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Dunman High DSA

Dunman High DSA Tips Dunman High is a good school that has a very good school culture. It is strong in several CCAs (Co-curricular activities). Its Chinese Orchestra is exceptionally good (and large in terms of numbers), in fact most … Continue reading

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Tip for SST Selection Camp

SST (School of Science and Technology) is a relatively new secondary school (established in 2010) that offers an alternative approach to the usual MOE secondary schools. It is not very well known at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised … Continue reading

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DSA Interview Questions

Interviews can be intimidating even for adults, let alone 12 year olds. However, the DSA interview is a very important aspect, especially since many would have the same qualifications / test results. Familiarizing with some of the questions can be … Continue reading

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Interview of Michael Atiyah (aged 86!)

Source: https://www.quantamagazine.org/20160303-michael-atiyahs-mathematical-dreams/ Inspirational interview by Michael Atiyah, winner of both Fields Medal and Abel Prize, currently age 86! Excerpt from the interview: Is there one big question that has always guided you?  I always want to try to understand why things work. … Continue reading

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