Tip for SST Selection Camp

SST (School of Science and Technology) is a relatively new secondary school (established in 2010) that offers an alternative approach to the usual MOE secondary schools. It is not very well known at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised if majority of Singaporeans did not hear of it or know its existence. It does seem like a good school though.

According to Kiasuparents, majority of parents (53%) are concerned that SST does not have a good track record yet. However, there are students who are very keen to enter SST, and it is not that easy given its limited enrollment. They have to attend some selection camp similar to NUS High School. (SST admits 100% of the students through DSA exercise, so there is no way to get in via PSLE score alone.)

Also check out: NUS High Selection Test (DSA). Most probably students applying for SST are also considering NUS High School as their alternative choice.

SST Selection Camp Review

Came across an “insider tip” for the School of Science and Technology selection camp at Kiasuparents. Quite impressive actually that a secondary student can write so well.


I’m a student is currently studying in SST, while the teachers do look for prospective students, they look out for those with the ability to think on the spot, work well with others and conquer unexpected challenges. The school wants those with the passion for science and technology, but also those who have the desire to do well. In my personal experience, just be yourself, do not try to “fake” your way through, because our teachers can see through the smoke… Erm, let’s say, they deal with it a lot, especially during humanities. Be yourself; the teachers do look for one thing, the most important thing, which is respect and honesty.

The DSA Phase II for our school will have the students split up into groups of 4/5, in which group interviews are carried out, but do note, in these interviews, respect your other interviewees, or they usually won’t accept you. After the group interviews, they would have you go through a challenge. In 2015 they had my team design and built a parachute, which had various requirements and restrictions, which will hinder prospective students, in a right way. This is a part of the process to see what prospective students can achieve via creative and critical thinking.

For those going for the Phase 2 next week, CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK!
I hope to see you for the “A Day @ SST” and/or in school next year!

An SST Student

Basically, I think SST is looking for a creative student that is genuinely interested in science and technology (i.e. not being forced by their parents). Personality traits matter too, at the minimum the student should be able to coexist peacefully with his/her fellow students. Good teamwork is definitely a plus point.

According to the official Selection Criteria, these are the factors that will give you better admission chances to SST:

Selection Criteria

Academic and Cognitive Abilities

Applicants are assessed on both academic achievements and cognitive abilities based on academic track records and other accomplishments, as well as the outcome of the General Ability Test (GAT) and Comprehension Reasoning Test (CRT).

Aptitude for Applied Learning

SST aims to engage our students through Applied Learning approaches. Shortlisted candidates will thus have to participate in a selection activity and be assessed for their suitability  to work and learn in the fast-paced and rigorous environment of the school.

Interests and Motivation

Candidates’ proclivity and passion for areas related to mathematics, science and technology may be gauged through their CCA involvement, student portfolios, teachers’ recommendations and personal statements. Students who have done well in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competitions may be considered favourably for admission.

Hint: Math Olympiad may be useful here. Check out our post on Math Olympiad.

(For admission into Secondary 3, particular emphasis will be placed on personal leadership, academic strength and consistent performance.)


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