive, mechanical, and attention abilities), basic skills tests (from typing to numeric input), and personality tests (including a sales achievement predictor), all of which are evaluated and enhanced by the company’s scientific advisory board. Criteria have tiered pricing based on size, making it affordable to smaller firms. HireSelect has suggested exams for 1,100 jobs ranging from loan officers to correctional officers, human resource managers, to warehouse managers.

Mocha should be interviewed

Interview Mocha has over 1,000 skill tests for coding, ERP, finance, languages, manufacturing, and retail, among other things. The Big Data Pig Test, Java Coding, Bank Teller Aptitude Test, and Salesforce CRM Test are among its most popular skills assessments. Customers may either design their assessment from the skills test collection or request that Interview Mocha create a bespoke exam for them. In addition, the organization provides assessment integration and applicant rating tools.


Seattle-based Koru puts its idea of “grit over grades” into action by providing businesses with a 20-minute online quiz to determine where candidates score on seven essential soft skills: grit, ownership, curiosity, polish, collaboration, rigour, and impact. Candidates respond to questions on their previous experience, work style, and work settings. Algorithms compare their results with a company’s best achievers to rank them against other candidates.


Mettl’s wide battery of examinations for back-end, front-end, and full-stack abilities may be used by companies seeking for tech talent to quantify code accuracy, time, and space complexity. Mettl provides assessments for retail, legal, financial, and even “delivery boys.” Still, the company’s offerings are particularly strong in engineering (chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.) and software development, including a wide range of programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, SQL, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python, and many others.


Plum won the $5 million 43North startup challenge in 2015, beating over 11,000 other applicants. Plum uses its database of over 24 trillion behavioural data points to help firms find the appropriate employees, retain them, and make evidence-based development and culture choices. Plum provides a six-minute survey for recruiting teams to identify the behavioural requirements for every open position. Then it administers a personality and cognitive ability exam to candidates, resulting in each prospect obtaining a personalized talent profile. These talent profiles are then compared against the role’s requirements to identify the top applicants.

Predictive Index

In 2016, compiled a list of the “Top 10 Tools for Building a Strong Talent Pipeline,” with The Predictive Index ranking third. “[I]t may really play a very crucial part in your pipeline efforts — especially when it comes to connecting the appropriate individuals to the right openings,” according to The Massachusetts-based company works with over 8,000 businesses to understand what motivates workplace behaviour and strategize how to capitalize on that knowledge.

Tips for Buying Good Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to remodeling or building a new kitchen, it’s a huge task. For this reason, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting yourself into. Have no idea where to begin? Read on to find helpful tips on how to buy the best kitchen equipment.

General Recommendations

Always make sure that your appliances are top-notch. Let’s face that not every brand is going to have every product to be their number one item. So shop around and do your homework. Luckily, it’s easy to pick stuff using big internet stores as  Kitchenwaremarket. Also, always check out reviews from buyers.

Here are five things you want to consider when you are ready to buy.

·         Budget.

·         Energy efficiency.

·         Size and design.

·         Warranty.

·         Adaptability.

Let’s dig into details and consider every item on the list.

Stick to budget

Appliances are not impulse buy. That’s why creating a kitchen equipment list first is a need. Secondly, create your budget.  Finding the right balance between quality and price is essential. All appliances should be high-quality since they will help you make better-quality meals. The top-of-the-the-line items should be prioritized if you cannot afford them all. Another way is finding a store with economical prices or buying things at wholesale. 

Energy efficiency 

To find energy-efficient and the most cost-effective items, look for the ENERGY STAR® logo on the packaging. Customers may be certain that these items will save them money in the long run. This feature is a must-have for commercial kitchen equipment in Thailand, especially in the HORECA sector. ENERGY STAR® label implies that the equipment complies with the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard standards (EPA). It has passed third-party inspections and is food-safe, making it acceptable for use in commercial kitchens. 

Size and design

It may seem obvious, but check your new appliances fit in your current area before you place an order. The same goes for items’ design. Make sure cooking devices are suitable for the interior and match the aesthetic before buying kitchen equipment in Bangkok or another city. Many purchasers acquire new equipment without first determining how much space is available. Don’t make the same mistake. Also, don’t forget to measure your door. 


Do not be seduced by the flashy features as you look for kitchen equipment in Thailand. Keep an eye out for the documents. Find out the warranty options for the equipment you have chosen. Find answers at least to the three following questions.  How long is the warranty valid? Who do you contact if you need to repair under the warranty? Under what circumstances can the warranty be considered null and void? Guarantees may save you a lot of money in the future. 


Ensure that you are buying something that fits what you are going to use. Let’s face it. Unless you are a sous chef, you don’t want to buy outlandish things. If you search for equipment for the restaurant, consider the menu. Ask yourself what are you going to cook and what you need for that exact purpose. And one more crucial point – try to stick with the same provider if you buy appliances for business. It will save your shipping costs.

Unstoppable Domains Referral Code

Unstoppable Domains Referral

For an official referral link to Unstoppable Domains, please use:

Unstoppable Domains Review

Unstoppable Domains is useful for the following:

1. Simplify cryptocurrency addresses with NFT domains. Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and any other cryptocurrency address to your NFT domain.

2. Use dChat for P2P communication. Sign with your crypto address to access P2P chat, group chats, and read-only broadcasting channels.

3. URL for decentralized websites.

The amazing thing about Unstoppable Domains is that you only have to pay a single one-time fee, unlike traditional web hosting services where payment is often repeated yearly.

Unstoppable Domains Review Reddit

It is often a good idea to consult Reddit reviews. This Reddit thread on r/Cryptocurrency has several users reviewing Unstoppable Domains. The official subreddit on Unstoppable Domains also has a lot of discussion and reviews.

Unstoppable Domains vs ENS

The main advantage Unstoppable Domains has over ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is that it support multiple cryptocurrency addresses!

Unstoppable Domains supports 260+ cryptocurrencies, while ENS only supports Ethereum.

Hence, Unstoppable Domains is clearly superior to its competitor, ENS.

Unstoppable Domains Coin

Currently, Unstoppable Domains has no native token or coin. However, it may release one in the future, like its competitor ENS.

Unstoppable Domains Airdrop

Unstoppable Domains’ competitor ENS issued an airdrop in November 2021 that was worth around USD$20,000.

While Unstoppable Domains has yet to announce an airdrop nor token launch, it is certainly a possibility in the future.

Unstoppable Domains Polygon

Unstoppable Domains has launched on Polygon, and customers can now mint (i.e. claim) any unminted domains to the Polygon Blockchain for free with $0 gas fees!

If you decide to purchase an Unstoppable Domain, please use this referral code here:

Similar to traditional websites, the early bird catches the worm! In later stages, nice domain names may either get sold out or become super expensive. It is better to grab them early!

Disclaimer: The opinions on Unstoppable Domains expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Unstoppable Domains Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

My Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z: Analysis


I’m fortunate this week to have another topic suggested again by Mr Wu, blogger and Singaporean mathematics tutor. It’s a big field, so forgive me not explaining the entire subject.


Analysis is about proving why the rest of mathematics works. It’s a hard field. My experience, a typical one, included crashing against real analysis as an undergraduate and again as a graduate student. It turns out mathematics works by throwing a lot of $latex epsilon $ symbols around.

Let me give an example. If you read pop mathematics blogs you know about the number represented by $latex 0.999999cdots $. You’ve seen proofs, some of them even convincing, that this number equals 1. Not a tiny bit less than 1, but exactly 1. Here’s a real-analysis treatment. And — I may regret this — I recommend you don’t read it. Not closely, at least. Instead, look at its shape. Look…

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My Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z: Monte Carlo


This week’s topic is one of several suggested again by Mr Wu, blogger and Singaporean mathematics tutor. He’d suggested several topics, overlapping in their subject matter, and I was challenged to pick one.

Monte Carlo.

The reputation of mathematics has two aspects: difficulty and truth. Put “difficulty” to the side. “Truth” seems inarguable. We expect mathematics to produce sound, deductive arguments for everything. And that is an ideal. But we often want to know things we can’t do, or can’t do exactly. We can handle that often. If we can show that a number we want must be within some error range of a number we can calculate, we have a “numerical solution”. If we can show that a number we want must be within every error range of a number we can calculate, we have an “analytic solution”.

There are many things we’d like to calculate and can’t exactly.

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Mi Home Error: “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.”

Recently there is a persistent error on the Mi Home (Xiaomi Home) app: “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.

Mi Home app is the interface for connecting to Xiaomi devices such as Xiaomi Webcam, etc.

Currently, there seems to be no solution online regarding this error “Failed to complete action. Check your network connection.

I suspect it is due to locale issues. Mi Home is mainly based in China, the support for other countries seems to be not as good. The recent updates may have broken the network support for countries outside China.

Previously, in 2020 and early 2021, the Mi Home App was working ok for me.

If you have any solutions to this Mi Home error message, please comment down below!

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Tuas Promo Code: RC73REF

Official Tuas Power Website:

Enjoy the electricity bill savings, along with additional $20 bill rebate and the convenience of paying one SP Services bill!

Tuas Promo Code: RC73REF

After extensive research, I find that Tuas Power is one of the best alternative electricity suppliers. Especially after several electricity providers (e.g. Ohm, iSwitch) have shut down.

