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Wakin Chau 周华健 was a Math Major at University

Something interesting that not many people know? Also see Famous Nonmathematicians who studied Mathematics. Wakin Chau was born in a rice store owned by his family in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. Growing up as the fourth son in his seven-member family, … Continue reading

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Speak Mandarin Campaign Activities

Just to share, for those who are interested. Two theatrical works, Four Horses Road, and Legend of the Monkey King, are happening this month/next month.

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Chinese Competition (Total Prize of $20,000 SGD)

Quite a good deal if you are also interested in obtaining the HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) Grade 6 Qualification (HSK六级成绩报告), which will be useful if you study/work in China in the future. Entry fee is S$90 for test takers at … Continue reading

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PSLE Chinese Listening Exam (mrbrown) Very Funny!

Recently, there is a PSLE Chinese Listening Exam that does not make sense. Question: Student A bought a new clothes. Student B asks Student A: “You bought new clothes?” Student A said: ” No, it is sewn by my mother, … Continue reading

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Secondary Chinese Tuition (IP / O Level)

Ms Gao specializes in tutoring Secondary Level Chinese. Can teach composition, comprehension, etc, according to student’s weaknesses. Has taught students from RI (IP Programme), MGS, and more. Familiar with IP and O Level (HCL/CL) Chinese syllabus. Website: https://chinesetuition88.com/ Contact: 98348087 … Continue reading

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Secondary Level Chinese Tuition

Looking for O Level / IP / JC Chinese Tuition? Ms Gao specializes in teaching secondary level chinese (CL/HCL) tuition in Singapore. Ms Gao has taught students from various schools, including RI (Raffles Institution IP Programme). Teaches West / Central … Continue reading

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Recent Interview of Shing-Tung Yau (in Chinese)

Excellent interview of S.T. Yau, Fields Medalist. One mischievous student tried to ask a trick question that is a variant of the Missing Dollar Problem. The interviewer is Sa Beining, who is a famous celebrity in China. Not much mathematical content … Continue reading

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Inspirational Chinese Phrase 宠辱不惊

Source: http://www.ypzihua.com/product-2793.html Beautiful calligraphy and meaningful words. Chinese Characters: 宠辱不惊 闲看庭前花开花落 去留无意 漫随天外云卷云舒 Translation: “Don’t be disturbed by fortune or misfortune. Be relaxed no matter how flowers bloom and wilt. To be or not to be needs no hard decision. Take … Continue reading

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Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition for Secondary Level: http://www.chinesetuition88.com Looking for students (one-to-one tuition) at Secondary Level. Preferably living in West area: Jurong/Clementi/Boon Lay. Central locations (near MRT) also acceptable. http://www.chinesetuition88.com Contact: HP: 98348087 Email: chinesetuition88@gmail.com

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Chinese Tuition 2016 (Secondary)

Looking for Chinese tuition for O levels? Check out https://chinesetuition88.com/. Learn tips on how to improve Chinese composition, comprehension, and more!

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A Chinese-English Mathematics Primer

Link: http://maths.anu.edu.au/research/cma-proceedings/chinese-english-mathematics-primer Interesting book on how to read mathematical texts in Chinese. Even students fluent in Chinese everyday language may have difficulty translating the mathematical terms from Chinese to English (and vice versa), hence this book is a very useful one. … Continue reading

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Motivational: Kung Fu Panda 3 Song

The new Kung Fu Panda 3 song lyrics is out! Very motivational lyrics. The title itself <Try> is very motivational. “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ― Robert F. Kennedy The full lyrics are as … Continue reading

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现在的家长都很注重孩子的学习,但是有时候孩子不专注,或者对学习没兴趣怎么办? 俗话说:你可以把马牵到水边,但你无法强迫它饮水(意指有的事情必需本人自愿,强迫无济于事);老牛不喝水,不能强按头。 可见,强逼孩子读书是没有用的,反而会造成孩子厌倦学习。最重要是培养孩子读书的兴趣,这样往往事半功倍,孩子的学习成绩突飞猛进。 在此,让我介绍一些帮忙孩子读书厉害的书: 1) 我的第一本专注力训练书(专注的孩子更聪明) 现在很多孩子都有多动症,就算没有多动症也很难静下来读书,这是21世纪普遍的问题。因为现在太多引诱,比如电脑,手机,电视。毋庸置疑,专注的孩子更聪明,学习也肯定比较好。《我的第一本专注力训练书 》为《看到找不到》系列之精彩合集。精选本系列中最经典和最受欢迎的形象页面,按综合难度由易到难编排,增加了专注能量级的划分和“目标锁定”等小细节, 提升孩子寻找之后的成就感,逐步提升专注力、记忆力、观察力三大能力。《我的第一本专注力训练书 》足足128页,让孩子一次玩得过瘾、找得开心。 2) 学会提问(原书第10版) 学会提问是一门很大的学问。批判性思维领域“圣经”之作!权威大师30年畅销不衰的经典!史上最有内涵的思维训练书!亚马逊思维科学领域no.1!俞敏洪高度推荐 美国大学生人手一本!打开心智,提早具备未来创新人才的核心竞争力! 3) 棚车少年(套装共8册)(中英双语)(当孩子遇到挫折,这本书能让他们笑着面对人生) 天下没有100%顺利的事,孩子总有一天会遇到挫折。遇到挫折该怎么办,怎么面对?读了这本书能让孩子笑着面对人生,不如买给孩子看看。这本书是中英双语,还能帮助孩子练习语文。《棚车少年》:亨利、杰西、维莉、班尼四兄妹从小就是孤儿,他们知道自己有一个爷爷在绿野镇,但是他们不喜欢他。为了躲避爷爷,孩子们在一个破旧的棚车里 安了家,开始相依为命的生活。他们积极向上,阳光开朗,不惧生活的挫折。不仅如此,他们还相互帮助,一起寻找生活的乐趣,在树林里安家、收留小狗望望、探 宝、自由赛……最后爷爷找到了他们,原来爷爷很年轻、慈祥、很爱他们。最后他们跟爷爷一起回家,过上幸福快乐的日子。

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