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Learning with Passion and Enthusiasm (Motivational Video)

The best way to learn is to learn with passion and enthusiasm. See the excellent motivational video below! Without passion, learning becomes a chore like doing housework, and it becomes boring and tiring. Needless to say, such learning is not … Continue reading

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98-Year-Old NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson: ‘If You Like What You’re Doing, You Will Do Well’

Source: http://people.com/human-interest/nasa-katherine-johnson-mathematician-advice-interview/ Despite her age, Johnson isn’t slowing down anytime soon. “I like to learn,” she says. “That’s an art and a science. I’m always interested in learning something new.” As a young girl she’d stop by the library on her … Continue reading

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A Difficult Problem: Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet?

Watch this very inspirational video about learning. When students encounter a difficult Math problem, there are two ways to approach it. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet? The mindset the student … Continue reading

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E Maths Prefixes

E Maths Prefixes Tera   Giga   Mega   Kilo   Milli   Micro   Nano   Pico  

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Information about Mathematics Department Courses (Nanyang JC)

Source: http://nanyangjc.org/index.php/staff/organisation-chart/mathematics-department/ H1 Mathematics H1 Mathematics provides a foundation in mathematics for students who intend to enrol in university courses such as business, economics and social sciences. The syllabus aims to develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills in students. … Continue reading

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Advice to Students

Source: http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/courses/advice/welcome.html Advice to Students: Over the years, I have collected some information that I hope will help  students, particularly beginning math students, to improve their study  and learning habits.  An important part of what you learn at college is  … Continue reading

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