Choose either PowerFix (Fixed Rate) or PowerDo (Discount off Tariff) depending on your likings. I chose PowerFix 24 as I have a feeling that the tariffs may continue to rise in the future. PowerDo is also very good, and in fact better if tariffs drop.

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Tuas Power vs Geneco (Tuas is better)

Tuas Power’s rates are very similar to Geneco’s at the moment. Both are giving around 25.XX cents per kWh (with GST).

Do note that Tuas Power has 1% cashback with POSB Everyday Card! This lowers Tuas Power’s rates to be very similar and competitive with Geneco.

One big advantage of Tuas Power is that it has integrated SP Group billing. Meaning that all your bills (water + electricity + refuse collection) are consolidated into one document. It is very convenient for paying bills as well as keeping track of your expenses!

Tuas Power is incredibly convenient due to its integrated SP Group billing! Source: Tuas Website

For Geneco, there is no integrated SP Group billing, you will not be able to receive a hard copy bill, even if you want to pay for it. This can pose a problem for elderly folks who don’t know how to use the internet.

Geneco has no hardcopy bill. Source: Geneco Website

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Tuas Power vs Keppel Electric (Tuas is better)

Tuas Power Fixed Rate (25.68 cents per kWh) is currently cheaper than Keppel Electric (25.80 cents per kWh). This is before even taking into account that Tuas Power has 1% cashback with POSB Everyday Card.

Keppel Electric is not integrated with SP Group billing. You will “receive your electricity bill directly from Keppel Electric”, while “you will continue to receive bills from SP Group for other utilities such as water and gas”. This is not as convenient as Tuas Power’s integrated SP Group billing.

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Tuas Power vs SP Services (Tuas is better)

Tuas Power is currently much cheaper than SP Services.

Whether you choose Fixed Rate (Tuas PowerFix), or Discount off Tariff (Tuas PowerDo), they are all cheaper than SP Services.

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Tuas PowerFix (Fixed Rate) vs Tuas PowerDo (Discount off Tariff)

Nobody knows for sure whether the SP Tariff will rise or drop as it depends on a lot of complex factors including oil price, etc. However, currently there are a lot of issues with oil/gas supply worldwide, with many countries experiencing power shortages. Hence, it is reasonable to predict that electricity prices will continue to rise in the near future.

In conclusion, for the near future, Tuas PowerFix is likely to be better than Tuas PowerDo.

Historical SP Tariff (excluding GST). Source: SP Group

Use this Tuas Promo Code to get $20 off: RC73REF

Conclusion: Choose Tuas

Everyone should change a supplier in the open electricity market for savings. There are no drawbacks of doing so. In particular, there is no such worry of “blackouts” or “unreliable electricity supply” as SP group is still operating the national power grid.

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If you are married to a U.S. citizen, how long does it take to receive a Marriage Green Card?

The time it takes for a foreign spouse of a U.S. citizen to get permanent residence varies depending on whether the spouse lives in the U.S. or abroad. Each stage is summarised in the sections below, along with an estimate of how long each step takes U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If the immigrant spouse is a permanent resident of the United States,

If you are married to a U.S. citizen and live in the United States, you will need to file for an adjustment of status while applying for your Marriage Green Card. The process of applying for a Marriage Green Card takes roughly 10 to 13 months on average. May break The procedure down into two parts.

The first step is to submit your Marriage Green card application, and the second is to go through the interview and approval process for your Green Card. In the sections that follow, we emphasize key phases of the procedure, and the time it takes USCIS to process them.

Application for a Green Card through Petition and Marriage

You must first establish your married relationship with a U.S. citizen before you can begin the Marriage Green Card application procedure. The U.S. citizen spouse must file Form I-130, often known as the “Petition for Alien Relative,” to do so. You must also complete Form I-485, known as the “Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status,” if you are a foreign spouse asking for a Marriage Green Card as an adjustment of status.  will submit Both I-130 and I-485to USCIS at the same time. You must provide filing fees and supporting papers such as your birth certificate and marriage certificate with your paperwork. The average processing time for Form I-130 and Form I-485 is 9-11 months.

The U.S. citizen spouse must file an affidavit of support for their foreign spouse, often known as Form I-864.

A medical check is also required of the immigrant spouse seeking a Marriage Green Card. They have 60 days to complete the necessary Medical Exam and obtain a signed Form I-693 from the attending physician before submitting their application. This form, as well as for instructions for filling it out, may be found on the USCIS website.

Alternatively, after completing forms I-130 and I-485, the foreign spouse can finish the test and present the I-693 to their Marriage Green Card interview.

Appointment for biometrics

They will send Various messages to you throughout the application process. The notifications are USCIS’ means of keeping you up to date on the status of your application. Approximately 2-3 weeks after filing your Marriage Green Card application, you will receive a reminder to attend your biometrics session. You may learn more about these notices in our in-depth guide to filing for a Marriage Green Card.

Interview and approval for a Green Card for Marriage

Interview for a Marriage Green Card

You will get an appointment notification to attend a Green Card interview once USCIS has completed processing your application. Both the sponsoring and immigrant spouses must attend this interview for an adjustment of status application. The interview for a Marriage Green Card normally takes place 7 to 15 months after you submit your application.

Obtain a Marriage Green Card

At the interview, the interviewing officer will usually accept your Marriage Green Card application. If your Marriage Green Card application is approved by USCIS, you may anticipate obtaining your Green Card within 2-3 weeks after approval. For additional information on what to anticipate at your Marriage Green Card interview, see this article.

If you have been married for less than two years at the time of your interview, USCIS will give you a conditional Marriage Green Card. After two years of marriage, you can apply for a permanent Marriage, Green Card. For more information on how to apply for a Marriage Green Card, see this article.

Green Card Application for Marriage

When USCIS approves your petition, they will send it to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC will collect the relevant papers and documentation to determine if they will interview the foreign spouse in a U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country. It takes three to five months to complete the process. The documents are then forwarded to the U.S. embassy or consulate in the applicant spouse’s place of residence once they are complete. The NVC assigns your case a unique number.

After receiving the case number from NVC,  will notify the foreign spouse by mail that they must complete the online DS-261 “Online Choice of Address and Agent” Form. Your DS-261 may take up to three weeks to be processed by the State Department.

They can then file Form DS-260 (immigrant visa application) at the NVC’s Consular Electronic Application Center after filing DS-261. is the genuine application for a Green Card for Marriage.

Examination by a physician

You must get a medical exam with a State Department-approved doctor before the interview. Our filing instructions provide extensive guidance on the medical examination process.

Get your Green Card!

 Do not open this envelope; it will be opened by the Customs and Border Patrol Agent when you pass through customs.

You’ll be eligible to enter the United States as an immigrant with the status of permanent residence!

For more information on how to apply for the Green Card, see this article. Staff can help you prepare and file your Marriage Green Card application for free when you’re ready!

Xiaomi 27 inch Monitor Review

[S$179.00](▼65%)[Xiaomi]【Xiaomi】Mi Monitor 23.8-inch | IPS Panel | FULL HD 21:9 | 60Hz | Flicker Free Low Blue Light Gaming


At just SG $219 (discounted price), the Xiaomi 27 inch Monitor (on Qoo10) is one of the cheapest 27 inch monitors available in Singapore.

Very decent quality, easy to set up (HDMI cable is provided free). Note that MacBook users will still need to purchase a USB-C (lightning) to HDMI cable, such as the one below.

Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter

Definitely a good purchase considering that working/studying from home will be the default option for the upcoming months/years!

The Ultimate Guide to Printing and Binding a Thesis

You’ve finally finished your dissertation. Getting your bachelor’s thesis or other college assignments completed has been a long process. High-quality printing and binding are required before you can submit it. When it comes to printing and binding their thesis, every student has two concerns:

What is the most efficient way to print and bind my thesis?

Where should I go to get my thesis printed and bound?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on remembering important details while printing and Rilegatura tesi.

What is the most effective approach to print and bind your thesis?

Before their thesis project, the majority of students had never printed and bound a research paper. As a result, choosing the best printing and binding options may be tricky. This page contains all of the necessary information for printing and binding a thesis.

What difficulties should I be aware of while publishing a thesis?

When it comes to printing their papers, students have a lot of questions. Here are a few of them:

Is it better to print in color or black and white?

What type of paper should I use?

Where can I get the most terrific deal on printing at a reasonable cost?

To make things easier for you, we’ve put up some suggestions for printing a thesis.

When publishing a thesis, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Printing in color: You have two options: black/white or colored printing when publishing your thesis. Color is the most costly of the two options.

Recommendations: Your thesis will look more valuable if you print it in color. However, if you use too much color in your work, it will appear less severe.

Paper: The most common paper quality used by most copy businesses is 80g/m2. It is, however, relatively thin and hence not very strong. It’s possible that the printing on the backside will show through.

Recommendations: Everything about your paper must be correct. Even the quality of your essay will affect your ultimate grade. Consider using 100g/m2 to improve the appearance of your thesis. This is the default quality for specific providers.

The usage of color, the weight of the paper, and the length of the form all contribute to the final pricing.

Recommendations: Compare different companies’ offerings. For example, if you want color printing, look for a company that does not charge a fee.

