Integrating With Distinguishing: How Integration and Differentiation Relate to Each Other

Most people think of integration and differentiation as two distinct functions. In this article, we’ll show you how they’re interrelated.

Integration and differentiation are two essential concepts in maths. They both have to do with solving, but they are different.

Integration is the process of finding the area under a curve by adding up all the small pieces of the area on top of each other.

Differentiation is about finding how much things change over time or space, which can be done using derivatives.

These two processes go hand-in-hand because you use integration to find out what a derivative is. In this post, we will explore how these concepts relate to one another.

What Is Integration?

Integration is the operation of finding an area under a curve.

This can be done using left, right, or midpoint rectangles for different types of integrals and also integrating calculus with other topics such as physics to figure out how gravitational fields work.

Finding areas by calculating their lengths time’s widths is not something new in Math.

People have been doing it since ancient times when they discovered that having square footage was better than less at keeping things cool during hot days.

 Integrating became popularized around 1650 by Christiaan Huygens, who used it to calculate rates of change while studying planetary orbits.

Like Kepler before him, he wanted Newton’s laws but needed help from his friend Leibniz.

What Is Differentiation?

At a basic level, differentiation is the process of figuring out and calculating how one thing changes as another varies.

It can be used in many ways to figure out slope or velocity on graphs by looking at their slopes or rates, respectively.

Mathematics has many different areas that are taught. One of these is differentiation, which makes it possible to calculate the slope and rate at any given point on a graph by using calculus.

Differentiation in mathematics allows for calculating slopes and rates from graphs with the use of calculus techniques.

How Are Integration And Differentiation Related To Each Other?

  • Integration and differentiation are two critical concepts in mathematics, as well as other fields. Integration is the process of breaking a function down into individual pieces such that it becomes easier to analyze its properties.
  • Differentiation is similar but instead analyzes rates of change over time concerning what caused them.
  • Integration is the process of finding a relationship between two or more different entities.
  • On the other hand, differentiation deals with how differences in those same qualities come to exist and stand out against each other. It is essential for understanding why some things are similar while others are not at all alike.
  • One is the opposite of the other. Integration and differentiation are two sides of a coin representing opposites in nature, such as up versus down or day versus night.
  • If you graph y = x2 + 3x-4 at intervals between -1 and 1, then when approaching 0 from below (i), it will start to curve up because ƒ′(0) > 0; while approaching zero from above (ii), it curves down due to negative values for ƒ′(-∞).
  • Integration is finding the area under or inside function graphs by doing summations using their derivatives’ properties such as areas bounded by lines like 4 2π ∫ dx.

How to Find Integral Online?

This post shows you how to find the integral using online calculators.

Various integrals can be found on these websites, so it is essential to know what kind you need before scrolling up to choose one from the list.

For example, if your problem involves finding an area under a curve rather than just estimating values for points along that line, use the Antiderivative Calculator.

If there is insufficient information in the input boxes or no specific function name was given like “area”, use the integral calculator.

How to Find Differentiation?

You may be asking yourself, “What is the best way to find differentiation?” Well luckily for you there are plenty of online calculators that can help.

However your first step in finding these calculations would involve looking at a problem where one has already been solved and entering it into an equation solver or scientific calculator such as differentiation calculator of Meracalculator.

Which provides many different types of equations including linear ones like y=3x+4 whose derivative will equal 3*x^2-12 over x plus 4y=-80.

It might take some time before you get used to using this type of tool but once mastered most students have found themselves not having any trouble with homework anymore.


What is an example of integration when differentiated by a function?

Imagine, for instance, if someone wants to know what they’re doing at any given moment, all they need do is calculate their speed by calculating integral dx/DT where x represents the time since the last known position.

Then take this result as input into d2x/dx-dxt + C (t=0) = ƒ (t) and differentiate accordingly: integrate until we get back our original equation again.

When is convergent absolutely equal to another amount?

Convergent can be equal to another amount when it is direct. Direct convergents make up a single, unified number that will not change in the context in which you see them or use them.

Direct convergence cannot be changed by any other numbers and does not have an opposite value because they are always positive integers with magnitudes less than 1.

Wrapping Up!

A critical concept in maths is integration, which means adding up the area under a curve.

The other idea to keep in mind when solving an equation, differentiation, which takes apart something and looks at what it would be if you were given different inputs for any variable that appears on both sides of an equation.

Both concepts are beneficial when trying to solve equations, but they each have their purposes.

Let us know how you’ve used either or both ideas while solving some math problems!

How to find the Standard Form of very large or small numbers?

Imagine how difficult it would be if you have to do math with an amount consisting of twenty digits. To perform any arithmetic operation on that kind of number, you would need a calculator that can accumulate that type of calculation.

Scientists deal with very big numbers, as well as extremely small numbers, by converting them to standard form, which is a decimal number followed by an exponent of 10. The decimal might be as precise as required, though it is commonly rounded to two. The exponent value denotes the magnitude of the number. The distance to the closest star in standard form is a considerably more reasonable 4.02 X 10 13 kilometers.

What is Standard Form?

Standard form is also referred to as scientific notation. It is a technique of representing extremely big or extremely small integers. It’s used as shorthand in science and math, rather than writing down the whole number every time.

This form also makes it much easier to perform computations than working with a number that may have several place values. If you work with numbers with a lot of digits, either extremely large or very little, converting them to standard form will assist you in a big way.

The following notation is used to represent standard form,

B x 10 a

A is a number that’s known as the coefficient. The coefficient must be greater than or equal to 1 but less than 10.

  • ‘B’ is the multiplication sign read as ‘times.’
  • 10 is the base, and it must always be 10 in scientific notation.
  • a is a number usually known as the exponent, also referred to as the power of 10.

For example,

0.00029876 = 2.9876 x 10 -4

Writing number in standard form could be much easier if you know how to convert a number into standard form. In the next section, we will explain the method to convert numbers in standard form.

How to convert numbers into Standard Form?

Before converting a number with an exponent, keep in mind another convention: use commas to separate number strings into groups of three or thousands. The number 2468561215, for example, is frequently expressed as 246,856,1215.

The first three digits of a number appear when the number is expressed in standard form. This is true even if the first group only has one or two numbers. The first three digits of the number 246,856,1215 for example, are 2, 4, and 6.

Small numbers, such as the radius of an atom, can be just as difficult to manage as huge ones. To convert those into standard form, you should employ the same technique. If the number is big, the decimal is placed after the first digit on the left, and the exponent is made positive. It is equal to the number of digits after the decimal. You can try out an online standard form calculator to see the steps of calculation if you are not sure about the answer.

In case the number is very small, the first three digits following the string of zeros are the same as the three used at the start of the number in normal form, and the exponent is negative. The exponent is the number of zeros multiplied by the first digit of the number series.

Here are several examples: Light travels at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second. This is 3.00 X 10 8 m/s in standard form. Be aware that you must round 299 to 300 because the fourth digit is more than 4. A hydrogen atom’s nucleus and electron are distant by 0.00000000005291772 meters. This is 5.29 X 10 -11 meters in standard form. You don’t need to round up because the digit after 9 in the original number is less than 5.

Performing arithmetic operations on Standard Form

·      Adding/Subtracting numbers in Standard Form

Adding and subtracting integers in standard form is simple as long as they have the same exponents. Simply add or subtract the digits. If the exponents of the numbers are not alike, convert one to the exponent of the other.

Add 1425.8 x 10 5and 1.36 x 10 8

As you can see, these numbers are in standard form. To add these numbers, we have to make the exponent of both numbers the same. To do so, let’s move the decimal in the number 1425.8 x 10 5.

= 1425.8 x 10 5 = 1.4258 x 10 8

Now we can add both numbers because the exponents of both numbers are identical.

= 1.4258 x 10 8 + 1.36 x 10 8

Simply add the numbers on the left side of the multiplication sign and write the 10 raised to the power 8 with the result.

= 2.7858 x 10 8

Subtraction is as same as addition. Just put the subtraction sign instead of the addition sign. Let’s use two standard form numbers for subtraction.

Subtract 3.93 x 10 4 and 1.25 x 10 2

To subtract these numbers, we have to make the exponent of both numbers the same as we did for adding numbers. To do so, let’s move the decimal point in the number 3.93 x 10 4.

