H2 Maths Distinction Rate (Percentage of As)

H2 Mathematics has one of the highest distinction rates of all subjects (around 50% each year). This means that around half of all Singaporean A level candidates score an A for H2 Maths!

H2 A Level Distinction Rates Compilation (National Average)

(For year 2010)

H2 Mathematics Distinction Rate:  51.9%
H2 Biology Distinction Rate: 43.7%
H2 Economics Distinction Rate: 33.8%

H1 Mathematics Distinction Rate: 33.1%
H1 Economics Distinction Rate: 33.8%

Literature Distinction Rate: 30.1%
History Distinction Rate: 23.7%
Geography Distinction Rate: 28.3%

Source: http://ajc.edu.sg/pdf/aj_broadcast/newsroom/news_archives/linkaj_may_2011.pdf

 H2 Maths Notes and Resources

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 Is H2 Maths the easiest H2 subject to get A?

Answer: Yes, provided the student does study conscientiously and not lag behind too much. Based on the statistics above, one can easily see that based on probability alone, H2 Maths is the easiest H2 subject to get A. Since more than 50% of students get A for H2 Maths, in a sense it is easier to get A for H2 Maths than flipping a heads on a coin!

However… (Please Read)

H2 Maths is also the easiest to fail! Without sufficient practice and effort to understand the subject material, sub-30 (below 30/100) marks are extremely common for H2 Maths. Last minute cramming will simply not work, and if a student lags too far behind in terms of syllabus, it will take extra effort to just even catch up.

In Depth Analysis of H2 Maths Distinction Rate

The 50% National Distinction Rate for H2 Maths can be quite misleading to think that every student has 50% chance of getting A for H2 Maths. The truth is that H2 Maths Distinction Rate varies a lot from school to school.

For example, AJC’s H2 Maths Distinction Rate is 62.7%, which is very much higher than the 50% average National Distinction Rate.

Raffles Institution (RI/RJC) Distinction Rate hovers around 70% to 80%!

Victoria JC (VJC)’s H2 Maths Distinction Rate is around 66.6%.

Hwa Chong (HCI) H2 Maths Distinction Rate is around 80% (8 out of 10 students scored an A for H2 Maths in HCI for three consecutive years).

Upon some thinking, one will quickly realize that if so many schools have Distinction Rate significantly above 50%, there has to be many schools with Distinction Rate significantly below 50%, in order for the National Distinction Rate to be around 50%!

The only people who know the exact Distinction Rate for the above mentioned JCs would be the internal staff and students, since the school website will probably not publish the statistics for obvious reasons.

The Best Time to Study H2 Maths is Now!

For students who are in schools with super high H2 Maths Distinction Rate, congratulations, your chances of getting A for H2 Maths are very good. However, do not be complacent till the very last day, as the race is not over yet.

For students who are in schools with very low H2 Maths Distinction Rate, the odds are unfortunately stacked against the student. However, do not lose heart, as anything is possible if one puts one’s heart and mind into it.

Good luck!

H2 Maths Notes and Resources

Check out the highly summarized and condensed H2 Maths Notes here! (Comes with Free H2 Math Exam Papers.)

H2 Math Tuition



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11 thoughts on “H2 Maths Distinction Rate (Percentage of As)”

  1. Hi Mr Wu, may I please ask if there is value practising really difficult questions for the A levels ?

    Some other schools like HCI and NYJC set their prelim papers so tough, the papers are surely way above A level standard. RI also gave us some revision worksheets with very hard math questions.


    1. For most students, the recommended priority will be to finish practicing the ten-year-series first. In fact if a student practices the TYS thoroughly it is probably sufficient practice for aiming for an A grade. Prelim papers are for additional practice to train for the hardest questions which tend to appear in prelims.


  2. Hey Mr Wu, it was a levels math tdy. May I just ask you if I accidentally computed -1/3+1 as 1/3 and it affected my marks for part a 4 marks and part b 2 marks. What are the range of method marks I may get ? My method was correct…I am so anxious omg…


    1. Mistake was at the start of the answer when I integrated…hope you can reply Mr Wu…thank you so much this year’s math paper is tough…


      1. Hi, it seems like a minor error. If the rest of your working is clear and correct, probably you will get the bulk of the marks. Yes, this year’s paper is difficult and quite unlike the previous years of Ten-year-series questions. All the best and not to worry too much.


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