What difficulties do you need to be aware of when it comes to binding your thesis?

Most students only consider the ‘how’ of binding since they are unsure which style is ideal for their thesis. The sort of thesis you’re writing will influence your decision. A research paper, for example, may demand better binding than a standard term paper, which takes a quarter of the time.

These papers are also different in weight. Your term paper accounts for only a minor portion of your final grade, but your thesis, whether or research paper, accounts for the majority.

Keep in mind that printing and binding your thesis is critical. To make your dissertation worthwhile and distinctive, you need to select a sound binding. A primary spiral binder might not be the best option here. Leather bookbinding is the most excellent option since it is durable and appears like a significant publication.

Generally, the style of binding to choose by the type of college paper you want to submit.


When it comes to the sort of binding to choose, most educational schools have specified criteria. As a result, check with your school to see if there are any rules on printing and binding your work.

Where can I obtain help with thesis printing and binding?

BachelorPrint is the best option for thesis printing and binding. This reputable online printing company offers a variety of high-quality binding options. They also provide a free expedited delivery service, ensuring that you receive your paper as quickly as possible once it.

Here are a few of the perks available:

All buyers receive free expedited delivery.

On their website, there is a 3D preview tool that allows you to see the interior and exterior of your thesis in the binding of your choice.

They provide high-quality papers at competitive pricing.

Ensure that your thesis printing and binding go well.

A solid thesis requires a lot of time and work to write. We promise that you will do your work on time if you follow the above instructions for printing and binding a Master’s thesis, term paper, or dissertation.

You have complete control over where your papers. You may either go to a copy shop or place an order online. BachelorPrint, on the other hand, is a good option if you want to streamline the process of printing and to bind you’re and get a high-quality paper with a smooth printing and binding procedure for your final report. They’ve built up an easy-to-use online print shop that allows you to not only put together your final thesis but also preview it before it’s finished. These are some of the reasons why many endorse them.

My Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z: Torus

Excellent post introducing the torus (donut shape)!


Mr Wu, a mathematics tutor in Singapore and author of the blog about that, offered this week’s topic. It’s about one of the iconic mathematics shapes.


When one designs a board game, one has to decide what the edge of the board means. Some games make getting to the edge the goal, such as Candy Land or backgammon. Some games set their play so the edge is unreachable, such as Clue or Monopoly. Some make the edge an impassible limit, such as Go or Scrabble or Checkers. And sometimes the edge becomes something different.

Consider a strategy game like Risk or Civilization or their video game descendants like Europa Universalis. One has to be able to go east, or west, without limit. But there’s no making a cylindrical board. Or making a board infinite in extent, side to side. Instead, the game demands we connect borders. Moving east one…

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Tips to Hire HR Consulting Agency

Are you looking for tips to hire an HR consulting agency? Hiring HR consulting is working to help entrepreneurs managing employees’ activities and increase performance. HR the board with employing laborers is one of the greatest difficulties for associations, but various like to appoint the work to time unit counseling administrations. Along these lines, an Affordable HR consultant will execute the intention to affirm laborers.

They suits organization arrangements and strategies and meet business objectives with progress.The time unit counselor exhorts organizations on a few issues that include the labor as a substitution organization will be utilizing the time unit guide to find out the techniques and arrangements of the corporate and to envision if the corporate is yielding with the laws that apply to their laborers.

In huge associations, the time unit builds up a complaint intercession technique. In certain associations, the time unit would also make suggestions for rearranging the divisions’ administration structure.The Affordable HR consultant can resolve explicit issues inside the association. They’ll also update the human resources of the corporate.

Regardless of is the counseling exertion of the time unit group, the job of the time unit consultant stays to regulate the corporate a decent and useful time unit division. So, here are tips for hiring HR Consulting Agency.

Consider Experience:

Consider experience is one of the most effective tips for hiring an Affordable HR consultant agency. They are well known about what they are expecting for performance and know what they are going to enter. So, you have to keep in mind to choose an Affordable HR consultant who has much expertise in the field of success in HR consulting.  

Detail of their Record

Think about what kind of comes the time unit guide has through with past customers like you. Likewise, get past buyer project references, the one who will vouch for the norm of the expert’s previous work. It’s never-endingly a fair intends to raise the consultant to supply you with a piece test to check the fitness.

Verify Qualification:

HR Consultants should hold educated time unit capability like the recruited Institute of Personnel and Development. Someone who has accomplished the recruited Fellow remaining of the CIPD has currently incontestable they need to be worked at a senior time unit level for at least ten years, so you’ll verify they need the pertinent ability and capability to help this.

Inspect Are they Connected with the most up-to-Date Refreshes?

The time unit guide should be familiar with the most current patterns, brilliant time unit practices, innovation, and advancement at stretching their space of involvement. The consultant should be socially associated with what’s going on in their business and might be prepared to utilize their data to stay on high of their game.

Review What Mention inside the Agreement?

You should be clear concerning what you’re language up for. A few enterprises can place in power a three or a 5-year contract which may precisely move on in case you are doing not drop about a half year before the reestablishment date. Accordingly, you wish to find out this totally before conceding to terms.

Should Have High Abilities in HR Consulting:

Time Usage Skills: a sensible time unit guide could have to shuffle differed time unit assignments; successful administration of your time is important to do the responsibilities ideal and with productivity.

Exceptional Communication Skills: He/she speaks with people across statuses and assignments. Thus, confirm the relational abilities are intentional.

HR Management Skills: must have abilities expected to oversee, hold, and train staff inside the association.

Inspirational and Mentoring Skills: An Affordable HR consultant should has inspirational components and tutoring abilities because the job requests them to act with people and occasionally work with them with their issues.

How to Hire Special Attorney in Los Angeles?

Are you looking for how to hire a special attorney in Los Angeles? Here you can find all the concerned information regarding it. First, you should keep in mind search for those who have several years of special education lawyer. He has experience in every field of law for the business world that serves in Los Angeles. 

By making it direct for organizations to connect with one or extra top of line la attorneys specific inside the space of special education law, you need lawful assistance with, you’ll lease the expert best for yourself and acquire to figure rapidly. Its eternity vindicate to post work and speak with any of the la lawyers you set up with concerning your unmistakable legitimate needs.

After presenting work demands on our local Special education lawyer you might get recommendations from numerous lawyers who will best help you. You’ll lease a legal counselor proficient unquestionably, as we give an unconditional promise on all work finished with checked lawyers and attorneys formation town of law.

Special People Require Special Education Attorney in Los Angeles:

Tsadik Law might be an instruction firm with A working environment based generally in la, California. We will probably supply gifted organizations to legitimate guards. Parents of children with exceptional informative longings. We will, in general, value clear correspondence, the high ordinary of knowledge, and exceptional help of their inclinations. 

We will, in general, mind profoundly concerning the researchers we will in general address. We have a drawn-out history of addressing customers inside the schooling field. 

Special education lawyers are glad to satisfy customers in an area near their home, school, or spot of work. Our working environment is predicated near la American state, and that we with progress portrayed customers in a few urban areas in Southern American state.

Special Attorney in Los Angeles: 

Martindale-Hubbell has developed into a main global organization of more than 1,000,000 attorneys and an arrangement of web destinations and apparatuses intended to append legal advisors and shoppers of legitimate administrations. Martindale-Hubbell customer Reviews return from individuals who have either talked with or utilized an expert individual or house. 

Attorney’s special education lawyers are trying to allude to a customer. Furthermore, as individuals investigating legal counselors for their legitimate cravings. Use these appraisals and surveys to spot, quantify and pick the principal satisfactory expert individual for their legitimate issue. 

Martindale-Hubbell offers a full set-up of online products and administrations that work with legal advisors to upgrade their online presence and drive extra possibilities to their firm.

Purpose of Hiring Special Education Lawyers:

We are prepared to put our long stretches of mastery to figure to help you arrive at the best possible result. Move training Law bunch colleague to your IEP group meeting or Section 504 set up gathering proposes that you’ll have the option to go to with the greatest sum force and capacity because of the regulatory division.

The special education lawyer will focus on the necessities of your child-related turn out cooperatively for an adequate, results-situated result. The FAPE typical could be a right explicitly imprinted in every government, bureaucratic and state guideline, administrative and state consultative assessments.

This school locale offers educational programming, administrations, and positions to fulfill a kid’s unmistakable needs. So, the child could construct quantifiable increases over a year. The instruction laws offer that people who win inside the fair treatment of law hearing. This charge arrangement licenses Los Angeles to charge our customers decreased or lower expenses. 

The lawyers at instruction attorney’s bunch are prepared to figure with you on issues associated with: 

  • Ejections and indication hearings 
  • 504 or IEP expulsions 
  • Extra administrations for individuals with handicaps 
  • Conservatorship issues and hearings

Ways to Find Best Coaching Schools in Australia

Schooling is supported by the norm of communications and connections among individuals and groups. The mindful way we act and contribute in a few casual settings will affect connections and work with others towards their objectives.

Best Coaching School in Australia are fundamentally serving to discussions. Discussions that work with another individual assume with a great deal of clearness, feel a ton of cheerful, and at last, apply greater effect on their situation. Each instructing position instructive program features its gifts. It makes it problematic to look at various projects similar to things.

