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Free Exam Papers Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3 and Secondary 4

Free Secondary 1, Sec 2 and Sec 3 papers are much harder to find as compared to Secondary 4 (O Level) exam papers, which can be found relatively easily online. Even if one is willing to buy exam papers, one may not find any lower Secondary (Sec 1 / Sec 2)  papers for sale especially for rarer subjects like Chinese, History, Geography, English, etc.

Another type of free secondary exam papers that are very hard to find online are free Normal Academic (NA) exam papers. Most papers found online are Express exam papers, not Normal Academic. Normal Technical (NT) exam papers are even rarer.

On the other spectrum, free IP (Integrated Programme) exam papers are also hard to find online. Nonetheless, for most IP schools, the syllabus is not that different from Express (although the order in which they teach the topics may be different). Hence, doing Express exam papers could also benefit IP students greatly.

There is a website named Smart Guppy which has free exam papers, and even personal notes compiled by top students from top schools like RGS. All notes and exam papers on Smart Guppy are free to every student.

Free Exam Papers Secondary School

We have a list of Free Exam Papers on our Free Exam Papers main page. In addition, you may want to check out the site, they have free exam papers from various secondary schools (login is required to download).

The websites mentioned above has exam papers such as:

  • Sec 1 Express Science SA2
  • Secondary 1 Express Maths
  • Secondary 1 Normal Academic Maths
  • Secondary 2 Express Science
  • Secondary 3 Express Chemistry
  • Secondary 3 Express Physics
  • Secondary 4 A Maths
  • Secondary 4 E Maths
  • and more free exam papers (secondary level).

SG Free Exam Papers

In general, you should always try to search for SG (Singapore) free exam papers before attempting to buy. Especially for Secondary 4 exam papers, they are the easiest to find and can be found relatively easily by simple Googling. For other subjects, you may try to use some advanced Google tips and techniques in order to search for free exam papers.

Singapore exam papers are also widely favored by parents in Hong Kong (HK), Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In Hong Kong, Singapore Secondary Exam Papers are suitable for Junior Secondary 1 to 3 (Form 1 to 3) students. In Malaysia, our SG Secondary Exam Papers are suitable for students in Form 1 to Form 5 (ages 12 to 17).

Free Printable Exam Papers Singapore

As mentioned in our above paragraphs, you may wish to check out our main Free Exam Paper page. The exam papers are mostly in PDF format, and sometimes in Word format, which are all printable. It is also common to print exam papers at a smaller size of 2 pages per sheet of paper in order to save paper.

Where to Buy Exam Papers in Singapore

As a last resort, if you cannot find free exam papers for secondary school, you may wish to visit Bras Basah Complex which is the traditional place to buy hard copy exam papers. There are also various sites online which sells exam papers, but only in soft copy.

Another place to buy authentic exam papers is through Carousell, where graduating students may sometimes sell their exam papers and notes since they have no further use for it anyway.

For official O Level Cambridge exam papers, the place to buy them is at Popular bookstores, where they are often sold in the form of Ten Year Series. If you wish to find cheaper or older O Level exam papers, again the place to go to is Bras Basah Complex, where there are many second hand bookstores selling such secondary level exam papers.


Buy Math Notes with Exam Papers

We are selling Math Short Summarized Notes, and giving away Free Exam Papers bundled together! These two complement each other, the Short Condensed notes will help when doing the Exam Papers, and practice makes perfect for Maths.

Check out the Highly Condensed Math Notes at:

Currently, we have 4 products:

  • Highly Condensed E Math Notes (Bundled with E Maths Prelim Papers)
  • Highly Condensed A Math Notes (Bundled with A Maths Prelim Papers)
  • Chicken and Rabbit Worksheet Generator (Bundled with PSLE P6 Prelim Papers)
  • Multiplication Worksheet Generator (Bundled with Primary 4 Exam Papers)

All of them can be accessed from this page:

Many times, it is possible to be stuck on a Math Problem. I have personally been stuck on Math Problems many numerous times, for instance when doing the Math Problem of the Month! When you finally discover the solution by yourself, the feeling of accomplishment is like pure nirvana. There are some books that specifically address How to Solve Math Problems, one of them is How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics. Very highly rated on Amazon, this book describes modern methods to solve heuristics and optimization problems (suitable for students interested in Computer Science). Another well written book by Polya is How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method (Princeton Science Library). This book is suitable for students who like challenging math problems to train their mathematical skills!

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Free Exam Papers (A Level) (A Level Maths)

Personally crafted free Maths practice Question Sets for all students/educators (A Level Maths Resource Site)

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Free Exam Papers (A Level) (Teach JC Math)

JC H2 Maths Prelim Free Exam Papers

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Free Exam Papers (Secondary) (Recent papers)

A treasure trove of E Math Prelim Papers (very recent papers)


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Free Exam Papers (Secondary) (10 Sets)

10 Sets of Prelim Free Exam Papers (A Maths)

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Free Exam Papers (Secondary) (Siglap)

Siglap Secondary Maths Free Exam Papers

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Free Exam Papers (Primary) (Test paper info)

Click on “Test Paper Database ” on the Left Navigation Panel. Many exam papers in PDF format. Login is necessary though.

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Free Exam Papers (Primary) (Java samples)

Excellent website for downloading free exam papers for primary level. Highly recommended.

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Tip: Using Google “filetype” filter to search for Free Exam Papers

This is a handy tip to search for Free Exam Papers on Google.

(Note: Google is very powerful, but it can only search for exam papers that are already online in the first place)

Since most exam papers are in PDF format, we can restrict our search to PDF files by adding the phrase “filetype:pdf” to the Google search.

For example, searching “hwa chong maths sec 2” in Google does not yield many exam papers.

Searching “hwa chong maths sec 2 filetype:pdf” returns a much better result, including some worksheets and test papers.



Sec 3 Hwa Chong Institution Maths Test Papers and Resources


Description: Includes Sec 3 Hwa Chong Institution Maths Test Papers and Resources


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