3.93 x 10 4 = 393 x 10 2

As you can see, both of the numbers now have the exponent of 2. Subtract the value before the multiplication sign and place the 10 raised to the power 2 as it is.

= 393 x 10 2 – 1.25 x 10 2

Take 10 2 as common.

= (393 – 1.25) x 10 2

= 391.75 x 10 2

Move the decimal to convert the number into standard form for the final output.

= 3.9175 x 10 2 + 2

= 3.9175 x 10 4

·      Multiplying/dividing numbers in Standard Form

When you multiply integers in standard form, you multiply the digits and add the exponents. When you divide one number by another, you perform the division on the number strings and subtract the exponents.

It is as simple as it gets. There is no need to complicate things when dealing with scientific form. In the case of multiplication and division, there is no need to make exponents equal. Add exponents in case of multiplication and subtract them in case of division.

Multiply 2.25 x 10 4and 1.5 x 10 5

Simply multiply numbers on the left side of the multiplication sign and add the exponents.

= 2.25 x 1.5 x 10 4+5

= 3.375 x 10 9

Divide 39.5 x 10 6and 2.3 x 10 3

Divide numbers on the left side of the multiplication sign and subtract the exponents of both of the 10s.

= (39.5 ÷ 2.3) x 10 6 – 3

= 1.7173913043 x 10 4


If you’re reading this, you already understand why we need standard or scientific form when working with numbers. It is a very useful notion that is commonly utilized in many sectors of science. Aside from numbers, the standard form can also be applied to linear equations, quadratic equations, and polynomials. It has a wide range of applications that can be implemented based on the underlying needs.

8 Best Tips for Online Math Class

Mathematics is one such subject that most students have trouble working with and understanding. This issue prevails in an offline mode of teaching and learning and seems to amplify in the online modus. It is primarily because online courses are exceedingly different than traditional classrooms.

There are a colossal number of problems that can arise during online classes. They can include the students being unable to have a face-to-face conversation with the teachers or them being unable to voice their doubts. In most cases, distractions common to online classes hinder their path of seeking knowledge on the subject.

Hence, we present the 8 best tips to ensure a successful online Math class. Overall, they allow the teachers to teach efficiently and the students to comprehend each module perfectly. They do not leave any room for uncertainties at the end of a class.

1. Look at the Courses from a Separate Angle

Online classes proffer a different ambiance and environment compared to conventional classrooms. Here, students and teachers cannot see each other directly and cannot understand what the other thinks about at any moment by looking at their expressions. Hence, the educators have to change their manner of delivery of the course materials and teaching style.

The Maths tutors have to cut down on the unnecessary parts of the course. It curbs the wastage of time that they would have transpired in the traditional classrooms. This minimalistic approach allows the teachers to dedicate their time and effort to the essential portions and explain them to the students as many times as required. Thus, it removes the possibility of even one student not understanding the concept. Similarly, the pupils must pay attention to what the tutors are elucidating with a focused mind. 

2. Learn About the Technical Aspects and Be Proficient In It

Since webcams and computer screens replace chalk and boards in online classes, the teachers and students have to utilize all available features of the platform that they are using for the purpose. It can include the “raise a hand,” chat, participant list, vote, and other such functions and attributes. The available platforms comprise Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Team, etc.

Unless both parties are proficient in the new teaching and learning system, no tricks or step jumps in Mathematics will help. The students and teachers can achieve it by having mock or test sessions with their friends and colleagues. Conversely, they can merely fiddle around with the features and characteristics of the platform in their free time to understand what it does. A net search on the topic can also solve this problem. 

3. Prepare The Course Material Beforehand

Preparation and browsing of the modules and course materials before the online class helps considerably. It stands true for both the teacher and the students. It allows the former to plan out how they will proffer the knowledge and make the pupils understand. It helps the latter get a better idea of what they need to prepare for the class. 

Indeed, the students cannot comprehend what the course entails by looking at the materials beforehand. Nevertheless, they can at least relate to the parts that they had skimmed through earlier. It helps in better memorization and overall understanding.

4. Have an Interactive Session

Mathematics becomes a tedious and monotonous subject if only one person speaks throughout the class and the others listen or pretend to do so. Interaction between students and teachers is the aspect that brings out the elements of interest and enjoyment in a Math class. However, the said communication does not refer to a viva session. It merely implies a lesson with general discussions where the students can share their views on the taught material. Additionally, the teacher can explain the real-life uses and applications of the module to pique the interests of their pupils. 

One can initiate the interactive session in the online platform via the chat feature or by switching on their audio and video. Both options come in handy as some students are shy and may prefer typing out their doubts. On the other hand, others may fancy asking a question orally.

5. Engage in Collaborative Assignments

Similar to interaction, collaboration with their peers can help students develop an interest and added understanding of online Mathematics. Of course, the assignments must be on an online platform. Thus, group assignments, discussions, test preparations, and so on during or after class hours aid in this facet. 

Maths tuition can motivate students and get their attentiveness renewed by giving follow-up tests or quizzes on a ranking basis to arouse and maintain their competitive nature. 

6. Review the Course Material

Reviewing and practicing the modules and portions taught in a class at the end of it helps significantly for Mathematics. Although it applies to both online and offline lessons, the individuals profit more in the former case. It is primarily because the students do not have to waste time traveling back home after the class. 

7. Take Ample Notes

In any online class, teachers share their screens to show the students the course material they refer to for teaching. They also give it to the pupils before or after a class to check while reviewing. However, these course materials come from sources that write them in a standard style or manner. In most cases, only those who have prior knowledge of the module can understand it.

Thus, it is necessary to take running notes during class. It allows the students to write down the steps they have to follow while solving a problem. It also proffers a hands-on experience, promotes active and continual thinking, and extends attention span. 

8. Create a Dedicated Study Space

It is arduous to concentrate in all online classes, especially Math, with distractions in the background. In any case, students have a hard time concentrating without the face-to-face teaching and learning system.  

Therefore, a calm, quiet, and clean study space aids in this aspect to a great extent. It is applicable for both the students and the teachers. Both parties can create a clutter-free area and sit with their required particulars like water bottles, pens, notebooks, chargers, snacks, and so on for the entire duration of the class. It prevents them from getting up frequently, keeping their attention focused on only one thing at hand and dedicating their all to it. 

4 SAT Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Preparing for the SAT exam is one of the hardest things for a student. While the test itself might not be that hard, it is a very big undertaking, and students don’t know where to begin. Moreover, the test judges a student’s analytical, critical, creative, and concrete thinking on top of putting a time constraint on him. If you are preparing for an SAT exam, there are some tips and tricks that are going to help you come up with a proper strategy to tackle it. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the most helpful tips that you can use to get a good score. So, without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Understand the Paper Pattern

The very first and the most basic thing that you need to know is the paper pattern. There are lots of candidates who only focus on preparing study material, but they don’t have a clear idea about what to expect from an SAT exam. The exam consists of two sections that are further divided into different parts that have to be completed in the allotted time. You can click on the linked article to learn about the SAT paper pattern in detail.

Follow the Elimination Rule

Once you have understood the paper pattern and what to expect from the exam, you need to figure out how to solve the questions. A very important tip that you have to remember is that there is only one correct option out of four. Even if you don’t know the exact answer to a specific question, you can follow the elimination rule. All the incorrect options are incorrect for a certain reason. If you are able to find the reason, you can find the right answer with the process of elimination.

Skip Difficult Questions

One of the major reasons why the SAT Singapore exam is so difficult is due to the time pressure. After you enter the examination room, you have to put your ego on one side and focus on your strengths. When you are solving the paper, you should start from the top and solve questions that don’t take much time. If a question is taking too much time, you should just skip it. After you have answered all the easier questions, you will have ample time to think about the hard questions and come up with a solution.

Fill the Bubbles at the End

A good tip to help you save some time is to skip the bubble filling part till the very end after you have answered all the questions. You can just circle or mark the right answer on the booklet. Filling the bubbles takes a considerable amount of time, and if you try to fill them back and forth, you are only going to make things harder for yourself. Filling them all at once is going to take less time so that you don’t feel any pressure.