The Coaching School center help you find out your instructing position profession and on the far side. Their courses were created to a principal standard, sponsored by our group of expert instructors and dynamic mentors. Here we tend to prescribed manners by which to search out the most straightforward training position school in Australia.

Pick Coaching School That Gives Genuine Coaching:

Everybody implies that one thing is unique by the expression “mentor.” pick a review program that adheres to training position exchange guidelines. A specialist mentor has under control three “sets”: a preparation mindset, a preparation capacity set, and a preparation toolset.

Pick a preparation school that coordinates with your qualities:

Each Coaching School concentrate on approaches training position from their perspective and information. While supported by the ICF and subsequently talented training position instructing, my methodology is from a Christian perspective and principally for a service application. My crowd loves it because it compares to their qualities and wants.

Pick ACoaching School That is Supported By ACoaching Affiliation:

Since Coaching School is an unregulated field, anybody will create their program and, surprisingly, their certificate technique. Like affiliations that endorse University degrees, independent instructing position affiliations analyze and support training position school programs.

The world’s biggest gifted instructing position affiliation is that the International Coach Federation. The ICF gives outside and target approval of study projects and mentors. If the ICF doesn’t endorse the program, you have no arrangement for what you’re getting.

Pick basic instructing position school before specialty preparing:

Try not to accept specific instructing position training convenient. Coaching School to turn into a Strengths Finder Coach, or negligible mind harm Coach can zero in absolutely on the apparatus or subtleties of that forte and insufficient on primary instructing position abilities.

Acknowledge reasonable instructing position training that might help you foster instructing position mentalities, abilities sets, and toolsets. Then, at that point, you’ll have the option to mentor people with progress through any situation.

Pick the least difficult coaching school in Austria that help you being an ICF Certified Coach:

To a great extent, notice individuals who have supplied many greenbacks and different times inside the best Coaching School in Australia exclusively to search out later. It can’t be acclimated to work with them to become an ICF Certified Coach. I’ve conjointly seen numerous people who initiated figuring they didn’t wish to be ICF Certified, exclusively to wish that accreditation some of the years not too far off.

The illustration here: select an ICF-supported program, as that is the least complex because of becoming an ICF Certified Coach.

Secures Separate training school from figuring out how to advance yourself:

Learning to show well is fundamental. There region unit a few well-known name masters out there mercantilism their instructing position programs. They guarantee to show you to instruct and can help you to advance yourself.

My recommendation: figure out how to instruct from the best coaching school in Australia you’ll understand, then, at that point, figure out how to advance yourself from the least difficult selling instructive program you’ll understand. When the 2 themes get joined, each ordinarily winds up watered-down.

How to Find Best Maths Tutor Academy in Perth, Australia?

Math coaching is decent for young people who might profit from further Maths tutor Perth or who wish to require their current math abilities. Indeed, even on the far side dominating at school, higher math’s abilities will work with youngsters not too far off with urgent reasoning, critical thinking, confirmation — and surprisingly their accounts and talented achievement, as they become more established. 

Maths tutor Perth is an open catalog that doesn’t believe in the coaches on the stage, so we tend to raise that you utilize your best judgment after you contact mentors and do your appraisal or record verifications as required. We tend to don’t offer telephone uphold, so please direct all requests to our email. 

Each independent and friend-given guide is recorded on the situating, and you’re free to contact each. We tend to raise that each client of Maths guide Perth treat each other with common regard and submit to the terms of utilization recorded on our site. Continue to peruse to look out anyway and any place to look out the right Maths tutor Perth for your child, starting nowadays. 

Begin Discovering a Maths Tutor Progressively: 

Supporting your child with their maths school task will be vigorous to adjust, especially on the off chance that you have a bustling timetable or pay a lot of your time working at home. Tracking down the right maths guide would potentially feel overpowering at first but will help you and your family tremendously inside the day’s end. Here are manners by which to look out a maths coach in Perth. 

Talk with Your Kid’s Teacher:

Before employing a maths mentor, it’s a legitimate arrangement to discuss your youngster’s needs with their instructor. Speakers will offer loads of understanding into their understudy’s learning needs to help you foster objectives for their mentoring meetings — regardless of whether they’re learning face to face or online. 

Your child’s instructor will answer some significant inquiries which will direct you towards the right mentor for your youngster, for example: 

  • What abilities should the arithmetic mentor center on? 
  • How normally should your child meet with the mentor? 
  • What explicit maths thoughts should the coach be prepared to work with ready? 
  • Should the mentoring focus on school task work with, check schoolwork, or by and large expertise building? 

Finding solutions to all or any of those inquiries will help you see the measure of mentoring you wish, yet as your financial plan.

Choose You’re Spending Plan and, Generally Speaking, Mastermind: 

Contingent upon whether you might want rudimentary, high school, or school level maths, costs for coaching meetings will fluctuate incredibly. It’s dependent upon you to pick what squeezes into your family’s spending plan. Among elective factors, the worth of maths tutor Perth, the measure of coaching required, and hence the skill level of the guide. 

An educator with long periods of skill can, without a doubt, charge far more than partner certificate more established understudy, for example. 

Utilize a Tutor Agency in Perth: 

Look into a spacious office or coaching focus that makes a strength of interfacing students with the legitimate guide. They need the experience to help students teach math. Endeavor to attempt up the best math tutor focus in your space and gives them a choice or email. 

Counsel Your Local Library, A Middle in Perth: 

Utilize the local assets around you! Get inside the propensity for checking your local area notices for coaches around the state capital. Libraries and public venues regularly offer maths tutors in Perth, and many schools offer to coach more students. It might be a decent decision if your child gains higher standoffish from at-home interruptions.

What is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and What is The Importance of the ACCA Course?

ACCA stands for ‘Association of Chartered Certified Accountants,’ a global organization of successful financial accounting professionals. The organization already has over half a million members and students in 170 countries, and it is continually growing.

Employers value professionals with an ACCA qualification because it shows honesty, commercial acumen, and financial understanding, desirable qualities in any organization. It is by the European Union and the United Nations. Therefore you may use it to travel all around the globe with this certificate.

Just visit the site globalapc.comSuppose looking to know how much ACCA course costs, including registration charges, examination fees, training programs fee and another related services. You join their cause, and you must pass a series of written tests demonstrating your knowledge of the accounting field. The fourteen articles address many issues, including corporate ethics and the law and technical areas such as accounting and financial monitoring. Information, Skills, Priorities, and Options are the four primary categories.

Along with your ACCA qualification, you can study additional topics. Many ACCA-accredited universities also enable you to combine it with a BSc or MSc in a related field, resulting in a dual degree at the end of your studies.

The examinations are notoriously tricky, but you have ten years to complete them all — and most individuals do so in less than three. You can accomplish it even faster if you have the appropriate teachers and a concentrated mind.

Once you’ve earned your certification, you’ll have access to a network of other accountants who can provide you with support and guidance throughout your education and career, as well as forums and resources to help you advance.

An ACCA certificate is a great asset to have on your resume, and it may lead to a successful job at

 At the Toronto School of Management, we’re committed to providing industry-relevant education to help you succeed. See how our Preparatory Course for the ACCA Examination will help you get started on your path to becoming an ACCA member.

 What is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), located in the United Kingdom, is a professional accounting organization. It has approximately 200,000 members and 500,000 students, making it one of the most prestigious accounting organizations in the world.

 You might have a great career in accounting or finance after completing the set of in the sectors of management, banking, and consulting, the ACCA qualification after. Once you have earned your ACCA certification, you must pay $408 for registration and a yearly membership (ACCA Global).

The following are the three critical components of ACCA: 

Examinations: You must pass 14 exams to pass the course, although you may be eligible for exemptions—these ACCA exemptions on your credentials.

Work Experience: You must have at least 36 months of relevant work experience to be eligible to join the ACCA.

Ethics is a separate component of the ACCA program. To qualify, you must study and pass the Professional Ethics module.

If you want to work in accounting, banking, or finance, you should join the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). You must include supporting papers with your application, such as:

Certificates and Transcripts Can as Proof of Qualifications. 

Another need for applying to ACCA is that you have completed at least five courses in secondary school, one of which must be mathematics and English.After completing the $137 registration fee, you will be given study materials and learning aids to assist you in studying for the examinations. The following are some of the study materials:

 ACCA curriculum reference; ACCA papers and articles on essential subjects and modules; Study tips and hacks. A smartphone app that delivers essential learning points and assists with study planning;

Past papers from the ACCA.

You may also join the ACCA learning community after you’ve registered. This network connects you with students and professionals who can provide you with guidance and expertise.You can also choose to pay for tuition to study for the tests through ACCA. It can be accomplished in one of two methods, as detailed below:

Online Learning: You have the option of enrolling in the ACCA-X online learning program. Qualified digital teachers deliver the ACCA modules here.

Authorized Training Partners: Even though there are several ACCA training centers in the area, you should only contact an authorized training center. It is because ACCA instructs these training centers on how to help and tutor you properly. These official training partners also have access to ACCA materials that are not available to the general public.

 ACCA offers Computer-based examinations (CBE), and you will receive your results instantly after completing them. Over 400 licensed computer-based exam (CBE) centers in 170 countries offer these examinations. The dates of the ACCA exams are not set in stone, although they are in March, June, September, and December.

