A Chinese-English Mathematics Primer

Link: http://maths.anu.edu.au/research/cma-proceedings/chinese-english-mathematics-primer

Interesting book on how to read mathematical texts in Chinese. Even students fluent in Chinese everyday language may have difficulty translating the mathematical terms from Chinese to English (and vice versa), hence this book is a very useful one.

My own interest in the work of Chinese mathematicans arises from their significant contributions to the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations and, in particular, of plane quadratic systems. However, Chinese mathematics covers a very wide range. This is hardly surprising, since a quarter of the world’s population is Chinese. It is predictable that during the next quarter century the importance of Chinese mathematics will increase greatly.

Author: mathtuition88


One thought on “A Chinese-English Mathematics Primer”

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    Here is the first book written by a Caucasian on Chinese-English Mathematics, that shows the Mathematical books or papers written in Chinese are attracting western mathematicians. When Prof André Weil (The French ‘Bourbaki’ Founder) met Prof Hua LuoGeng from China, he made a rare remark that said, “If there are more Chinese mathematicians like Hua’s caliber, it won’t be long that the western mathematicians one day will have to read Mathematics in Chinese.”. This book is the beginning…

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