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Math Online Tom Circle

金庸武术的道理 和学数学一样:
1)华山正邪二派 : 气宗 (正) vs 剑宗 (邪)
数学:数学理论 vs 刷题技巧
2)虚竹 :忘掉以前的少林功夫才能学 消遥派
数学: 忘掉A-level 前的思维 (concrete) ,才能学好大学抽象(Abstract ) 数学.

3) 少林寺僧好高鹜远:还没学精本派“一阳指”,就想去换 印度鸠摩罗的功夫。
数学: 先打好 大学基础数学 (Epsilon-Delta, Abstract Algebraic Structures) ,才去学其他的高深东西 (Category, Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology,… )

金庸的武林江湖 宗师 vs 数学江湖

东邪(孤僻冷漠) :黄药师 vs 德国. Gauss

西毒 (妒忌,狠毒) :欧阳锋 vs 法国. Cauchy (迫害 年轻天才 Abel, Galois )

南僧(避世隐士): 大理国王 一灯大师 vs 法国.Fermat

北丐 (流浪天涯):洪七公 vs 匈牙利. Paul Erdos

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Feymann Calculus Trick

Math Online Tom Circle

理查德·费曼非常聪明的求导 differentiate 技巧

Feymann (Nobel Physicist) has many funny speedy Math tricks for Calculus eg. Differentiate an Integral (Applied Fundamental Theorem of Calculus) , and this one below.

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Princeton 《Calculus Lifesaver》

Math Online Tom Circle

This is a free video lecture series of the Princeton Math Textbook 《Calculus Lifesaver》(link for university non-math majors.

He explains the “funny” but smart Calculus basics : First & 2nd Fundamental Theorems of Calculus (by Newton’s co-inventor Leibniz), some how never taught in the 1970s GCE A level (now also ? ) bcos not Newton’s Anglo-saxxon invention. Neither the French textbooks teach so (bcos Leibniz was German ?). They only appear in pure American/German Calculus books.

“Funny” bcos by “1st Theorem” you could ‘d/dx’ any intergral to get the anti-derivative . Richard Feymann self-learnt this trick in High school to solve complex integrations.

Also why the “Coset” (+ C) is explained by the 2nd Theorem in this video.

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Coset & Index 陪集,指数

Math Online Tom Circle

群论的原本是Galois 发明,没有现在这么抽象的Axiom-based, 是100年后 Noether 在 WW2 归纳的抽象化。Galois 只发明 左/右陪集 Left /Right Coset (l’ensemble à gauche / à droite),当 左陪集=右陪集,就是Normal subgroup (正规子群,l’invariant), 破解300年的数学难题:5次方程以上(Quintic equations & above ) 无根式 (radical root) 解, 从而诞生Group Theory, 开辟抽象代数Abstract Algebra / New Math.

这位中国年轻老师 教得很棒, 证明严谨rigorous, 很好的方法:eg. Test “well-defined”, necessary & sufficient condition (Set Prove Technique : ⊂ left inclusion, ⊃ right inclusion, then equal =), Bijection 双射 (Surjective 满射 trivial + Injective proof).

|Z : nZ|Index is easy ?
把 Z 用coset 分类 (partitioned) 为
0Z,1Z, 2Z,… (n-1)Z 个陪集,
Total = n个

|Z : nZ|= n

Note: Coset in Calculus ( Indefinite Integration) :

Integral Solution “+ C” 就是 Right Coset = solution的右陪集:意思所有 “+C” 都是solution Set 的 右陪伴。

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Leibniz’s original proof : Integration by Parts


Math Online Tom Circle


清. 李善兰 翻译 Function 为函数。函,信也。只能有一个收信人,所以 只有一个 f(x) 值。

The unique 1 single output of a function becomes very important for subsequent development in Math & IT:
functions are composable, associative, identify function,etc (distributive,… ) => it can be treated like vector => structure of a Vector Space “Vect”

Extended to..

“Vect” is a bigger structure “Category” in which “function of functions” is a
Functor” (函子)F:F(f)

Example : F(f) = fmap (in Haskell)

fmap (+1) {2,7,6,3}

=> {3,8,7,4}

here F = fmap, f = +1

The Math branch in the study of functions is called “functional” 泛函。

IT : Functional Programming in Lisp, Haskell, Scala, ensure safety of guaranteed output by math function property. Any unexpected exception (side effects: IO, errors) is handled by a special function called “Monad” (endo-Functor).

(想看更多合你口味的内容,马上下载 今日头条)

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吴文俊 Wu WenJun

Math Online Tom Circle

吴文俊,陈省身在 WW2昆明西南联大的弟子, 留法Strasbourg University, 兼任 博士生的tutor, 教导 法国未来的 大师Grothendieck (两人都是新数Bourbaki 学派 最后一批会员) 。

吴文俊在1975 文革后才研究 中国古代数学,从中得灵感,发明 电脑 机器化 AI 证明axiom-based 几何定理。得 1st batch Run- Run Shaw (东方Nobel Prize) $1 m Prize.

数学家清心寡慾不爱斗争,一心专注 “数学之美” ,其他生活繁琐的事(文革 批斗) 都看得开。所以多长寿 (Newton, 陈省身, Hadamard, 杨振宁, 也都90+) ,吴文俊也高寿活到98岁。

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French Baccalaureate Math Paper 2 (Analysis)

Math Online Tom Circle


Baccalaureate Scientifique Math 2019 (Analyse).

Yet to see the Baccalaureate (S) Paper 1 “Algèbre” which is tougher on Abstract Algebra (Group, Ring, Field, Vector Space / Linear Algebra,…)

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Book Marketing – Understanding the Importance of Branding

Book Marketing – Understanding the Importance of Branding

Branding in the library world is as important as the business world. This post identifies its importance to writers. 

Branding is the nuanced art of creating a memorable impression on consumers by giving shape to your brand. Before it was defined as just a name, symbol, slogan, sign, or design. Now it is broader, with more aspects. It helps your customers and clients to distinguish your brand from other brands and know exactly what they can expect from you.

Ages ago, authors did not need to promote themselves on social media. Shakespeare never needed to promote Hamlet on Instagram, and Ernest Hemingway did not need to create dynamic content on Facebook to reach viewers.

But now reaching people without promoting yourself is quite impossible. But definitely, you need to know what to promote. And here ‘ME’ is not a satisfactory answer. You need to establish yourself and your literary work as a brand. That is why book marketing and branding are necessary for writers. Good branding helps you to connect with your audience, deliver your message, and create a positive value about your brand in your target audience’s mind. To learn more, keep reading.

A strong brand’s goals are to communicate the message effectively, personally resonate with your target demographic, inspire the customer to purchase, and build loyalty.

It Helps You Find Your Audience

Brands are easily tracked by the readers who are the main customers of writers. They buy brands. But branding is not always getting prioritized over your competitors. It is creating value for your customers. It is solving a problem.

Branding helps you to reach your consumers to get you connected with them. It exists to help you get recognized. When your readers discover your literary works, it motivates them spiritually and helps them solve their issues and receive mental peace. Brand recognition helps to create loyalty in customers and helps you live in their hearts and minds. Also, once you get a loyal fan base, they will also start marketing for you, which can build your audience even more.

It Tells the World What You’re About

Branding not only gets you loyal customers but also helps you to clearly deliver your message to them. A quality brand gives the consumers something to think about and helps them improve themselves as humans. Once they understand your value they will start reaching to you on their own. Because they value what you value.

A writer puts their soul into their literature. It is their form of communicating, and they definitely want people to know what they think. Branding plays a key role here in bringing together writers and readers. This makes the consumers feel like they’re a part of something significant and not just a cog in a wheel.

It Brings Your Purpose Into Focus

Strong branding helps you make a positive impression among your consumers. Every writer has a purpose. Some write fictional stories to make people understand what magic is inside their minds. Some write comedy stories to make people laugh. Some write biographies and historical books to educate people.

Some really want you to understand love by writing romantic novels. Genres play a big role in writers’ lives. If they can promote their piece well, it will bring in the target audience and fulfill the writer’s purpose.

Surely the world has witnessed thousands of love stories, but branding yours can get your story into the world.

It Gives You Guidance Going Forward

A well-executed brand has a lot to say other than just promoting. Even the greatest brand can even get better by rebranding. If you already brand your writings but want to add different features, values, and colors to them, you can. Rebranding is also very important in this ever-changing world.

