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A math question has been stumping thousands of British students

Many people have the notion that UK British GCSE is very easy, but there seems to be a very tough Probability question that has appeared! Here’s the question on the test, which was set by the British education and examination … Continue reading

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Coursera Probability Course and Recommended Probability Book

Just completed the Coursera Probability Course by UPenn (University of Pennsylvania), lectured by Professor Santosh S. Venkatesh who is the author of the highly recommended book: The Theory of Probability: Explorations and Applications. Coursera Review The course isn’t very hard, … Continue reading

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Xinmin Secondary 2010 Prelim Paper I Q24 Solution (Challenging/Difficult Probability O Level Question)

Originally posted on Singapore Maths Tuition:
A bag A contains 9 black balls, 6 white balls and 3 red balls. A bag B contains 6 black balls, 2 white balls and 4 green balls. Ali takes out 1 ball from…

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Exciting New Math Course at Probability, and Book by Eccentric Mathematician

Recently, I just finished my Coursera course on Cryptography, and I have started a brand new course on Probability. This is a rather introductory course on Probability, probably at the junior undergraduate level. However, looking at the course syllabus, later … Continue reading

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Finding E Maths or A Maths Difficult?

Are you finding Elementary Maths (E Maths) or Additional Maths (A Maths) Difficult? Do not be discouraged if you find E Maths or A Maths difficult. The main reason why you are finding it to be difficult is that it is new. … Continue reading

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Probability Formula

Formulae for Probability Works for All Cases: P(A∪B)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A∩B) P(A|B)= P(A’)=1-P(A) For Mutually Exclusive Events Only: P(A∩B)=0 For Independent Events Only: P(A∩B)=P(A) P(B) P(A|B)=P(A) P(B|A)=P(B) P(A’∩B)=P(A’) P(B) P(A∩B’)=P(A) P(B’) P(A’∩B’)=P(A’) P(B’)

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O Level Probability

Check out this challenging O Level Probability question at: https://mathtuition88.com/2013/06/28/xinmin-secondary-2010-prelim-paper-i-q24-solution/

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