The Math of NBA Basketball (+ Humorous Jeremy Lin Video)

Many people think Math is useless, but here is irrefutable evidence that Math can be useful for many things, including even basketball!

Basketball is a game of tactics, not just brute force, hence other than being physically fit the mental agility of the players and the strategy of the coach is very important. Using the math software described in the above video would definitely help NBA players like Jeremy Lin reach the next highest level and contribute 100% to the team.

Funny Jeremy Lin Math Video

This is just for humor!

Jeremy Lin: The Reason for the Linsanity

Jeremy Lin is probably the smartest NBA basketball player in history, graduating from Harvard university! Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin recently became a New York Knicks phenomenon and he’s the NBA’s first American-born player of Taiwanese descent. The book will chronicle Lin’s high school, college and early career in the NBA with particular emphasis on the media explosion surrounding his success as starting point guard with the Knicks. It will explore how Jeremy’s Christian faith, family, education and cultural inheritance have contributed to his success. The book will also include interviews with basketball experts on Jeremy’s future in the NBA, Asian-American thought leaders on the role of race in Jeremy’s rise to stardom, and renowned Christian athletes and pastors on the potent combination of faith and sports.

How to get into Harvard (5 Step Process by Jeremy Lin)

Ambitious JC students who wish to try their luck for Harvard may wish to take these 5 steps into consideration!


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