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O Level Maths Tuition

https://mathtuition88.com/group-tuition/ https://mathtuition88.com/ Maths Tuition @ Bishan starting in 2014. Secondary 4 O Level E Maths and A Maths. Patient and Dedicated Maths Tutor (NUS Maths Major 1st Class Honours, Dean’s List, RI Alumni) Email: mathtuition88@gmail.com SMS: 98348087

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Secondary Maths Tuition: Kinematics Question

Solution: acceleration of car Let be the time (in seconds) when the car overtakes the truck. Total distance travelled by car at T seconds = area under graph = ( is the velocity of car at T seconds, it is obtained … Continue reading

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Make (y) the subject of the formulae (O Level Maths Tuition)

Question: Make (y) the subject of the formulae (1) Solution: Cross multiply,

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O Level 2007 E Maths Paper 2 Q3 Solution (Geometry Question)

(a) (opposite angles of parallelogram) (shown) (b) (from part a) (opposite angles of parallelogram) Thus, triangles ADP and CBR are congruent (ASA). (c)(i) Considering the triangle ADP, (shown) (ii) Considering the triangle ABQ, (shown)

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Free Exam Paper: CHIJ Katong Convent Sec 3 Express Additional Mathematics

Katong Convent Exam Paper (Sec 3 A Maths, with answers)    

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积少成多: How can doing at least one Maths question per day help you improve! (Maths Tuition Revision Strategy)

We all know the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“. Many essential activities, like eating, exercising, sleeping, needs to be done on a daily basis. Mathematics is no different! Here is a surprising fact of how much … Continue reading

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A Maths Tuition: Trigonometry Formulas

Many students find Trigonometry in A Maths challenging. This is a list of Trigonometry Formulas that I compiled for A Maths. Students in my A Maths tuition class will get a copy of this, neatly formatted into one A4 size … Continue reading

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