What is an Applicant Tracking System, and how does it work?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a piece of software that helps businesses manage their human resources, recruiting, and hiring processes. Even though the fact that each system has its own set of capabilities, applicant tracking systems are generally intended to assist recruiting businesses in organizing and navigating huge groups of candidates.

Online job searchers are looking for a solution after entering multiple job applications and not receiving a response. What they’re learning is that the software used by recruiting businesses to collect applications is hanging in between them, a corporation recruiting, and a job interview.

Job searchers will have a tough time getting their resumes before a decision-maker as a result of these application monitoring systems.

What is an Applicant Tracking System, and how does it work?

Corporations utilize applicant tracking system to aid in the recruiting and hiring process. Each system has its own set of capabilities, however, ATSs are generally intended to assist recruiting businesses in collecting, organizing, and filtering applications.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is used by job searchers who submit their CV and application using an online form.

Applicant tracking systems are used by businesses for a variety of reasons.

For recruiting businesses, the relative simplicity of completing an online job application has presented a dilemma. Hundreds of applications can be generated through online job advertising, many of which are from unqualified job searchers who felt “it was worth a shot.” Recruiters and hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to stay organized and efficient instead of sifting through a stack of paper resumes or a clogged email inbox. This solution is especially important for larger businesses that are concurrently hiring for several roles and departments.

ATS include CRM-style capabilities to assist simplify hiring pipelines, contact with candidates, dissemination of job ads, and verification of government compliance for agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, among other functions.

Why Do Unemployed People Have a Problem With Applicant Tracking Systems?

Corporate recruiters can have their applicant tracking systems (ATS) collect data from an applicant’s CV to create a virtual applicant profile that can be searched, filtered, and rated. The aim is to swiftly weed out everyone who is underqualified, reduce the application pool, and find the best prospects as fast as possible.

Regrettably, for job searchers, most applicant tracking systems (ATS) lack complexity and are unable to properly search and select applicants. Because their CV has formatting errors or lacks the right search keywords, some highly competent individuals slide through the cracks and are unfairly removed from the application pool.

For many recruiting professionals with limited time and resources, this is a necessary compromise. Job searchers must optimize their resumes for ATS in order to get seen.

Best Applicant Tracking Software

There are hundreds of ATSs in use by both large and small businesses. Among the most well-known ATS are:

Taleo is a fictional character (Starbucks, Boeing, Nintendo)

iCIMS (Intelligent Computerized Information Management System) (Southwest Airlines, Uber, Amazon)

Hydroponics (Airbnb, Pinterest, WeWork)

Jobvite is a website that helps people find jobs (Zillow, Spotify, Logitech)

ring made of brass (Disney, GE, Lockheed Martin)

Leverage (Indiegogo, Lyft, Shopify)

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, for example, have developed their own unique application tracking systems.

Singlife Referral 2021 (earn up to S$35!)

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I’ve had a great experience with the Singlife Account, an insurance savings plan, and thought you would love it too! Save, spend, earn, & be insured! Install the app and sign up today to begin earning up to 1% p.a.* returns with your savings.

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Singlife Review

Singlife has adjusted their returns a few times, but the current 1% p.a. base return is still quite good compared to most banks.

The interest rate can be made higher (up to 2% p.a.) if one spends using their Visa Debit Card (+0.5%) or participate in their Singlife Grow investment-linked policy (+0.5%).

Overall, Singlife is a solid place to park cash up to $10,000. Do note that the Singlife Account and Grow are protected by Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

The steps to earn the Singlife Referral rewards:

  • Step 1: Get the referral code to be used for sign up
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Disclaimer: The opinions on Singlife Account expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Singlife Referral and Singlife Review. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

Coin App Referral Code (1000 free COIN!)

Coin App Referral Code Link:

Signup using the Referral Link, and be gifted 1000 COIN in-app!

Coin App Review

Coin App is a Geomining App available on Google or Apple Appstore. Basically, it is a little bit like “Pokemon Go” where the game is based on a real map. However, rather than catching Pokemon, the goal is to mine Coins which can eventually be exchanged for Cryptocurrency such as XYO (the app’s ERC-20 Crypto token), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Once the user collects around 10k COIN in-app, the user can redeem it for XYO ERC-20 tokens which lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

Recently, XYO has been listed on Coinbase Pro, which is quite an achievement!

Coin App Sentinel

XYO Sentinel X Device for Coin App x12 Network Cryptocurrency Geomining (Blue)

The Coin App Sentinel is a device for Geomining COINs. It can be used alongside with the COIN app for x12 bonus while Geomining.

The Geominers who will make maximum benefit from Sentinels are those who are drivers and those who commute a lot.

The purpose of the Sentinel device is for “bound witnessing” on the XYO Network. In simple terms, when two devices that aren’t related or connected each detect one another, each one proves that they both really were in the same place at the same time. It prevents “faking” locations, which traditional technology is not quite able to prevent.

XYO Coin

XYO is the cryptocurrency token of the Coin App, which lives on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens. While first using the Coin App for Geomining, the user earns COIN tokens (which are in-app tokens). Eventually, after earning enough COIN, users can convert them to XYO tokens.

The current price of XYO is $0.0389 (as of Sep 17, 2021), with a total marketcap of around $500 million. (Coinmarketcap:

Coin App YouTube

This YouTube video is a very comprehensive guide on Coin App, and teaches how to earn the Coin rewards in different ways.

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Disclaimer: The opinions on Coin App and associated tokens expressed in this blog post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Coin App Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

How Open Source Intelligence Can Benefit You

Besides protecting your business, your employees, as well as prioritizing your tasks, the Open Source Intelligence course can help you solve security problems.

With the development of technology, open-source intelligence became more popular. Open-source teams are used by a number of businesses and companies. As a result, they can detect any possible threat of cyberattacks by collecting internet data and analyzing it. Businesses that want to protect their data and gain their customers’ trust must ensure this. Since technology advances, hackers wait for the right moment to utilize those security breaches to compromise your system. 

Intelligence gleaned from open sources has both advantages and disadvantages. The possibilities for counteracting these are many as long as we stay ahead of technological developments and work on more diverse projects. Having access to open-source intelligence is a nice and useful resource for any company or business. Here are four reasons to use open-source intelligence. 

1. The information is not classified

There are a few rules to follow now that almost everyone has access to the internet and knows how to use it. A photo can’t be used without the author’s consent, for example, due to laws regarding copyright infringement. The information in question should not be taken from unidentified sources, since it could then be removed from the web if the user does not wish it to be seen. As an example, in the UE, we have implemented GDPR rules to protect personal information, and anyone who does not follow these rules will face sanctions.

Using the internet as a resource, open-source intelligence is gathered. The information contained here is not classified or obtained from an unknown source. The information does not contain information from sensitive or clandestine sources, and it is not subject to proprietary restrictions.

In this way, open-source data can be used by intelligence officials because it is open to the public and free from any restrictions. This allows businesses and companies to access, for example, parts of the source code needed to develop uni assignment help. Many developers and team members do not have to struggle to find the data they need by using open-source data in intelligence contexts. Open-source means that anyone can access and use it, so it is of great time savings.

2. It Allows You to Prioritize

Open-source intelligence aids in creating a task and time hierarchy, which is one of the main benefits. Due to the public accessibility of open-source data, businesses and companies should focus on protecting themselves from external threats. In addition to the disadvantages of open-source intelligence, security measures are important.

The data for this service is gathered not only from Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines that give access to tons of websites. Dark web information is open source, so people should know that these search engines can’t access or index this information in their searches. There is easy access to it for the public.

3. Anytime, anywhere access is possible

It provides the benefit of being accessible anywhere and whenever you want. Forget whether you collected and analyzed data in the traditional way. Data from open sources can be used to inform company decisions.

As a result, the process can be easily integrated into internal processes. However, many businesses and companies are also looking for the flexibility that it offers. Especially since everyone has shifted their activities online and is working remotely.

4. It Offers Protection

Security breaches and system protection are two aspects of open-source intelligence. It is equally important to protect your employees, data, and information. Usually companies and businesses send delegations of employees abroad. Keeping the CEO and others safe might be necessary if he is traveling to another country on business.

Business trips can be secured and planned safely with open source data. You can check to see whether an airport is open or closed, for example. Whenever possible, you can obtain information about city fires or events that may impact your business trip. Using the dark web, you can learn if someone follows your devices, steals your information, or publicly uses it. 


Technology and software paved the way for open-source intelligence. Data that has been leaked, is secret, or is obtained from clandestine sources cannot be freely used. Thus, open-source data can be used by everyone and it is accessible to everyone. In addition to search engines such as Google, the dark web is also used to collect the data.

Some Personal Feelings of Preparing for PMP

Author: Tabitha

I took the PMP test in September 2019, and I was in the middle of the 5A Group. They took the long-distance class of SPOTO, which started in June and the exam was taken in September. Half a year later, I think back to the time when I was preparing for the exam, I have some fresh feelings, which is noteworthy.