Branding helps you to know your directions. It navigates you to make decisions and adapt to the new cultural changes. Ten years ago, love stories might have been really technologically far-fetched. It would be hard to relate to stories like that now. But if you incorporate technology and how to use it to enhance love, people will relate to it and to your writings. You need to brand yourself that way as well.

It Sustains Your Career Over the Long Term

It has already been established that branding helps you to reach out to your consumers and motivate them to buy your products. The stronger your brand is, the more it will expand and reach more people. The author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, created her brand with uniqueness and kept on promoting herself to the world.

Even though the series ended quite a while ago, people of all ages still talk about it and appreciate it. A successful brand makes the readers keep coming. They not only still buy her books but also the accessories related to them. This actually helps to generate a huge business. Now not only does she make money, but people from all corners of the world make a living selling product related to her stories.

She not only created a platform for her career but also gave a platform to millions of other people to create theirs.

A Few Final Words

You may be convinced that you should brand your work. But it is not that easy, and you might not be as successful as you’d like for a long time. Still, never give up hope. Try to put out some kind of content on a daily basis. And since humans learn by doing, try to diversify your output and improve your techniques.

A brand doesn’t limit you. So keep exploring many aspects of life and publishing your thoughts about it. We hope these suggestions come in handy for you.

Never give up!

Gemini Referral Code

Gemini Referral Link:

Gemini Referral Singapore

For the referral code, you may just click on the following Gemini Referral Link directly!

There are rewards (such as earn $10 USD in bitcoin when when one trades $100 USD in 30 days) for using the referral code/link to sign up!

Gemini is a digital currency exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital assets. It is a New York trust company that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and was founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (the famous Winklevoss brothers who were cofounders of Facebook).

Gemini Commission Fees

One of the key benefits of Gemini is its low commission fees. It is highly competitive among all the brokers. For example the charges for using its Active Trader application is 0.35%. This is very low considering that many exchanges usually charge upwards of 0.5%. For example Binance SG charges 0.60%.

Due to the low fees of Gemini (Active Trader), it is useful for people who are either trading frequently or trading in small amounts.

It is important to always use Active Trader (rather than the basic interface), as it has lower fees.

Gemini Singapore Review

Gemini is extremely fast for signing up. You can signup online within minutes, using Singpass to fill in personal details automatically.

Funding is using Xfers FAST transfer, but it is not subject to the $30k annual limit since it is considered a direct Xfers transfer. For this reason, Gemini is a viable option for those who have maxed out the Binance SG Xfers annual limit.

The fund transfer speed via Xfers FAST is quite fast (pun unintended), usually within minutes.

The website interface of Gemini has an excellent design, and is extremely user friendly.

Gemini Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit for Gemini, and there is also no minimum number of coins or tokens you need to purchase. One can buy as low as just a fraction of Bitcoin.

Is Gemini Safe?

This is the most frequently searched question. Firstly, Gemini is a New York trust company that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). The official NYDFS press release for Gemini can be found here.

Secondly, The New York Times has reported that Gemini is trusted by Ari Paul, of the hedge fund BlockTower Capital, who deals in virtual currency.[9] According to reports by both Bloomberg News and Fortune magazine, Gemini was the first exchange to launch bitcoin futures contracts in December 2017. Fortune reported that Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) uses Gemini “as the basis for the daily settlement for the bitcoin futures”.[10]

With any investing, there is always some risk, so do your research carefully before investing using any exchange!

Gemini Invitation Code / Promo Code

Once again, if you decide to sign up for Gemini, do use the invitation code by just clicking on the following Gemini Referral Link directly!

Disclaimer: The opinions on Gemini expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Gemini Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

The below YouTube video is a beginner friendly introduction and review of Gemini.

Coinbase Referral

Coinbase Referral Sign Up

Hi – I’ve been using Coinbase which makes it really easy and safe to buy, sell, and store digital currency (like Bitcoin). Sign up now and get SGD 13.36 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least SGD 133.63 of digital currency. Claim your invite now:

Coinbase is a listed company on Nasdaq, with ticker symbol COIN. As of March 2021, Coinbase was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume.

There are actually free gifts of crypto on Coinbase, just by signing up and watching some videos. The gifts are usually small amounts of lower cap crypto.

Coinbase Commission Fees

  • Coinbase charges a spread of about one-half of one percent (0.50%) for cryptocurrency purchases and cryptocurrency sales.
  • Coinbase also charges a Coinbase Fee (in addition to the spread), which is around $0.99 to $2.99.

Coinbase Singapore Review

Coinbase is quite fast for signing up. You can signup online within minutes. Note that they may require some identity verification such as ID (NRIC or passport) and a document containing your address (utilities bill, or bank statement).

The mobile app of Coinbase also has an excellent design, and is extremely user friendly.

Coinbase Minimum Deposit

There is a very low minimum deposit for Coinbase (around $50 recommended), and there is also virtually no minimum number of crypto you can buy (can buy as low as $2).

Is Coinbase Safe?

This is the most frequently searched question. Firstly, Coinbase has been granted a license exemption by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). Their MAS exemption can be found here.

Secondly, all digital currency that Coinbase holds in its online hot storage is insured. If Coinbase were to suffer a breach of its online hot storage, the insurance policy would pay out to cover any customer funds lost as a result. 

Thirdly, Coinbase is regulated by SEC (U.S. Security and Exchange Commission). Their SEC license can be found here.

Lastly, for added security, there is 2-Factor Authentication option for Coinbase. Sometimes, there is 3-Factor Authentication (email authentication as well). You can set it up during registration, by providing your phone number and email.

With any investing, there is always some risk, so do your research carefully before investing using any broker!

Coinbase Invitation Code / Promo Code

Once again, if you decide to sign up for Coinbase, do use the invitation code by just clicking on the following Coinbase Referral Link directly! (Free Bitcoin from signing up using the referral link!)

Disclaimer: The opinions on Coinbase expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Coinbase Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

The below video is a very detailed review and tutorial on Coinbase (2021 updated).

Moomoo Referral

Moomoo Referral Singapore

For the referral code, you may just click on the following Moomoo Referral Link directly!

There are rewards (such as stock vouchers, commission-free trades, free market data, free Apple stock) for using the referral code/link to sign up!

Moomoo (FUTU) is an online broker listed on NASDAQ. It is backed by investors like Tencent. The main reason why people use Moomoo, is to trade US Stocks such as Tesla and NIO online. You can also trade Hong Kong, Singapore stocks using Moomoo.

Moomoo Commission Fees

One of the key benefits of Moomoo is its low commission fees. It is highly competitive among all the brokers. For example the charges for US Stocks (as of the time of writing) is just 0.0049 USD/share, for a minimum of 0.99 USD per trade. This is very low considering that banks usually charge upwards of USD$20 per trade. For example DBS Vickers charges a minimum of US$25.

Due to the low fees of Moomoo, it is useful for people who are either trading frequently or trading in small amounts.

Moomoo Singapore Review

Moomoo is extremely fast for signing up. You can signup online within minutes, using Singpass to fill in personal details automatically. Personally, I signed up on a Wednesday night, and the account was set up within a few hours on the same day. That is amazing speed.

The mobile app of Moomoo also has an excellent design, and is extremely user friendly. The exchange rate given by Moomoo is also highly competitive.

Moomoo Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit for Moomoo, and there is also no minimum number of shares or lots you need to purchase. One can buy as low as just one single stock.

To qualify for the free Apple stock promotion, one needs to deposit SGD $2700. (Offer valid up till 30 April 2021.)

Is Moomoo Safe?

This is the most frequently searched question. Firstly, Moomoo is regulated by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). Their MAS license can be found here.

Secondly, Moomoo has the backing of Tencent, which is a major Chinese tech company who develops very popular apps such as WeChat.

Thirdly, Moomoo is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC protects against the loss of cash and securities – such as stocks and bonds – held by a customer at a financially-troubled SIPC-member brokerage firm. The limit of SIPC protection is $500,000, which includes a $250,000 limit for cash.

Fourthly, Moomoo itself is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, under the code “FUTU”.

