NUS High E-Open House


NUS High will be holding its E-Open House on 15th May. Do check it out!

NUS High is famous for its strong Math and Science curriculum. Many of their students are very strong in Math Olympiad and other Scientific topics.

E-Open House
15th May (Short Presentation and Q&A session with School Leaders, Alumni and Parents)

  • 1st Session: 9:00 – 11:00 am
  • 2nd Session: 2:00 – 4:00 pm

E-Engagement Sessions

  • 1st Session: 19th May (Tue), 4:00 – 5:00 pm
  • 2nd Session: 23rd May (Sat), 9:30 – 10:30 am
  • 3rd Session: 23rd May (Sat), 2:30 – 3:30 pm
  • 4th Session: 27th May (Wed), 4:00 – 5:00 pm

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Update (provided by one of my Facebook readers):

NUS High School has put out its school presentation as part of its E-Open House on 15 May 2020, and its related e-engagement events for parents and interested P6 students. The content is well planned to clarify common questions from parents and potential students.

YouTube link to the school presentation (about 30mins long):

There is also a Telegram group to receive information on NUSH Admissions for DSA 2020 (for the Class of 2026) :-
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NUS High School DSA Selection Test Results Out

The first round results of NUS High School DSA Selection Test are apparently out since yesterday July 24. (Source: Kiasuparents)

Those who are successful will receive the following email:

Thank you for attending NUS High School DSA Selection Test and Camp. Candidates who passed the selection will be invited to our DSA School Preview to gain a sneak peek into the unique learning experience at NUS High School.

The outcome of the DSA Selection Exercise will be announced by the 3 August 2018 via the registered e-mail.

We would like to notify you early that the DSA School Preview would be on 8 August 2018. The shift is made after the consideration of the PSLE oral examination which will happen on the 16 August 2018 as well as to provide you and your family an uninterrupted 4-day long weekend break from 9 – 12 August 2018. We hope that the shift of date will allow you to have more family time with your parents during weekend as well as sufficient time for you to prepare for the coming PSLE oral examinations.

We seek your understanding and patience in this matter.

Congratulations to those who have passed this round! Do check out our tips for DSA interview.

NUS High Selection Test (DSA)

Official Website:

The official website, unfortunately, doesn’t tell much about how the NUS High Selection Test / DSA is like, in particular the format of the exam.

However, from online sources from students who took the test, we can have a glimpse of what the NUS High Selection Test (DSA) is like.

Disclaimer: I have not taken the NUS High Selection Test (DSA) before, and I am only listing down suggested format of the tests based on the online sources. I have taken the GEP Selection Test (both round 1 and round 2) though, at Primary 3.

Source 1:

This is a highly reliable blog post by the sister of Lim Jeck, a highly skilled Math Olympiad Participant who has achieved perfect score at IMO. From the blog post, we can tell that:

  • The Math Paper is 1 and a half hours.
  • Math Paper is “ok” (easier than NMOS) Do take note that the blogger is very good at math, so “easy” is subjective.
  • Math Paper has 7 pages, inclusive of cover page and last page.
  • 23 Non-MCQ questions, where you have to shade the integer answer. (Do bring a pencil!)
  • “The first few Math questions are easy, like P6 Math questions. One of the easiest Math questions is, the average of 3 numbers is given, you add another 2 numbers and you get another given average, you have to find the sum of the 2 numbers added. There are varying marks for different questions. I think the harder questions carry 4 marks.”
    (Again, easy is subjective, what is easy for a Olympiad Gold Medalist may not be easy at all)
  • “Total marks for Maths and Science are 55 and 30 respectively.For Maths, max of answer shades is 4, so max answer may be 9999. Maths questions carry 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks and 4 marks. Think Q23 (last qn) is a 4-mark question.”
    (We can assume that due to the format of this test, all answers are integers!)

Read more at to get an idea of the original post and how the Science NUS High DSA (supposedly more difficult than the Math NUS High DSA) is like.

