As a tutor, I feel extremely happy when my students improve in Maths.

Our teaching goal is for all students to reach their fullest potential, acquire a solid foundation in Mathematics, and excel in their future endeavours.

This page features some of the testimonials and excellent results achieved by students.


  • A for H2 Math (Actual A Level)

– Jiayin, H2 Math Tuition Student

  • 71/100 for Emath; A2

– Marcus, Secondary 4 student, E Maths and A Maths Tuition

maths tuition centre testimonial

  • 81 Marks for E Math (A1)

– Yikai, Secondary 3 student, E Maths and A Maths Tuition

maths tutor testimonial

  • “Many thanks for all the help you have given Ana and best wishes for the future.”

testimonial maths tutor

  • Testimonial on A Maths Group Tuition (Differentiation/Calculus)


  •  Testimonial on O Levels E Maths A1, A Maths A2, student Y.K.

o level a1 testimonial yk

  • NMOS Gold, student Daryl

More testimonials coming soon…

Excellent Results

  • 100/100 for CA1, 97/100 for SA1 (P6)
    – Sharlene, Primary 6
  • A1 for E Maths (O Levels)
    – Y.K.
  • A1 for E Maths (O Levels)
    – Ben
  • A for H2 Maths (A Levels)
    – Jiayin
  • NMOS Gold (National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore)
    – Daryl

Congratulations to all the above students for their excellent results. 🙂


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