With any investing, there is always some risk, so do your research carefully before investing using any broker!

Moomoo Invitation Code / Promo Code

Once again, if you decide to sign up for Moomoo, do use the invitation code by just clicking on the following Moomoo Referral Link directly!

Disclaimer: The opinions on Moomoo expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Moomoo Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

The below YouTube video is a beginner friendly introduction and review of Moomoo (FUTU).

Do also check out our review of Tiger Brokers, another popular trading app.

Modern Math Education : Time for Reform

Math Online Tom Circle

Modern Math Foundation : Set + Logic (Equivalence Relation). 

A level (H2 level) / International Baccalauréat Math should study the big red square box (Number System, Set Theory, Logic).

All STEM university Year 1 & 2 study these 3 Math foundations : Algebra, Analysis & Vector Space.

The Math major university Year 3&4 study more : real /complex analysis, Topology, Galois Theory, graph theory, etc…

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新数启蒙 (1-5) – 给16岁以上的中学生

Math Online Tom Circle

This “Modern Math” Introductory Course is based on the French Baccalaureate “Modern Math” for 16+ years old, simplified & customized for local students in Chinese.

(1)集合: 等价关系 Equivalence Relation

(2)集合与集合的关系:映射 Mapping

(3) 新数 历史: Bourbaki 学派

(4)由外向内看代数结构 : 域Field,环 Ring,群 Group,向量空间 Vector Space

(5) 域 Field : 足球场

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Tiger Brokers Referral: OAEMZD

Tiger Brokers Referral: OAEMZD

For the referral code, enter “OAEMZD” when prompted, or you may just click on the following Tiger Brokers Referral Link directly!

Currently, there are multiple rewards for joining Tiger Brokers:

  • 10% off coupon to purchase a share of Tesla (this alone can be worth around $60 USD)
  • 5 commission-free trades
  • stock voucher of up to 100 SGD (depends on initial deposit of funds)

My Dear Friend,

Sign up and join Tiger Brokers using my following link:

We both stand a chance to receive stock vouchers of up to SGD 100.

Best Regards!

Tiger Brokers Review

Previously, we have written an in-depth review of Tiger Brokers, including ease of use, reliability, and more. Do check it out!

Disclaimer: The opinions on Tiger Brokers expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Tiger Brokers Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

Last few months to mine Free Pi Coins (Referral Code: math88pi)

Pi Network Invitation Code: math88pi

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (math88pi) as your invitation code.

It is literally the last few months to mine Pi Coins, Mainnet is launching in estimated Q4 2021 which is just a few months away.

Pi Network has a halving procedure in place, similar to Bitcoin. Basically it means that, the mining rate will reduce by half  when a certain milestone is being hit (usually in terms of number of members). Eventually, the mining rate may even hit zero. This means Pi Coin eventually has a finite supply, just like Bitcoin.

We have a detailed review of Pi Network and Pi Coins in a previous blogpost.

Pi Wallet will be released on 31 March 2021

On the Pi Network’s official Twitter page, they announced that they will be releasing the Pi wallet on the Testnet with Test-Pi on March 31, 2021.

This is quite an achievement, Testnet is usually just one step behind Mainnet. For example, Ethereum has several Testnets such as Rinkeby Testnet. The Testnet can act as a test or experiment to see if there are any bugs, before rolling out the Mainnet which contains the actual Pi coins.

Pi network vs Bee network

In the previous blogpost, we detailed some reasons why Pi network is likely to be legit.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Bee network:

  • Bee network is created by anonymous/unknown people.
  • Bee network is just a “clone” of Pi Network in many ways, up to their White Paper.
  • Not sure if Bee network is a legitimate blockchain project, or just one that is trying to ride on the waves of Pi Network.

Hence, currently, we recommend Pi Network but not Bee Network.

Disclaimer: The opinions on Pi Network expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Pi Network Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

Pi Network Referral Code: math88pi

In view of the upcoming Pi day (3.14), this topic of Pi Network is quite appropriate. In this blog post, we will share about Pi Network, what it is, and more.

Pi Network Invitation Code: math88pi

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (math88pi) as your invitation code.

Pi Network Review

Pi Network is an upcoming blockchain, with idea similar to Bitcoin, but yet with certain differences:

  • Pi Network uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol, while Bitcoin uses Proof of Work.
  • Pi Network is currently still in the early phases, meaning that it is not available on the “Main Net” yet, or on any exchange. Bitcoin is already very established as of 2021, even recognized by major institutions and banks.

Is Pi Network Safe / Is Pi Network Legit

While it is impossible to answer with 100% certainty, one can list at least 3 reasons why Pi Network is legit:

  1. Pi Network is listed on the Apple App Store. It is known that “Apple evaluates every app in detail before it’s available in the App Store to make sure that it doesn’t contains viruses.”
  2. Pi Network is created by real known people (Stanford PhDs: Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis and Dr. Chengdiao Fan) who put their real name upfront. Their identities are verified by Stanford Daily, which is the official student-run, independent daily newspaper serving Stanford University.
  3. No money is involved in using Pi Network app. No credit card details are needed. Hence, it is impossible that Pi Network is trying to scam money since no money is involved.

Is Pi Network Worth Anything

This is another popular question, on whether Pi Network is worth it. Firstly, Pi Network only takes few seconds per day, to tap the mine button. Hence, the total time wasted is very minimal.

Secondly, once Pi Network goes live on the Main Net, it has to be worth something non-zero. Many YouTubers have analyzed its worth (Pi Network price predictions), the below video has quite a mathematical estimate of what Pi Coin is worth.

Pi Network Referral Link:

Pi Network Invitation Code: math88pi

Pi Network Mining

Pi Network coins are able to be mined on a mobile phone. They are very unlike the Proof of Work algorithms which require massive amounts of electricity and computing power. In fact, the coins can be mined without WiFi or running in the background.

What is happening at this stage is actually “pre-mining”, which is consistent with the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP):

Pi Network differs from traditional cryptocurrencies in that the coins are “pre-mined” or pre-generated from the start. When you initiate mining on the Pi Network app, you are simply being a distributed a set amount of coins per hour. Because the coins are pre-generated, your phone doesn’t do any heavy computational tasks, and power impact is minimal.


The mining of Pi Coin has a halving stage, just like Bitcoin. Eventually, the mining rate could even fall to zero. This helps to reduce inflation.

Disclaimer: The opinions on Pi Network expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Pi Network Referral Code. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

Google Pay Referral Code: pm3yp1a

Google Pay Referral

Join me on Google Pay and you’ll earn $3 when you opt in to Google Pay offers and rewards and make your first payment (min. $10)! Terms apply. Download the app and use my referral code pm3yp1a to get started.

Google Pay Referral Code: pm3yp1a

Actually, one can just send $10 to your family member/friend to and fro, in order to earn the cashback rewards. There are also some kind of “Huat Pals” game to be played to get additional rewards.

Google Pay Referral Reward 2021

The current referral reward for Google Pay in 2021 is $3, but there are many other cashback rewards:

  • Earn $2.5 cashback on your next movie at Shaw
  • Send money to friends & earn up to $10 twice a week
  • Earn $2.5 cashback on your next movie at Golden Village
  • Order food on Google Pay and get $2.5 cashback
  • Scan to pay in stores and earn up to $10 twice a week
  • Free Upsized Meals from Burger King on Google Pay
  • and more…

Download the app and use my referral code pm3yp1a to get started!

Payoneer Referral Link

Payoneer Referral Link:

Payoneer Referral Link

Payoneer Referral Link ($35 sign up bonus):

Payoneer is the “Israeli PayPal”, specializing in B2B online payments. Typical users include sellers/freelancers who earn on international platforms such as Amazon, Fiverr, Airbnb, and wish to transfer their USD earnings to local bank accounts.

Payoneer often has lower fees than PayPal, as well as better customer service. For instance, Payoneer has a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, versus Paypal’s dismal 1.2 rating.

Payoneer is one of biggest tech companies in Israel. In 2019, Israel’s former chief economist of the Ministry of Finance Yoel Naveh joined Payoneer, leading Payoneer’s working capital division.

Payoneer Referral Link ($35 sign up bonus):

Soundtech Digital Timer Manual

Soundtech MDT-269 Manual PDF

This is one of the good automatic digital timers in the SG market. It is very suitable to use as a timer for aquarium lights.