1. I have always been asked: Is it useful to take PMP?

I think the thought of the person who asked this question is obviously not understand enough. If you just want to add something attractive to your resume, you should go to the recruitment websites to see whether the enterprises that you would like to go would ask for this certificate or not. If it is unnecessary, you don’t need to take this exam at all. If it is necessary indeed, why for the hesitation? If you just want to improve yourself and increase knowledge and skills, why for the questioning? Knowledge is always useful, and skill is not burden. Since you have extra time,  energy and budget, why are you so utilitarian?

2. What changes does PMP make to your life after learning?

Quite a lot. PMP is a methodology system for doing works, and it is also permeated with some thinking consciousness orientation. Here are some points that I have been impressed the most: ① Risk Awareness. Every moment in life is full of risks. After learning PMP, I can feel that my risk awareness has been improved, and I am more sensitive to risks, and consciously identify, avoid and formulate response plans, which are necessary guarantee for life stability. ② Cost Awareness. “Every choice has a price.”. Each decision we have made, it should be clear that the opportunity cost of doing so. This does not certainly make decision-making more wise, but it at least will make oneself more accessible, and face frustrations and difficulties more calmly. ③ Attitude to Work. PMP taught me that when things are obstructed, I will abandon the thinking inertia of giving up or pushing back again at the first time, think more ways, try more, complain less about the big environment, complain less about colleagues and superiors, and focus more on the work in front of me. As project manager, don’t think too much about the meaning of the project itself. As an individual, don’t question the superior’s decisions and the colleagues’ ways of doing works. Observe more, be patient and empathy. You will find the the blind spots in your thought and bad inertia in your thinking.

3. What is the most important in the preparation for the PMP Examination?

For the students in the network class, the most important and difficult to adhere to is to have live classes on time. If you don’t have the live classes, you can only hope to see the replay videos, and the effect will be discounted. The process of preparing for the examination is a self-management project itself. In those three months, If we can find ways to keep in the classes at a fixed time? If we can finish homework and tests on time? If we can coordinate the relationship between work and life, ourselves and families? If we can make the environment be conducive to our study and preparation for examination? All of this challenges are testing how much endowment and conditions you have as a person who wants to master the skill of project management. It can be said that the preparation process is the first step for you to move towards project management professionals.

4. How to use learning technology?

I am really impressed by SPOTO’s technical support (the teachers’ extraordinary ability doesn’t need much description.) If the learning process is regarded as an engineering, there can be corresponding technical means to assist and improve. For example, the Wrong Question Set System. It is an irreplaceable function to record and digest the mistakes and problems encountered in daily test, unit test and simulation test, which is irreplaceable for overcoming stubborn points in thinking and straightening out the knowledge context in the end. Let alone the convenient Online Course System, which is available for PC and mobile phone. You can study at any time.

5. A sharing of a learning method.

When facing a strange knowledge system, the fastest way to get started is to understand the framework and context. Only if you have a map in your mind, you won’t get lost. A scholar, my old classmate mentioned in a chat that his habit of reading is that he always holds the pages of the catalogue firmly. No matter how far he reads it, he will come back to the directory constantly and confirm his position over and over again, which is very enlightening to me. When we first came into contact with PMP. There are five process groups, ten knowledge fields, and hundreds of ITO, which are nerve-racking for everyone. How to get rid of the dilemma? In addition to following the teachers to learn chapter by chapter, and hoping to be more and more familiar with the system with the deepening of learning, I also did a work, that is, to draw a two-dimensional table in the mind map. This is the knowledge map of PMP!

There is also a table in the book. But the advantage of mind map is that it is easy to maintain. You can also expand or collapse. It can be used for expansion and the establishment of contact. More importantly, with the deepening of the course and the continuous interaction with this mind map, I suddenly realized a problem, which can be said to be a “dilemma”. That is: no matter the PMBOK arrangement or the preparation of learning courses, they can only be segmented “horizontally” according to the knowledge field. That is to say, when it comes to a knowledge field, you will experience five process groups respectively, when it comes to the next chapter to another knowledge field, and then experience those five process groups respectively again.(most of the knowledge fields only involve three process groups). But the implementation and promotion of real projects is obviously not like these. When the project is in a process group, it will involve all the corresponding work in each knowledge field, that is, a “vertical” segmentation. Without such a map of knowledge, you will be very confused, and the knowledge will be fragmented and without organization. It would be difficult to achieve integration. Making a good use of learning technology can yield twice the result with half the effort.

Finally, I still want to thank you, SPOTO for your courses and teachers, who help me, such a probing person understand such an interesting thinking system.

Get more about SPOTO Certification.

6 reasons that maths is important in business

6 Reasons That Maths Is Important In Business

Mathematics is fundamental to business. You will use it every day as a business owner – working out profits, losses, revenue, and more. This article will take a look at 6 reasons that maths is important in business.


Decision-making in business is all about working out how much money you’ll make, and the costs involved in getting there. There will be a lot of numbers to crunch when you’re making a decision, and it’s very important that your maths is up-to-date and correct. Even if you have an accountant who runs the numbers for you, you should know what they’re doing and be able to explain it so you can make changes if needed. If your numbers are inaccurate, then that’s going to impact the decision-making process, and ultimately your business profits or losses.

Understand the metrics of your business

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Metrics are simply numbers that tell you how well your business is doing, and understanding them means that you can make informed decisions about what to do next. Three metrics that are very important in almost every industry are Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Customer Acquisition Rate (CAR).

Keep costs in check

Managing costs is a big part of running a profitable business, and you need to make sure that your calculations are accurate. For example, when you collect quotes for international delivery and international shipping, you need to know how this is going to affect the profit-per-unit. With accurate numbers, you can work out if it’s even worth doing this or not.

Work out your taxes correctly

Your accountant may calculate your taxes for you, but it’s important that you know what they’re working off. They use mathematics to make sure that you don’t pay any more tax than necessary – because anything over and above the legal requirements is, of course, illegal. You may be able to claim certain expenses as tax deductions if they are directly related to your business.

To use psychological selling techniques

For instance, a supermarket may choose to put certain products near the front of the store so that they are on the way as you’re walking in and more likely to be purchased. This is really simple maths! If people pick up something as they’re walking into the store, then it makes sense that more people will buy it than they would have if the product was at the back of the store.

To hire and manage your employees

Sometimes, people will ask you what your business is doing to ensure that you’re attracting good employees, but really they’re asking how much maths is involved in making sure that you’ve got a great staff. You need to be able to check that you’re offering the correct wage for the job and that this is more than what they’d get elsewhere. You may even want some employees to start off at a lower rate, and then move up through the company over time. Being able to work out how long it will take for them to pay back their employment expenses is a vital part of this.

ICNN India’s leading education portal, the most student-friendly online forums  offering free Online counseling

ICNN India’s leading education portal, the most student-friendly online forums  offering free  Online counseling

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Ed-Tech startup ICNN India

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ICNN Network

Ed-Tech startup ICNN India has acquired online Education iconnect and Education dunia Online platform in an all-cash deal on Aug 2021, ICNN India is also hoping to become one of the most successful service providers in the country, we make our network with.

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IMTS Institute helps over 25,000 students achieve their study dreams; Helping Students Pursue Dreams of Success for Past 15 Years

IMTS Institute helps over 25,000 students achieve their study dreams; Helping Students Pursue Dreams of Success for Past 15 Years

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In India Completing class after 12th is one of the most important milestones for a student. Students who aren’t fully aware of their career options may choose a path that doesn’t suit them or will not benefit them in the future. Students will also hear advice from their peers, both from highly confident and completely uninformed people. Regardless of the source, it can be very harmful to listen to these advices and then act on them.

IMTS Institute helps over 25,000 students, Alumni working in top companies Like Google and Amazon

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Distance and Online Education in India : IMTS

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Is Legit

A very popular question is whether is legit, or whether Crypto dot com is safe. We list 3 reasons why is legit:

  •  It is the first cryptocurrency company in the world to have ISO/IEC 27701:2019, CCSS Level 3, ISO27001:2013 and PCI:DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance, and independently assessed at Tier 4, the highest level for both NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks. (Source)
  • has partnered with Visa for the Visa Card. Being a fintech giant, Visa will definitely have vetted through to make sure it is partnering with a legit company.
  • has recently extended their insurance coverage to $360 Million, including direct and indirect coverage via custodians. (Source) Review is a one-stop platform for all things Crypto. They have an exchange, earn platform, crypto-linked Visa card, as well as an NFT marketplace.

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Is hi Dollars Crypto legit?

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Lido Staking Review and Rewards

Click here to explore ETH Staking with Lido! (Official Lido Referral Link)

Lido Staking Review

Lido is a liquid staking solution for ETH 2.0 backed by industry-leading staking providers. Lido lets users stake their ETH – without locking assets or maintaining infrastructure – whilst participating in on-chain activities, e.g. lending.

When staking with Lido, users receive staked ETH (stETH) in return. StETH represents the value of your initial staking deposit plus daily staking rewards, increasing in balance daily as rewards come in. These stETH balances can be used like regular ETH to earn yields and lending rewards.

There is no lockup period when staking with Lido, which is one of the main advantages. This is unlike many other staking services, be it on Coinbase, Kraken or staking 32 ETH as a validator. For those staking services, your ETH will be locked up until ETH 2.0 launches, which may be in a few years’ time.

