NUS High School DSA Selection Test Results Out

The first round results of NUS High School DSA Selection Test are apparently out since yesterday July 24. (Source: Kiasuparents)

Those who are successful will receive the following email:

Thank you for attending NUS High School DSA Selection Test and Camp. Candidates who passed the selection will be invited to our DSA School Preview to gain a sneak peek into the unique learning experience at NUS High School.

The outcome of the DSA Selection Exercise will be announced by the 3 August 2018 via the registered e-mail.

We would like to notify you early that the DSA School Preview would be on 8 August 2018. The shift is made after the consideration of the PSLE oral examination which will happen on the 16 August 2018 as well as to provide you and your family an uninterrupted 4-day long weekend break from 9 – 12 August 2018. We hope that the shift of date will allow you to have more family time with your parents during weekend as well as sufficient time for you to prepare for the coming PSLE oral examinations.

We seek your understanding and patience in this matter.

Congratulations to those who have passed this round! Do check out our tips for DSA interview.


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