The manual is not found online, and it is not exactly obvious how to set it without looking at the manual. Hence, we have uploaded the manual below.

Soundtech Digital Timer Manual PDF: Soundtech Timer Manual

Soundtech Mini Digital Timer Manual

Please read the following information carefully before using this timer.
• •Countdown Function
• Automatic Reminding
• Up to 20 ONIOFF settings day, 140 ON/OFF settings per week
• Summer/Winter time optional
• 24 hours and 7 day S Programming application
2 NY button- set the day of the week;
3 HOUR button – hour setting;
4 CLOCK button- real-time setting;
5 button- push and release to set or
change programmed on and off times;
6 button -push and release to
manually switch AUTO OFF, ON, AUTO
ON, or OFF at any time.

7 RESET button – clear all the programs and real time with a sharp object such as a pencil;
8 MIN button- minute setting;
9 button – clear a program setting;
10 CTD button – set the countdown tire.
LCD Display Are* Introduction:
1. Real -time;
2. MO TU Day of the week;
4. SUMMER time;
Setting Present Time:
1. Press ‘CLOCK’ and ‘DAY’ at the same time to get the correct day.
2. Press ‘CLOCK’ and ‘HOUR’ at the same time to adjust hour time.
3. Press ‘CLOCK’ and ‘MIN’ at the same time to set the minute.
4. Press ‘CLOCK’ for 3 seconds to choose SUMMER TIME or not. One hour will be added under SUMMER state.

Initial Operation:
The timer uses rechargeable batteries that need to be charged before the timer
functions can work. Before attempting any programming, plug the timer into a power outlet and switch on. Allow around 10 minutes for the initial charge.
Use a pointed object, such as a pen or pencil, to clear the memory by pushing the RESET button.

Countdown Setting:
I In timing state press CTD Countdown button, LCD display “countdown 0:00 00”
2 Press”HOUR””MlN”button respectivel to set countdown time.
(long press CTD Countdown button to clear the setting)
3 Press CTD Countdown button again to start the count mode and another pressing can
make it a pause. Press CLOCK button to get back to real-time state.
Note : During countdown mode, press CLOCK button to show current time and back to countdown mode in 3 secondS automatically. If press CTD Countdown button during 3 seconds, the countdown mode stop.

At the end of the countdown, the buzzer sound out. and will be stopped automatically after 1 minute. If a button is pressed during this time, the buzzer sound will stop

1. Press SET button once, the display will now show “ON 1” mode.
2. Press respectively to set the days, hour and minute
you required. While each push of •DAY* button will cycle through the following options,
• Each separate day
• All 7 day of the week
• Working days only
• Weekend
• Monday to Saturday
• Monday, Wednesday, Friday
• Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
• Thursday, Friday, Saturday
3. Once the “ON’ time is set, press SET button once. The display will now
show •OFF 1′
4. If you wish to clear a programme setting, push the RST/RCL button. Pushing
the RST/RCL button again will reinstate the setting, which only the displayed
setting will be affected.
5. Repeat the step 1 to 3 for ON2/OFF2,
If no operation is applied to the timer for about 20 seconds, it will get back to the
Real-time display automatically.
Press the MANUAL to set the timer to your desired operation mode. Each push of
this button will cycle through the following settings which are shown on the display:
AUTO OFF: Timer is switched off and will switch ON at next programmed ON time.
ON: Overrides all programming and switches the timer permanently on.
AUTO ON: The timer is switched ON and will be switched OFF at the next
programmed OFF time.
OFF: All programming is overrode and tt e time is switched permanently off.
• For indoor use only.
• Connection must be to the voltage requirements as specified in the rating label
located on the product.
• Do not immerse timer in any liquid, expose to weather, moisture, temperature
where it is too high or too low, or where it can be collided or shaken easily.
• DO not disassemble this timer by yourself.
• Clean the housing and the LCD with soft cloth, do not wash it with the corrosive chemical reagent and suds.

Converted from PDF to text via: (This OCR free website is surprisingly good.)

Buying property off plan

Obviously the prices of buying your property off plan will vary. Factors that can increase the price of your off plan property are location, the size of the property, access to local towns/cities and airports and the legal fees.The size of the property can effect the price, larger properties cost more than smaller ones to build.The location of your spanish property can effect the price that you pay. The location can effect the price of your off plan property, if it in a tourist area then it may cost more to build there however it can also generate good renting prospects as some properties in the south of spain only need to be rented out for around 18-20 weeks a year in order to cover the mortgage, that leaves you with a minimum of 32 weeks in the sun. One point you should always keep in mind when looking at the price of a property is the lawyers costs, the registration costs and the notary costs. This can range from being anywhere between 5% and 10% of the original cost of the property.

Best property in Mallorca –

Advantages of Buying Off Plan:

Some advantages that you can find from buying your spanish property off plan are:

That you only pay the amount that the property was valued at when you first signed the contract for example should you buy a house for €100,000 and then by the time that the property has been built it has increased in value to €130,000 you still only have to pay €100,000.

Should you change your mind about the area or the property then usually you have the option to sell your property prior to completion and the writting of the deeds (escritura). However before you sign the contract to start building your property you should ask if this service is available to you because it is not always.

Buying an off plan property is usually about 30% cheaper than buying a ready built or resale property. It is generally much simpler to buy off plan in terms of searching for the right property for you. This is because you can see straight off what the property is going to be like through arctitectual drawing unlike when you go to view a resale house they can be very diferent to what they look like in picures on the website or prospects. Also with off plan buying you have can change the aspects of the house that are not to your taste or that you had imagined to be different in your dream house.

There can be advantages to buying your property off plan but through “ready made” plans. By doing it this way you can get all the benefits of buying off plan but there is less stress placed upon you to come up with a design for your property. The downside to this is that there may well be quite a few properties that look very similar to yours. It does also mean that there should be less cost with architects because the plans are already there.

Tiger Ang Pow

Tiger Brokers has launched the Lunar New Year campaign (Tiger Ang Pow). Click on the “Open” button via the campaign page below to initiate an Ang Pow opening mission and share the 88 SGD stock voucher with friends together!

Click on “Open” button link below:

Besides, the referral promotion is also available. When your friend registers with your invitation code and opens an account successfully, both you and your friend will get 5 commission-free trades for stocks denominated in USD or HKD. When your friend makes the initial deposit, both you and your friend will get a stock voucher of up to 100 SGD.

Disclaimer: The opinions on Tiger Brokers expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Tiger Brokers Ang Pow. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.

GameStop Short Interest

GameStop Short Squeeze is recently a very hot topic in the USA, and refers to the short squeeze of the stock of the American video-game retailer GameStop and other securities that took place on various stock exchanges, causing major financial consequences for certain hedge funds. It has been reported in many news outlets, including CNBC, BBC, and Reuters.

There are a few free sites to check out the GameStop current short interest, or the GameStop short interest today. Short interest is the number of shares that have been sold short but have not yet been covered or closed out. A related concept, short interest ratio, represents the number of days it takes short sellers on average to cover their positions, that is repurchase all of the borrowed shares.

GameStop Short Interest Data

  1. One of the sites to check out the current GameStop Short interest is: It uses data from Ortex or S3Shortsight.
  2. Another site is the Twitter Page of S3 Partners, which is a FinTech company. They often publish the statistics for GameStop (GME) short interest on a daily basis.
  3. A third source is Ihor Dusaniwsky’s Twitter Page. Ihor is the Managing Director of Predictive Analytics at S3 Partners. He posts GameStop Short Interest information on a regular basis, including some explanations to beginners.

Note that there are two ways to calculate short interest (SI):

  1. SI = shares shorted / (float). This value can exceed 100%.
  2. SI = shares shorted / (float + shares shorted). This includes the “synthetic longs” created by short selling, and will be a value between 0% to 100%.

GameStop Short Squeeze

Do also check out the Twitter Page of Michael Burry, where he posts information about GameStop Short Squeeze, GameStop Gamma Squeeze and more. Michael Burry is a famous investor and inspired the main character in the movie “The Big Short”.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

The Big Short

Secondary 1 Chinese Exam Papers

中一华文试卷, 中一高级华文考卷

There seem to be very few Sec 1 Chinese / Higher Chinese Exam Papers available online, be it free or for sale. Similarly, Secondary 2 Chinese Exam Papers are equally rare.