We can see that the current APR is 5.4%. Lido’s stETH market cap is very high, at more than $2 billion.

Lido Staking Rewards

At the point of writing this (August 2021), the Lido Staking Reward is 5.4% APR. This is very competitive considering Coinbase’s APR is only 5%. Do note that as more people stake Ether, the APR may decrease (this is controlled on Ethereum’s side, it is not controlled by Lido).

Lido Staking rewards are paid in stETH, which represents the value of your initial staking deposit plus staking rewards. Do note that stETH can be further deposited into DeFi protocols like Curve Finance for further yield. Currently, the Curve Finance pool gives a whopping ~12% APY paid in a mixture of tokens like (ETH, stETH, CRV and LDO).

The stETH pool on Curve Finance gives up to ~12% additional rewards!

Lido Staking Reddit

You may want to check out the Lido Staking Reddit ( to see what other users say about Lido Staking!

Lido Staking Ledger

Many Crypto Hodlers hold their ETH in a hardware wallet like Ledger. The way to stake ETH on Lido using Ledger, is to first connect Lido to a software wallet like MetaMask. Then, connect the MetaMask wallet to Lido in order to perform staking.

Ledger Nano X – The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet – Bluetooth – Secure and Manage Your Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and Many Other Coins

Is Lido Staking safe?

With Cryptocurrency, there is always some risk, but here are 2 reasons why Lido Staking is considered safe:

  1. Lido has undergone multiple audits. You can see the list of their audits on GitHub.
  2. Lido uses a unique “distributed custody” solution in which the withdrawal key for all of the network’s validators has been split into 11 different parts secured by 11 different participants.

    The 11 participants include very big names in the crypto scene: Chorus One, Staking Facilities, Certus One, Argent, Banteg (, Alex Svanevik (Nansen), Anton Bukov (1inch), Michael Egorov (Curve/Nucypher), Rune Christensen (MakerDAO), Will Harborne (DeversiFi) and Mustafa Al-Bassam (LazyLedger).

Ready to stake with Lido?

If you have decided to stake with Lido, do check out the Lido Staking page where you can begin your ETH staking journey!

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Integrating With Distinguishing: How Integration and Differentiation Relate to Each Other

Most people think of integration and differentiation as two distinct functions. In this article, we’ll show you how they’re interrelated.

Integration and differentiation are two essential concepts in maths. They both have to do with solving, but they are different.

Integration is the process of finding the area under a curve by adding up all the small pieces of the area on top of each other.

Differentiation is about finding how much things change over time or space, which can be done using derivatives.

These two processes go hand-in-hand because you use integration to find out what a derivative is. In this post, we will explore how these concepts relate to one another.

What Is Integration?

Integration is the operation of finding an area under a curve.

This can be done using left, right, or midpoint rectangles for different types of integrals and also integrating calculus with other topics such as physics to figure out how gravitational fields work.

Finding areas by calculating their lengths time’s widths is not something new in Math.

People have been doing it since ancient times when they discovered that having square footage was better than less at keeping things cool during hot days.

 Integrating became popularized around 1650 by Christiaan Huygens, who used it to calculate rates of change while studying planetary orbits.

Like Kepler before him, he wanted Newton’s laws but needed help from his friend Leibniz.

What Is Differentiation?

At a basic level, differentiation is the process of figuring out and calculating how one thing changes as another varies.

It can be used in many ways to figure out slope or velocity on graphs by looking at their slopes or rates, respectively.

Mathematics has many different areas that are taught. One of these is differentiation, which makes it possible to calculate the slope and rate at any given point on a graph by using calculus.

Differentiation in mathematics allows for calculating slopes and rates from graphs with the use of calculus techniques.

How Are Integration And Differentiation Related To Each Other?

  • Integration and differentiation are two critical concepts in mathematics, as well as other fields. Integration is the process of breaking a function down into individual pieces such that it becomes easier to analyze its properties.
  • Differentiation is similar but instead analyzes rates of change over time concerning what caused them.
  • Integration is the process of finding a relationship between two or more different entities.
  • On the other hand, differentiation deals with how differences in those same qualities come to exist and stand out against each other. It is essential for understanding why some things are similar while others are not at all alike.
  • One is the opposite of the other. Integration and differentiation are two sides of a coin representing opposites in nature, such as up versus down or day versus night.
  • If you graph y = x2 + 3x-4 at intervals between -1 and 1, then when approaching 0 from below (i), it will start to curve up because ƒ′(0) > 0; while approaching zero from above (ii), it curves down due to negative values for ƒ′(-∞).
  • Integration is finding the area under or inside function graphs by doing summations using their derivatives’ properties such as areas bounded by lines like 4 2π ∫ dx.

How to Find Integral Online?

This post shows you how to find the integral using online calculators.

Various integrals can be found on these websites, so it is essential to know what kind you need before scrolling up to choose one from the list.

For example, if your problem involves finding an area under a curve rather than just estimating values for points along that line, use the Antiderivative Calculator.

If there is insufficient information in the input boxes or no specific function name was given like “area”, use the integral calculator.

How to Find Differentiation?

You may be asking yourself, “What is the best way to find differentiation?” Well luckily for you there are plenty of online calculators that can help.

However your first step in finding these calculations would involve looking at a problem where one has already been solved and entering it into an equation solver or scientific calculator such as differentiation calculator of Meracalculator.

Which provides many different types of equations including linear ones like y=3x+4 whose derivative will equal 3*x^2-12 over x plus 4y=-80.

It might take some time before you get used to using this type of tool but once mastered most students have found themselves not having any trouble with homework anymore.


What is an example of integration when differentiated by a function?

Imagine, for instance, if someone wants to know what they’re doing at any given moment, all they need do is calculate their speed by calculating integral dx/DT where x represents the time since the last known position.

Then take this result as input into d2x/dx-dxt + C (t=0) = ƒ (t) and differentiate accordingly: integrate until we get back our original equation again.

When is convergent absolutely equal to another amount?

Convergent can be equal to another amount when it is direct. Direct convergents make up a single, unified number that will not change in the context in which you see them or use them.

Direct convergence cannot be changed by any other numbers and does not have an opposite value because they are always positive integers with magnitudes less than 1.

Wrapping Up!

A critical concept in maths is integration, which means adding up the area under a curve.

The other idea to keep in mind when solving an equation, differentiation, which takes apart something and looks at what it would be if you were given different inputs for any variable that appears on both sides of an equation.

Both concepts are beneficial when trying to solve equations, but they each have their purposes.

Let us know how you’ve used either or both ideas while solving some math problems!

How to find the Standard Form of very large or small numbers?

Imagine how difficult it would be if you have to do math with an amount consisting of twenty digits. To perform any arithmetic operation on that kind of number, you would need a calculator that can accumulate that type of calculation.

Scientists deal with very big numbers, as well as extremely small numbers, by converting them to standard form, which is a decimal number followed by an exponent of 10. The decimal might be as precise as required, though it is commonly rounded to two. The exponent value denotes the magnitude of the number. The distance to the closest star in standard form is a considerably more reasonable 4.02 X 10 13 kilometers.

What is Standard Form?

Standard form is also referred to as scientific notation. It is a technique of representing extremely big or extremely small integers. It’s used as shorthand in science and math, rather than writing down the whole number every time.

This form also makes it much easier to perform computations than working with a number that may have several place values. If you work with numbers with a lot of digits, either extremely large or very little, converting them to standard form will assist you in a big way.

The following notation is used to represent standard form,

B x 10 a

A is a number that’s known as the coefficient. The coefficient must be greater than or equal to 1 but less than 10.

  • ‘B’ is the multiplication sign read as ‘times.’
  • 10 is the base, and it must always be 10 in scientific notation.
  • a is a number usually known as the exponent, also referred to as the power of 10.

For example,

0.00029876 = 2.9876 x 10 -4

Writing number in standard form could be much easier if you know how to convert a number into standard form. In the next section, we will explain the method to convert numbers in standard form.

How to convert numbers into Standard Form?

Before converting a number with an exponent, keep in mind another convention: use commas to separate number strings into groups of three or thousands. The number 2468561215, for example, is frequently expressed as 246,856,1215.

The first three digits of a number appear when the number is expressed in standard form. This is true even if the first group only has one or two numbers. The first three digits of the number 246,856,1215 for example, are 2, 4, and 6.

Small numbers, such as the radius of an atom, can be just as difficult to manage as huge ones. To convert those into standard form, you should employ the same technique. If the number is big, the decimal is placed after the first digit on the left, and the exponent is made positive. It is equal to the number of digits after the decimal. You can try out an online standard form calculator to see the steps of calculation if you are not sure about the answer.

In case the number is very small, the first three digits following the string of zeros are the same as the three used at the start of the number in normal form, and the exponent is negative. The exponent is the number of zeros multiplied by the first digit of the number series.

Here are several examples: Light travels at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second. This is 3.00 X 10 8 m/s in standard form. Be aware that you must round 299 to 300 because the fourth digit is more than 4. A hydrogen atom’s nucleus and electron are distant by 0.00000000005291772 meters. This is 5.29 X 10 -11 meters in standard form. You don’t need to round up because the digit after 9 in the original number is less than 5.

