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Looking for Home Tutors?

If you are looking for home tutors (any subject, e.g. Mathematics, Chinese, English, Science, etc.) contact us at: SMS/Whatsapp: 98348087 Email: mathtuition88@gmail.com We are able to recommend you highly qualified tutors, free of charge, no obligations. Note that usually tutors’ … Continue reading

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Secondary Chinese Tuition (IP / O Level)

Ms Gao specializes in tutoring Secondary Level Chinese. Can teach composition, comprehension, etc, according to student’s weaknesses. Has taught students from RI (IP Programme), MGS, and more. Familiar with IP and O Level (HCL/CL) Chinese syllabus. Website: https://chinesetuition88.com/ Contact: 98348087 … Continue reading

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Secondary Level Chinese Tuition

Looking for O Level / IP / JC Chinese Tuition? Ms Gao specializes in teaching secondary level chinese (CL/HCL) tuition in Singapore. Ms Gao has taught students from various schools, including RI (Raffles Institution IP Programme). Teaches West / Central … Continue reading

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H2 Maths Tuition by Ex-RI, NUS 1st Class Honours (Mathematics)

Junior College H2 Maths Tuition About Tutor (Mr Wu): https://mathtuition88.com/singapore-math-tutor/ – Raffles Alumni – NUS 1st Class Honours in Mathematics Experience: More than 10 years experience, has taught students from RJC, NJC, ACJC and many other JCs. Personality: Friendly, patient and … Continue reading

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Kids with tuition fare worse?

Article: http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/kids-with-tuition-fare-worse Those who read the news, either online or in print, would probably have seen this article: “Kids with tuition fare worse”. In the article, it is claimed that: “In fact, children who received tuition actually scored about 0.256 standard … Continue reading

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Maths Tuition – What are the Benefits?

Maths Tuition – What are the Benefits? Maths tuition brings about many benefits that can be seen for the parent, the teacher and especially the student who is struggling with their mathematics subject in school. For starters, it will have … Continue reading

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Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition for Secondary Level: http://www.chinesetuition88.com Looking for students (one-to-one tuition) at Secondary Level. Preferably living in West area: Jurong/Clementi/Boon Lay. Central locations (near MRT) also acceptable. http://www.chinesetuition88.com Contact: HP: 98348087 Email: chinesetuition88@gmail.com

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Chinese Tuition 2016 (Secondary)

Looking for Chinese tuition for O levels? Check out https://chinesetuition88.com/. Learn tips on how to improve Chinese composition, comprehension, and more!

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What holiday? More kids spending school break at tuition centres

Full article: http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/more-parents-sending-their-children-study-between-terms Interesting article with some points to ponder. One quote seems true: “Force-feeding children to learn during their holidays might cause them to develop a resistance to it. This is why some children have low resiliency levels and they … Continue reading

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This parent has hit the nail on the head regarding tuition

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-on-the-web/tuition-still-effective-for-many This parent has hit the nail on the head (find exactly the right answer) regarding tuition: Whether tuition yields results largely depends on pupils’ attitudes towards learning and how motivated they are. In conclusion, tuition is necessary and can … Continue reading

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3 unhealthy trends plaguing education: Denise Phua

Source: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/3-unhealthy-trends-plaguing-education-denise-phua To summarise, the 3 unhealthy trends are: PSLE and other high stakes exams at young age Excessive Tuition phenomenon Segregating students of different learning abilities

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Singapore Tuition Forum News Compilation

Compilation of Interesting Articles on Tuition Recently, there have been many news on the Straits Times Forum / other newspapers / internet on the phenomenon of tuition in Singapore. There are many mixed opinions on tuition, which are discussed in … Continue reading

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Graphic design & Fashion degree Programmes

To all Singaporean readers and parents, We are proud to recommend some excellent Graphic Design and Fashion Degree Programmes, by First Media Design School. The degree is being conferred by the University of the West of England, Bristol. For those who … Continue reading

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Finding E Maths or A Maths Difficult?

Are you finding Elementary Maths (E Maths) or Additional Maths (A Maths) Difficult? Do not be discouraged if you find E Maths or A Maths difficult. The main reason why you are finding it to be difficult is that it is new. … Continue reading

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