Moonlight Sonata Presto Agitato (Amateur Recording)

Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement (Presto Agitato) is the most exciting movement in the famous Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

The fast tempo (Presto Agitato) has to be sustained across the entire 3rd movement (around 7 minutes), making it quite a difficult piece for amateur pianists.

We record a version (imperfect, with mistakes) on Korg G1 Air. There is a long chromatic section, whereby we analyze what is the fingering most appropriate for the chromatic scales.


Cai Yun Zhui Yue Piano Sheet Music (PDF)

This is a classical piano tune that is masterfully transcribed (by arranger Wang Jianzhong 王建中). In English, it is also called “Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon”. In Chinese, it is called 彩云追月.

The transcription is really very nice, the harmony and the melody of the original tune is preserved and even enhanced. Few piano scores for Chinese music can achieve this effect.

The sheet music (or piano score) is originally from, we simply convert to PDF for the convenience of those who are seeking it:

PDF Sheet Music Score for Cai Yun Zhui Yue: Cai Yun Zhui Yue PDF

I checked that this version is the same as the one performed by Li Yundi:

How Piano Lessons May Improve Language Learning for Kids | Time

Music => Language => Abstractness (Abstract Mathematics, Advanced Physics), these 3 faculties reside on the same (right) part of our brain., the earlier a kid develops it through music education (piano, violin or any instrument) the better.

Wakin Chau 周华健 was a Math Major at University

Something interesting that not many people know?

Also see Famous Nonmathematicians who studied Mathematics.

Wakin Chau was born in a rice store owned by his family in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. Growing up as the fourth son in his seven-member family, Wakin learned to play the guitar when he was about 13 years old. In 1979, he left for Taipei to major in mathematics at National Taiwan University. During his college years, he sang and played folk songs in local coffee shops. This activity was a tradition among NTU students, and it is how Wakin learned to sing in Mandarin, which would be key to his future as a music-maker in Taiwan.

Source: Wikipedia

Probably one of his most famous songs is “Friends”, 朋友.


Wed, 25 May 2016, 8am – 7pm
Victoria Concert Hall

Join us at the Victoria Concert Hall for a day of musical fun! From educational workshops, to backstage and historical tours of the building, and not forgetting indoor and outdoor performances – there’s definitely something for everyone.

Time Event Venue
10.30AM – 11.00AM Clarinet Duet Atrium
11.30AM – 12.30PM More than Music* Concert Hall
12.30PM – 1.30PM Bloco Singapura Empress Lawn
1.30PM – 2.00PM Flute Duet Atrium
2.30PM – 3.30PM Nadi Singapura Empress Lawn
4.00PM – 4.30PM Guzheng & Percussion Atrium
5.00PM – 6.00PM Singapore National Youth Sinfonia* Concert Hall

*Seating in the concert hall is limited and on a first-come-first serve basis.

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