The only resource online we can find is:

It contains Secondary 1 HCL MYE (Mid Year Exam) Revision Materials 2017, which is still relatively recent. There are also lists of Chinese vocabulary for different chapters, as well as tips for Chinese Oral Exam. Do download the PDF and Zip files while it is still online!

On the opposite spectrum, Secondary 4 ‘O’ Level Chinese or Higher Chinese Exam Papers are very common, almost every site has it, it is very easy to find.

For example, there is a 292 page PDF document on Smile Tutor full of free Secondary Four Higher Chinese Exam Papers from various schools such as Cedar, Victoria, or Nanyang Girls’ High School:

If you find any Secondary 1 or 2 Chinese Notes/ Exam/ Test paper materials, do comment down in the comment section below! It will help many readers who are searching for free Chinese Exam Papers (Secondary 1 or Secondary 2).

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Ethereum in real life (Duke University is teaching Ethereum)

Ethereum has started to see many actual use cases in real life. For instance, major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Visa are all starting to adopt Ethereum as part of their real life usage.

Ethereum has started to appear in education as well. Duke University (one of the top universites in the USA), has started teaching modules of “Ethereum and Smart Contracts” as part of the syllabus.

Course description (Ethereum and Smart Contracts course in Duke University):

“Learn how to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum Blockchain as well as history and trends of Ethereum itself. Ethereum is the most promising decentralized smart contract platform, and blockchain developers are in high demand. Learning these skills will give you a leg up in the blockchain world, especially in the Ethereum ecosystem. We will cover Ethereum (the platform), Solidity (the programming language), Truffle (the developer framework), and web3.js (the front-end library). Preference: some blockchain/cryptocurrency understanding. Prerequisite: basic programming skills.”

Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University

Ethereum Book

Learning blockchain technology should be a very marketable skill in the near future. Currently, there are two main ways to learn it, through online courses or through books.

Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and DApps

The book above is authored by Dr Gavin Wood, who was the creator of the Solidity language and cofounder of Ethereum.

Ethereum Real Life Applications

Recently, the blockchain Ethereum is starting to gain widespread acceptance, many major companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon are already using it.

In terms of publicity, Ethereum is still behind its more famous cousin “Bitcoin”, but that should change in the near future. In fact, many people have postulated that a “flippening” may happen where Ethereum takes over Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap.

In this blogpost, we list the real life applications and uses of Ethereum, using official sources as far as possible. That is, if Google is using Ethereum, we will try to point to the official Google website instead of a third party news site. Otherwise, we will only use very reliable third party sources such as Forbes, etc.

Amazon Ethereum Blockchain

This is very recent news, on Dec 21 2020. Amazon Managed Blockchain now supports Ethereum. With Amazon Managed Blockchain, AWS (Amazon Web Service) customers get secure networking, fast and reliable syncs to the Ethereum blockchain, durable elastic storage for ledger data, encryption at rest and transport, and secure access to the network via standard open-source Ethereum APIs.

Official Amazon Ethereum Blockchain news:

Google Cloud & Ethereum

Ethereum can inter-operate with Google Cloud’s enterprise cloud data warehouse (BigQuery) via oracle middleware (Chainlink). At a high level, Ethereum Dapps (i.e. smart contract applications) request data from Chainlink, which in turn retrieves data from a web service built with Google App Engine and BigQuery.

Official Google Cloud & Ethereum news:

Ethereum Blockchain as a Service on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and ConsenSys (a blockchain software technology company) are partnering to offer Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (EBaaS) on Microsoft Azure so Enterprise clients and developers can have a single click cloud based blockchain developer environment. The initial offering contains two tools that allow for rapid development of SmartContract based applications: Ether.Camp – An integrated developer environment, and BlockApps – a private, semi-private Ethereum blockchain environment, that can deploy into the public Ethereum environment.

Official Microsoft Ethereum news:

Visa Ethereum

Visa announced it is connecting its global payments network of 60 million merchants to the U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC) developed by Circle Internet Financial on the Ethereum blockchain.

Forbes news:

Visa didn’t quite announce it on its official Visa website, but we can see that Visa is actively recruiting engineers with Ethereum and Solidity (the programming language on Ethereum) experience.

Visa is actively recruiting engineers with Ethereum experience:

We’re seeking a strong developer experienced with Ethereum and blockchain architecture to be a part of
team tasked with building distributed application. Our ideal candidate has built and released distributed
applications, has worked with the Ripple, R3, Ethereum and/or Bitcoin blockchain, and has experience with Solidity

Multiple Positions are available in Austin, TX and Foster City, CA locations

Source from Official Visa website:

Ethereum JP Morgan

The Blockchain Center of Excellence at J.P. Morgan leads efforts for Distributed Ledger Technology applications, actively researching blockchain use cases to develop in-house technology and pilot solutions across lines of business within J.P. Morgan.

The program also manages strategic relationships and investments with key vendors and consortia, including Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a member-led industry organization whose objective is to drive the use of Ethereum blockchain technology as an open-standard to empower all enterprises.

Official JP Morgan Ethereum news:

Other Ethereum use cases

A full list of companies using (or interested in using) Ethereum can actually be seen on the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance website, under the members section. We can see that many big name companies are part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, including:

  • Accenture
  • Baidu
  • Dell (Boomi)
  • Ernst & Young
  • Intel
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • VMware, Inc.

It is interesting to note that 2 of the “Big Four” accounting firms, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers are interested in Ethereum and smart contracts, which could potentially change the accounting industry.

According to Business Times Singapore, 80% of current accounting tasks will soon be done by machines, displacing humans in most junior finance roles.

Calendar 2021 Singapore

Printable Calendar 2021 Singapore

Free printable 2021 calendar Singapore available for download in the link below.


In the 2021 Monthly Calendar Singapore (printable) attached above, we see that Chinese New Year falls on 12 February, which is a Friday. Hence there is a long weekend stretching from 12 February (Friday) to 14 February (Sunday).

Another long weekend we can see in the Singapore calendar 2021 with public holidays, is the Good Friday long weekend starting on 2 April 2021 (Friday) to 4 April 2021 (Sunday).

The next long weekend is potentially the Labor Day long weekend, as can be seen in the above Singapore calendar 2021 with public holidays. Labor day (1 May 2021) falls on a Saturday, hence it is up to one’s employer to offer a day off-in-lieu.

The second last official long weekend should be the National Day public holiday, ranging from 7 August (Saturday) to 9 August (Monday).

Lastly, the last long weekend in 2021 according to the printable calendar is Christmas, ranging from 25 Dec 2021 (Saturday) to 26 Dec 2021 (Sunday), and potentially 27 Dec 2021 (Monday) if there is a off-in-lieu.

The above printable calendar is generated by Calendar Labs.

NIO ES8 Aluminium: Li Bin’s Genius Aluminum Strategy (no other country can copy NIO!)

Summary: There are only 3 countries in the world that can make more than 10 million all-aluminum Electric Vehicles per year.  NIO happens to be in one of them that can make 100 million per year, and Li Bin has taken full advantage of this fact. No other country can copy NIO at a large scale since there is simply not enough aluminum (unless heavy imports are done which will further drive up the price of aluminum).

Two of the above 3 countries have to use up their entire aluminum production to achieve 10 million all-aluminum cars, which is not practical since there are other important uses for aluminum besides cars.

NIO ES8 Aluminium

NIO’s CEO Li Bin has made the genius decision for the NIO ES8 to be completely aluminum, or to be precise, the ES8 uses 96.4% aluminum, the highest percentage of aluminum used in an all-aluminum body in mass production worldwide.

The clear benefit of aluminum over steel is that it is lighter. The NIO ES8 uses an all-aluminum frame, which is about 40% lighter than traditional steel bodies (density of steel 7.8 g/cm3> aluminum 2.7 g/cm3).

With a lighter body, an all-aluminum car would be able to travel further than a steel car per unit of battery power. It is very clear that an all-aluminum car is superior to a steel car.

