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A Maths List of Formula to Remember

Are you looking for a list of Additional Mathematics (A Maths) Formulas to remember? Check it out at: https://mathtuition88.com/math-notes-worksheets-sale/ Updated to include: Supplementary Angles, Complementary Angles, and Half Angle Formulas for Trigonometry Remember, memorizing the formula is not enough. We … Continue reading

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GAT DSA Past Year Paper

GAT: General Ability Test Most schools DSA (Direct School Admissions) now requires sitting for a test called GAT. While the actual past year papers are not to be found online, there are many similar test papers from other countries: 1) http://bettereducation.com.au/Resources/PastTestPapers.aspx 2) http://acedmy.yolasite.com/resources/gat_sample_paper.pdf 3) http://www.cpapers.com/past-papers/gat-general-test-model-questions-answers.php … Continue reading

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Tuition for All Subjects

If you are looking for tuition for other subjects, be it English Tuition, Social Studies Tuition, Geography Tuition, Physics Tuition, Chemistry Tuition, Biology Tuition, Chinese Tuition, Economics Tuition, GP Tuition or Piano/Violin Lessons … Check out our page on Other … Continue reading

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Finding equation of circle (A Maths) 8 mark Question!

Question: Find the equation of the circle which passes through and and has, for its tangent at , the line . Solution: Recall that the equation of a circle is , where is the centre of the circle, and is … Continue reading

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Secondary Maths Tuition: Kinematics Question

Solution: acceleration of car Let be the time (in seconds) when the car overtakes the truck. Total distance travelled by car at T seconds = area under graph = ( is the velocity of car at T seconds, it is obtained … Continue reading

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Logarithm and Exponential Question: A Maths Question

Question: Solve Solution: Using calculator, and leaving answers to at least 4 s.f., Lg both sides, (3 s.f.) Check answer (to prevent careless mistakes): Since LHS=RHS, we have checked that our answer is valid.

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Maths Tutor Singapore, H2 Maths, A Maths, E Maths

If you or a friend are looking for maths tuition: o level, a level, IB, IP, olympiad, GEP and any other form of mathematics you can think of Experienced, qualified (Raffles GEP, Deans List, NUS Deans List, Olympiads etc) and … Continue reading

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Maths Tuition Free Exam Papers (Primary, Secondary, O Levels, A Levels) Links

The Free Exam Papers Database has moved to: https://mathtuition88.com/free-exam-papers (Click here to go to Free Exam Papers Database)

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Ten Year Series: How many questions or papers to practice for Maths O Levels / A Levels?

This is a question to ponder about, how many questions or papers to practice for Maths O Levels / A Levels for the Ten Year Series? If you searched Google, you will find that there is no definitive answer of … Continue reading

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积少成多: How can doing at least one Maths question per day help you improve! (Maths Tuition Revision Strategy)

We all know the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“. Many essential activities, like eating, exercising, sleeping, needs to be done on a daily basis. Mathematics is no different! Here is a surprising fact of how much … Continue reading

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A Maths Tuition: Trigonometry Formulas

Many students find Trigonometry in A Maths challenging. This is a list of Trigonometry Formulas that I compiled for A Maths. Students in my A Maths tuition class will get a copy of this, neatly formatted into one A4 size … Continue reading

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