To deal with difficult NUS High DSA problems (last few questions of the Selection Test), most likely the student has to be trained in Math Olympiad. A book like The Art of Problem Solving Volume 1: The Basics AND Basics Solution Manual (2 Volume Set would be ideal in beginning the journey in Math Olympiad. Note that Math Olympiad is nothing like normal school math, and even a fresh university graduate in a math-related major say Engineering/Accounting would have great problems solving a Primary 6 Math Olympiad question, if he doesn’t have the necessary Math Olympiad background!

If you are also interested in preparing for GEP (Primary 3 or Secondary 1 intake), do check out my most popular page on Recommended Books for GEP.

Other blogs with info on the NUS High DSA Selection Test:

Update (2016): Check out this Pattern Recognition (Visual Discrimination) book that is a guided tutorial for training for GEP / DSA Tests!

GAT DSA Past Year Paper

GAT: General Ability Test

Most schools DSA (Direct School Admissions) now requires sitting for a test called GAT.

While the actual past year papers are not to be found online, there are many similar test papers from other countries:




4) GEP Books are an excellent source of DSA questions, since the scope of GAT testing overlaps with the Logic portion of the GEP test. Check out the myriad of GEP Books that can be used to prepare for DSA questions equally effectively.

The Logic portion of GEP test / DSA test is not taught anywhere in the MOE syllabus, and hence the most challenging to prepare for. Your child would need to solve DSA questions like the one below, which is quite obviously not taught anywhere from Primary 1 to Primary 6. However, like all skills, these kind of logic puzzles can be taught, trained, and practiced, in the Mensa book listed below (Scroll down)!

Children can be trained to solve this type of DSA GAT questions easily

Boost your DSA GAT Scores with Mensa Book:

Match Wits With Mensa: The Complete Quiz Book

If you are looking for more DSA GAT pattern/logic questions, this is the Complete Quiz Book by Mensa. Highly rated on Amazon. These book will be helpful for those seeking for a boost in their DSA GAT scores, since GAT (General Ability Test) is just a politically correct name for IQ Test.

Furthermore, the IQ of a person is not static, it can be changed. The way to change IQ is via reading books and acquiring more knowledge.

Another good book for DSA/GAT/HAST is Ultimate IQ Tests: 1000 Practice Test Questions to Boost Your Brain Power. This book is like the “Ten Year Series” of GAT DSA tests, it will be a good and trusted book for Singaporeans who are used to studying using the practice “Ten Year Series” method, which has undoubtedly worked for generations of Singaporeans (including myself). The 1000 Practice questions (!!!) (similar to GAT) would definitely go a long way in your DSA preparation.

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Many people think that the infamous Cheryl Birthday puzzle is very difficult. However, to a well trained Math Olympian, the Cheryl Birthday question is actually considered comparatively easy! This shows that IQ of a person can be increased by reading, learning, and practicing the relevant books.

More Books to Ramp Up your DSA GAT Score:

P.S. These kind of books are rarely found in Singapore bookstores, not to mention that most decent Singapore bookstores like Borders/Page One have closed down. I have compiled the most helpful books for DSA Score-Boosting in the above link. Hope it helps!

Update (2016): Check out this Pattern Recognition (Visual Discrimination) book that is a guided tutorial for training for GEP / DSA Tests!

Motivational Books for DSA

As Singapore is a very high-tech society, there are many children who are addicted to handphones /computer games and as a result have no motivation to learn. Needless to say, this would result in rather severe consequences in exam results if not corrected early. Even for gifted children, the consequence of computer/cellphone addiction is really harmful, not to mention students who already have a weak academic foundation. Hence, motivational books like those listed here are actually of great importance. Only if a child sees the value of learning, will he be interested and self-motivated in learning. Related book: Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap.


If you are looking for information regarding NUS High DSA, please click here.

Finally, all the best and good luck for your DSA test!

Kindle for Singaporean Students

Parents who like the idea of technology combined with education may want to check out the Kindle rather than the iPad.
Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers

The problem with the iPad is that there are too many games! Children (and even adults) will find it hard to resist the games. The Kindle would be better for education, since it is primarily a reading device, and there are many educational books available at low cost or even free.

For example, this course CK-12 Algebra I – Second Edition, Volume 1 Of 2 is totally free and costs $0.00 if you have the Kindle. Hence, the Kindle is a much better alternative to iPad for students.

Buy Kindle from Qoo10 (Singapore’s Taobao/Amazon)

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