The NIO ES8’s body-in-white weight is 13.6% of the total vehicle weight, which is 2460 kg. That means, the weight of aluminum in one NIO ES8 car is  approximately 13.6%x2460 = 335 kg.

The genius of Li Bin’s strategy is that no country can copy this all-aluminum strategy on a large scale, as shown in the calculations below. To further add to this, Li Bin must have thought and planned for this very early, well before the factory of ES8 was built.

How many All-Aluminum Cars can each Country make per year

The yearly aluminum production of each country is taken from Wikipedia: List of countries by primary aluminium production.

China produces 36,000,000,000 kg of aluminum in a year. Since one NIO ES8 contains 335 kg of aluminum, that means that:

China can make 36,000,000,000/335 = 107 million aluminum cars per year

Similar calculation for India, India produces 3,700,000,000 kg of aluminum in a year. Since one NIO ES8 contains 335 kg of aluminum, that means that:

India can make 3,700,000,000/335 = 11 million aluminum cars per year

We do the other calculations in the table below. Note that India and Russia have to use up 100% of their aluminum in order to exceed the 10 million aluminum cars target per year. Other countries cannot make more than 10 million all-aluminum cars even if they use up all their aluminum production.

Rank Country/Region Aluminium Production (thousands of metric tons) No. of Aluminum Cars per Year (millions)
1 China 36,000 107
2  India 3,700 11
3  Russia 3,600 11
4  Canada 2,900 9
5  United Arab Emirates 2,700 8
6  Australia 1,600 5
7  Bahrain 1,400 4
8  Norway 1,300 4
9  United States 1,100 3
10  Saudi Arabia 932 3

Number of all-aluminum cars each country can make at the maximum (per year).

Shaoqing Ren NIO: The Genius of Autonomous Driving

Ren Shaoqing NIO – Top Researcher in Autonomous Driving

Not many people know this, but NIO car manufacturer’s head of AI, Ren Shaoqing (任少卿) is an absolute genius in the field of autonomous driving. In this blog post, we will detail facts about Dr Ren Shaoqing and his research in self driving and autonomous driving technology. We will also introduce other top researchers in the field of autonomous driving. All our sources are from Google Scholar and other trusted sources.

Ren Shaoqing NIO – the secret weapon of NIO Autonomous Driving

Everyone knows that the main trumps of electric vehicles are clean energy, and autonomous driving. NIO has managed to hire the top researcher in the field of autonomous driving. They are quite low profile about it, not many people know about this at the moment.

Just click on the Google Scholar (Autonomous Driving) link, it will show you the full ranking of the top researchers in the field of autonomous driving, ranked by the official Google Scholar algorithm according to citation count.

The top 5 researchers in the field of Autonomous Driving, ranked by the official Google Scholar page.

Just look at the top researcher in the list, it is Dr Ren Shaoqing of NIO, with a whopping 111,396 citation count (as of Dec 2020). Citation counts are a way of measuring the impact of a researcher’s work. Basically, the more citation counts means the more people are noticing and citing the researcher’s papers. Ren Shaoqing’s citation count of 111k is typically 10 times more than a Full Professor at most universities.

In terms of quantity of citations, it is clear that Ren Shaoqing (NIO’s head of AI), is at the top of the game. How about quality of research?

Dr Ren Shaoqing’s research quality is top notch as well!

Ren Shaoqing NIO – Achievements in the field of Autonomous Driving

  • First author paper at NIPS (Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems), which is one of the best conferences in computer science. The paper’s topic is “Faster R-CNN: Towards real-time object detection with region proposal networks”. Real-time object detection is very related to autonomous driving, it helps the car detect objects and obstacles in real time.
  • CVPR Best Paper Award, 2016. CVPR is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. His co-authored award winning paper is titled “Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition”.
  • ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ImageNet) Competition Winner Award, 2015
  • COCO Detection Challenge Winner Award, 2015
  • Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship, 2014
  • National Scholarship of China, 2010

In case, if anyone is thinking that Dr Ren Shaoqing is just an academic nerd with no business experience, that would be totally wrong! He has business and startup experience as well, he co-founded an autonomous driving software startup, which grew into unicorn (private company with a valuation over $1 billion) in three years, aiming to help people live a better life with improved safety and efficiency of driving through artificial intelligence.

More of Ren Shaoqing’s achivements in autonomous driving and self driving can be found on his personal website.

Some of the comments on Ren Shaoqing’s personality can be found on Chinese website Zhihu (Chinese version of Quora):



Ren Shaoqing is a young guy, he is very humble with no airs. He is a very refined person, and his team is very close to him. Shaoqing’s style of doing things does not seem to be hurried, his style is slow and steady, but when it comes to “fighting”, he is also super persistent. I remember that there was a period of time when he spent the whole day in various meetings and interviews, which lasted until after 12am midnight. At this time, he did not leave office in a hurry, but continued to do some work that could only be done by calming down in the quiet of the night. In the early days, he was mainly responsible for the research and development of visual perception. Later, he was responsible for the projects related to autonomous driving on highways for a period of time. When I left, he was still responsible for the research and development of visual perception.


Other Top Researchers in Autonomous Driving

Other than Ren Shaoqing of NIO, there are also other genius top researchers in the field of Autonomous Driving. Interestingly, the third highly ranked researcher in Autonomous Driving (Dr Zhou Xing) is also affiliated to NIO!

We compile some of the top researchers in autonomous driving in the table and barchart below.

Top Researchers in Autonomous Driving and Computer Vision

We list 15 top researchers (with more than 1000 citations) in the field of autonomous driving and computer vision. Notice that #1 and #3 on the list are from NIO!

Rank Name Citations
1 Shaoqing Ren (NIO) 111396
2 Andrew Blake (Samsung) 57258
3 Zhou Xing (NIO, Stanford) 36267
4 Raquel Urtasun (Uber, University of Toronto) 34264
5 Andrej Karpathy (Tesla) 32692
6 Jonathan P. How (MIT) 31601
7 Gang Wang (Alibaba) 16240
8 Uwe Franke (Daimler Mercedes-Benz) 13485
9 Fisher Yu (ETH Zurich) 13150
10 Dmitri Dolgov (Google) 8381
11 Markus Enzweiler (Daimler Mercedes-Benz) 7917
12 John M. Dolan (Carnegie Mellon University) 7206
13 Forrest Iandola (Tesla) 6277
14 Xinzhou Wu (XPENG) 5787
15 Tianjun Xiao (Tesla) 2588

Chart of top researchers in Autonomous Driving, ranked by Google Scholar Citations.

We can see from the barchart above that all 15 researchers (ranging from NIO, Tesla, XPENG) are very excellent in their field, producing research with more than 1000 citations in the field of autonomous driving or closely related fields like computer vision.

It is clear that Ren Shaoqing is one of the brightest stars in this exciting new field of Autonomous Driving!

Ren Shaoqing – the 21st Century Zhuge Liang of Autonomous Driving

Based on Ren Shaoqing’s personality (devoted and extremely hardworking 鞠躬尽瘁, but yet calm and unhurried) and achievements in autonomous driving, he bears close resemblance to a legendary character in Chinese history: Zhuge Liang.

In Chinese history or legend, Zhuge Liang was a famous military strategist and inventor. He is said to invent the first self-driving (or self-walking) cow, called the Wooden Cow Flowing Horse (木牛流马). It was said to be able to walk by itself and was used to transport grain during the Northern Expedition.

The self-driving car (or rather cow), invented by Zhuge Liang, according to legend.

Hence, Zhuge Liang can be said to be the father of autonomous driving or self-driving, according to legend. Will Ren Shaoqing (NIO’s head of AI) become the Zhuge Liang of the 21st Century and invent the perfect autonomous self-driving car?

NIO Book

Currently, there is no NIO book available as history is still being written! We will definitely add them here if books on NIO become available. For a deeper insight into Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles, there are several great books on Amazon.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
(New York Times Bestseller!)

Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies and Disruptions: Updated and Expanded Second Edition
(Autonomous vehicles will change our fundamental lifestyles and create what are perhaps the most significant opportunities of this century!)

Autonomy: The Quest to Build the Driverless Car―And How It Will Reshape Our World
(Autonomous Vehicles are said to be the innovation that promises to be the most disruptive change to our way of life since the smartphone!)