Performing arithmetic operations on Standard Form

·      Adding/Subtracting numbers in Standard Form

Adding and subtracting integers in standard form is simple as long as they have the same exponents. Simply add or subtract the digits. If the exponents of the numbers are not alike, convert one to the exponent of the other.

Add 1425.8 x 10 5and 1.36 x 10 8

As you can see, these numbers are in standard form. To add these numbers, we have to make the exponent of both numbers the same. To do so, let’s move the decimal in the number 1425.8 x 10 5.

= 1425.8 x 10 5 = 1.4258 x 10 8

Now we can add both numbers because the exponents of both numbers are identical.

= 1.4258 x 10 8 + 1.36 x 10 8

Simply add the numbers on the left side of the multiplication sign and write the 10 raised to the power 8 with the result.

= 2.7858 x 10 8

Subtraction is as same as addition. Just put the subtraction sign instead of the addition sign. Let’s use two standard form numbers for subtraction.

Subtract 3.93 x 10 4 and 1.25 x 10 2

To subtract these numbers, we have to make the exponent of both numbers the same as we did for adding numbers. To do so, let’s move the decimal point in the number 3.93 x 10 4.

3.93 x 10 4 = 393 x 10 2

As you can see, both of the numbers now have the exponent of 2. Subtract the value before the multiplication sign and place the 10 raised to the power 2 as it is.

= 393 x 10 2 – 1.25 x 10 2

Take 10 2 as common.

= (393 – 1.25) x 10 2

= 391.75 x 10 2

Move the decimal to convert the number into standard form for the final output.

= 3.9175 x 10 2 + 2

= 3.9175 x 10 4

·      Multiplying/dividing numbers in Standard Form

When you multiply integers in standard form, you multiply the digits and add the exponents. When you divide one number by another, you perform the division on the number strings and subtract the exponents.

It is as simple as it gets. There is no need to complicate things when dealing with scientific form. In the case of multiplication and division, there is no need to make exponents equal. Add exponents in case of multiplication and subtract them in case of division.

Multiply 2.25 x 10 4and 1.5 x 10 5

Simply multiply numbers on the left side of the multiplication sign and add the exponents.

= 2.25 x 1.5 x 10 4+5

= 3.375 x 10 9

Divide 39.5 x 10 6and 2.3 x 10 3

Divide numbers on the left side of the multiplication sign and subtract the exponents of both of the 10s.

= (39.5 ÷ 2.3) x 10 6 – 3

= 1.7173913043 x 10 4


If you’re reading this, you already understand why we need standard or scientific form when working with numbers. It is a very useful notion that is commonly utilized in many sectors of science. Aside from numbers, the standard form can also be applied to linear equations, quadratic equations, and polynomials. It has a wide range of applications that can be implemented based on the underlying needs.

8 Best Tips for Online Math Class

Mathematics is one such subject that most students have trouble working with and understanding. This issue prevails in an offline mode of teaching and learning and seems to amplify in the online modus. It is primarily because online courses are exceedingly different than traditional classrooms.

There are a colossal number of problems that can arise during online classes. They can include the students being unable to have a face-to-face conversation with the teachers or them being unable to voice their doubts. In most cases, distractions common to online classes hinder their path of seeking knowledge on the subject.

Hence, we present the 8 best tips to ensure a successful online Math class. Overall, they allow the teachers to teach efficiently and the students to comprehend each module perfectly. They do not leave any room for uncertainties at the end of a class.

1. Look at the Courses from a Separate Angle

Online classes proffer a different ambiance and environment compared to conventional classrooms. Here, students and teachers cannot see each other directly and cannot understand what the other thinks about at any moment by looking at their expressions. Hence, the educators have to change their manner of delivery of the course materials and teaching style.

The Maths tutors have to cut down on the unnecessary parts of the course. It curbs the wastage of time that they would have transpired in the traditional classrooms. This minimalistic approach allows the teachers to dedicate their time and effort to the essential portions and explain them to the students as many times as required. Thus, it removes the possibility of even one student not understanding the concept. Similarly, the pupils must pay attention to what the tutors are elucidating with a focused mind. 

2. Learn About the Technical Aspects and Be Proficient In It

Since webcams and computer screens replace chalk and boards in online classes, the teachers and students have to utilize all available features of the platform that they are using for the purpose. It can include the “raise a hand,” chat, participant list, vote, and other such functions and attributes. The available platforms comprise Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Team, etc.

Unless both parties are proficient in the new teaching and learning system, no tricks or step jumps in Mathematics will help. The students and teachers can achieve it by having mock or test sessions with their friends and colleagues. Conversely, they can merely fiddle around with the features and characteristics of the platform in their free time to understand what it does. A net search on the topic can also solve this problem. 

3. Prepare The Course Material Beforehand

Preparation and browsing of the modules and course materials before the online class helps considerably. It stands true for both the teacher and the students. It allows the former to plan out how they will proffer the knowledge and make the pupils understand. It helps the latter get a better idea of what they need to prepare for the class. 

Indeed, the students cannot comprehend what the course entails by looking at the materials beforehand. Nevertheless, they can at least relate to the parts that they had skimmed through earlier. It helps in better memorization and overall understanding.

4. Have an Interactive Session

Mathematics becomes a tedious and monotonous subject if only one person speaks throughout the class and the others listen or pretend to do so. Interaction between students and teachers is the aspect that brings out the elements of interest and enjoyment in a Math class. However, the said communication does not refer to a viva session. It merely implies a lesson with general discussions where the students can share their views on the taught material. Additionally, the teacher can explain the real-life uses and applications of the module to pique the interests of their pupils. 

One can initiate the interactive session in the online platform via the chat feature or by switching on their audio and video. Both options come in handy as some students are shy and may prefer typing out their doubts. On the other hand, others may fancy asking a question orally.

5. Engage in Collaborative Assignments

Similar to interaction, collaboration with their peers can help students develop an interest and added understanding of online Mathematics. Of course, the assignments must be on an online platform. Thus, group assignments, discussions, test preparations, and so on during or after class hours aid in this facet. 

Maths tuition can motivate students and get their attentiveness renewed by giving follow-up tests or quizzes on a ranking basis to arouse and maintain their competitive nature. 

6. Review the Course Material

Reviewing and practicing the modules and portions taught in a class at the end of it helps significantly for Mathematics. Although it applies to both online and offline lessons, the individuals profit more in the former case. It is primarily because the students do not have to waste time traveling back home after the class. 

7. Take Ample Notes

In any online class, teachers share their screens to show the students the course material they refer to for teaching. They also give it to the pupils before or after a class to check while reviewing. However, these course materials come from sources that write them in a standard style or manner. In most cases, only those who have prior knowledge of the module can understand it.

Thus, it is necessary to take running notes during class. It allows the students to write down the steps they have to follow while solving a problem. It also proffers a hands-on experience, promotes active and continual thinking, and extends attention span. 

8. Create a Dedicated Study Space

It is arduous to concentrate in all online classes, especially Math, with distractions in the background. In any case, students have a hard time concentrating without the face-to-face teaching and learning system.  

Therefore, a calm, quiet, and clean study space aids in this aspect to a great extent. It is applicable for both the students and the teachers. Both parties can create a clutter-free area and sit with their required particulars like water bottles, pens, notebooks, chargers, snacks, and so on for the entire duration of the class. It prevents them from getting up frequently, keeping their attention focused on only one thing at hand and dedicating their all to it. 

4 SAT Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Preparing for the SAT exam is one of the hardest things for a student. While the test itself might not be that hard, it is a very big undertaking, and students don’t know where to begin. Moreover, the test judges a student’s analytical, critical, creative, and concrete thinking on top of putting a time constraint on him. If you are preparing for an SAT exam, there are some tips and tricks that are going to help you come up with a proper strategy to tackle it. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the most helpful tips that you can use to get a good score. So, without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Understand the Paper Pattern

The very first and the most basic thing that you need to know is the paper pattern. There are lots of candidates who only focus on preparing study material, but they don’t have a clear idea about what to expect from an SAT exam. The exam consists of two sections that are further divided into different parts that have to be completed in the allotted time. You can click on the linked article to learn about the SAT paper pattern in detail.

Follow the Elimination Rule

Once you have understood the paper pattern and what to expect from the exam, you need to figure out how to solve the questions. A very important tip that you have to remember is that there is only one correct option out of four. Even if you don’t know the exact answer to a specific question, you can follow the elimination rule. All the incorrect options are incorrect for a certain reason. If you are able to find the reason, you can find the right answer with the process of elimination.

Skip Difficult Questions

One of the major reasons why the SAT Singapore exam is so difficult is due to the time pressure. After you enter the examination room, you have to put your ego on one side and focus on your strengths. When you are solving the paper, you should start from the top and solve questions that don’t take much time. If a question is taking too much time, you should just skip it. After you have answered all the easier questions, you will have ample time to think about the hard questions and come up with a solution.

Fill the Bubbles at the End

A good tip to help you save some time is to skip the bubble filling part till the very end after you have answered all the questions. You can just circle or mark the right answer on the booklet. Filling the bubbles takes a considerable amount of time, and if you try to fill them back and forth, you are only going to make things harder for yourself. Filling them all at once is going to take less time so that you don’t feel any pressure.

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