New PSLE System favors “All Rounders” over “Specialists”

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The new PSLE system clearly favors “all-rounders” over “specialists”.

Scenario 1: Math-Whiz VS All-Rounder

Imagine a Math/Science-whiz with

Math:100 (AL 1)
Science: 98 (AL 1)
English: 84 (AL 3)
Chinese: 84 (AL 3)

Total marks: 366   (Approx. 275 T-score)
Total AL: 8

With a “all-rounder”:

Math: 90 (AL 1)
Science: 90 (AL 1)
English: 90 (AL 1)
Chinese: 90 (AL 1)

Total marks: 360 (Approx. 270 T-score)
Total AL: 4

The Math/Science whiz (total AL 8) will be getting double the score of the “all-rounder” (total AL 4), effectively eliminating his chance of entering the top schools. The irony is that the total marks of the Math/Science Whiz is a considerable 6 marks more than the “all-rounder”.

Under the old system, both are likely to get around the same T-score (approx. 270+), with the Math/Science whiz having a higher T-score.

Scenario 2: English-Educated Kid VS All Rounder

This scenario is…

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