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Many times, it is possible to be stuck on a Math Problem. I have personally been stuck on Math Problems many numerous times, for instance when doing the Math Problem of the Month! When you finally discover the solution by yourself, the feeling of accomplishment is like pure nirvana. There are some books that specifically address How to Solve Math Problems, one of them is How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics. Very highly rated on Amazon, this book describes modern methods to solve heuristics and optimization problems (suitable for students interested in Computer Science). Another well written book by Polya is How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method (Princeton Science Library). This book is suitable for students who like challenging math problems to train their mathematical skills!

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A Difficult Problem: Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet?

Watch this very inspirational video about learning.

When students encounter a difficult Math problem, there are two ways to approach it. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet? The mindset the student adopts can make a huge difference in the learning effectiveness.

The key point is that there is great power of believing that you can improve. Adopting a growth mindset enables students to transcend their initial limitations and improve to a new level.

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Self-theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality, and Development (Essays in Social Psychology)