Maths Tuition

Mr Wu is a patient and dedicated Maths tutor with more than 10 years of Mathematics tutoring experience. He specializes in Upper Secondary (A Maths/E Maths) and Junior College (H1/H2/H3) Maths tuition.

Credentials: RI alumnus, NUS 1st Class Honours in Mathematics

Taught students from: RI, NJC, ACJC, MGS, NYGH and more. (Testimonials)

SMS/Whatsapp: 98348087


In Singapore, Maths tuition is highly popular as Maths is one of the key subjects in the syllabus. Starting from PSLE Maths at the primary level, E Maths/A Maths/IP Maths at the secondary level, and finally H1/H2/H3 Maths at the Junior College Level. A strong foundation in mathematics is crucial for moving up the next level. An experienced Math tutor will be able to guide the student to master the concepts and techniques needed to do well in Mathematics at each stage.

Most students’ problems in Maths fall into these categories:

1) Lack of knowledge / experience (Solution: Work with an experienced Math tutor who will highlight what is important, and also practice the typical questions that will actually come out in the exam)
2) Carelessness (Solution: Learn tips to check their answers for mistakes)
3) Cannot finish paper (Solution: Learn tips, shortcuts to speed up their working)
4) Forget the formula / method of solving (Solution: learn tips and tricks to remember the formula)
5) School Exam is difficult: Top schools set their exam papers at a much higher level than the ‘O’ Levels or ‘A’ Levels. Even at the top IP schools or JCs, it is common to have 20%-50% of the class to fail the Math exam. Serious training and effort is needed to ace the internal school exams.

Reason 1 (Lack of knowledge) is the most fundamental, as students need to have exposure to the types of questions tested, rather than seeing them for the first time in the exam hall. Engaging a Math tutor will help to go through those essential topics and questions beforehand, which may not be taught in school at all. In school, teachers often have just enough time to cover the basics. What is actually tested is often much harder than what is taught in the school classroom.

Reasons 2-4 are also important as they cost many marks which are lost unnecessarily. Working on carelessness, speed and memory tips can easily boost 10 marks or more, raising your grade up one notch. There are special methods for checking for careless mistakes which are more effective than just checking through one’s working from start to end. Also, speed is not just writing faster, there are certain methodologies that enables students to solve a question in a fast and efficient manner.

SMS/Whatsapp: 98348087



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  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for liking my post “Should Parents Help With Homework?” at You are absolutely correct about teachers and parents cultivating a passion for math. Students improve when they see that math is all around us, too. Good luck and hope you visit my blog again! Kathy from Boston, MA

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  2. Kevin M-C says:

    Thank you very much for visiting, and I love your website! It is always nice to see dedicated tutors who help make subjects such as mathematics easier to understand.

    Singapore has a great education system, and it is so nice to see all of you further math education. I enjoy reading your proofs. It reminds me of all of my work from my university studies!

    Good luck on your blog! -Kevin

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  3. Yong Qiang says:

    Hi mathtuition88,
    I chanced upon your blog from a google search and i found it really resourceful. Just like you, im pursuing a math degree in NUS soon, however im quite skeptical about the practicality of Math in the real world. Sources say that data modelling and financial analyst are among some of the real-world applications but how true are they? I hope you can share with me what gave you the impetus to pursue Math and how practical are they.

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    • Hi Yong Qiang, thanks for visiting my blog. Math is really practical, especially in this modern age. Some applications of math are cryptography, image processing, data analysis, in addition to your valid points on modeling and financial analysis. Math related jobs have consistently been ranked the best jobs in America, you can try googling “best job mathematician”. Good luck for your future endeavors and do pursue your passion.


      • tomcircle says:

        Our top 2 politicians are math graduates: The President Dr. Tony Tan (Bachelor in Math, Malaya University) and the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (Cambridge Math Tripo ‘2nd Wrangler’ ie Top in 1st class honors).

        Math is used in IT like Google search algorithm (Linear Algebra), Big Data Analytics (Algebraic Topology), Encryption (RSA Prime Number), Economy, Finance, Actuary Science, Medicine, etc.

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  4. Oh my God! I have a migraine now, this is how horrible I’m with math. After reading your blog, I feel like a tiny aunt just about to be squashed by giant Gods like you guys. So this is to tell you how honored I feel by your presence on my blog. lol
    Thanks for visiting!

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  5. mental says:

    Thanks for showing some love and liking my post. It looks like you’ve got a great blog here. If you’re interested and have an iphone, I’d be happy to give you an access code for my mental math app after it’s been uploaded to the app store.

    Stay in touch!

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  6. Thanks a lot for the blog. I have a P1 girl whose hobby is to do assessment books but doesn’t like reading story books. She has completed P2 assessment books and doing P3 assessment books. With advises from her school principal, I decided not to let her progress with assessment books and I am really lost as to what to do with her. I shall try out the books that you recommended.

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  7. jvjijith says:

    Thanks for liking my post your website looks awesome

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  8. youareguru says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck with your math blog!

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  9. blogofmaths says:

    Thanks for liking my post ‘A Question of Sport’ on I thought that post really turned out well. Your math blog looks great!

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  10. writetocure says:

    Thanks for liking my post on The books you mentioned are very interesting. In addition to a child with ADHD, I have a quite gifted child who is good at math. So I will look into the books you recommended.

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  11. … greatly appreciate your looking at and enjoying my blog ( … I will be signing up to follow your blog, finding that the more folks I talk to, the smarter they make me … again, thanks … mark

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  12. paintdigi says:

    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

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  13. Thank you so much for liking my post. Great website you have here!

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  14. marimbagal says:

    Thank you for the encouragement and for the visit to my blog! I can’t believe anyone actually found my blog. I am passionate about investing in others, and posted those -a day ago. Currently I tutor math, and am looking into the opportunity to teach and reach more!

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  15. Olcay O. says:

    Thanks for the like and visit to my blog! Nice website by the way. It’s pretty good!

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  16. Thank you for liking my post: 3 secrets your teacher won’t tell you
    Your website is very informative! I am just starting to create a new brand so your website is very helpful in that!! Thanks😁

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  17. eecronin says:

    Thanks for commenting on and liking my blog post!

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  18. Thanks for stopping by Living the Cure, the blog; I hope you’ll stop by again! ~Stephanie

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