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O Level E Maths Tuition: Statistics Question

Solution: From the graph, Median = 50th percentile = $22,000 (approximately) The mean is lower than $22000 because from the graph, there is a large number of people with income less than $22000, and fewer with income more than $22000. (From the … Continue reading

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Secondary Maths Tuition: Kinematics Question

Solution: acceleration of car Let be the time (in seconds) when the car overtakes the truck. Total distance travelled by car at T seconds = area under graph = ( is the velocity of car at T seconds, it is obtained … Continue reading

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Make (y) the subject of the formulae (O Level Maths Tuition)

Question: Make (y) the subject of the formulae (1) Solution: Cross multiply,

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O Level 2007 E Maths Paper 2 Q3 Solution (Geometry Question)

(a) (opposite angles of parallelogram) (shown) (b) (from part a) (opposite angles of parallelogram) Thus, triangles ADP and CBR are congruent (ASA). (c)(i) Considering the triangle ADP, (shown) (ii) Considering the triangle ABQ, (shown)

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Sec 3 Hwa Chong Institution Maths Test Papers and Resources

Site: http://anglc.wiki.hci.edu.sg/space/content Description: Includes Sec 3 Hwa Chong Institution Maths Test Papers and Resources   Please visit our site https://mathtuition88.com/free-exam-papers for updates on more Free Exam Papers and Maths Tips.

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Top Maths Tuition

We are now listed on Page 1 on Google for the keyword “Maths Tuition”! Thank you for your support. Please continue to visit our site for Free Exam Papers, and tips regarding Maths.

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Free Exam Paper: CHIJ Katong Convent Sec 3 Express Additional Mathematics

Katong Convent Exam Paper (Sec 3 A Maths, with answers)    

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Maths Tuition Free Exam Papers (Primary, Secondary, O Levels, A Levels) Links

The Free Exam Papers Database has moved to: https://mathtuition88.com/free-exam-papers (Click here to go to Free Exam Papers Database)

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Ten Year Series: How many questions or papers to practice for Maths O Levels / A Levels?

This is a question to ponder about, how many questions or papers to practice for Maths O Levels / A Levels for the Ten Year Series? If you searched Google, you will find that there is no definitive answer of … Continue reading

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A Maths Tuition: Trigonometry Formulas

Many students find Trigonometry in A Maths challenging. This is a list of Trigonometry Formulas that I compiled for A Maths. Students in my A Maths tuition class will get a copy of this, neatly formatted into one A4 size … Continue reading

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Exam Time Management and Speed in Maths (Primary, O Level, A Level)

Time management is a common problem for Maths, along with careless mistakes. For Exam Time management, here are some useful tips: 1) If stuck at a question for some time, it is better to skip it and go back to … Continue reading

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Challenging Geometry E Maths Question — St Andrew’s Sec 3 Maths Tuition Question

Question: ABCD is a rectangle. M and N are points on AB and DC respectively. MC and BN meet at X. M is the midpoint of AB. (a) Prove that and are similar. (b) Given that area of : area … Continue reading

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O Level Logarithm Question (Challenging)

Question: Given , find the value of  . Solution: Working with logarithm is tricky, we try to transform the question to an exponential question. Let Then, we have . Here comes the critical observation: Observe that . Divide throughout by … Continue reading

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Hwa Chong IP Sec 2 Maths Question – Equation of Parabola

Question: Given that a parabola intersects the x-axis at x=-4 and x=2, and intersects the y-axis at y=-16, find the equation of the parabola. Solution: Sketch of graph: Now, there is a fast and slow method to this question. The … Continue reading

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Page Number One On Google – Singapore Maths Tuition

We are now on Google Page Number One, for the keyword “Singapore Maths Tuition“. Thank you for your support. Singapore Maths Tuition

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Maths Tuition Flyer

This is a Maths Tuition Flyer I created using the Maths software , for distribution in the following areas: Lorong Chuan Bishan Ang Mo Kio Toa Payoh Serangoon Gardens PDF: Maths Tuition Flyer

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Sec 2 IP (HCI) Revision 1: Expansion and Factorisation

This is a nice worksheet on Expansion and Factorisation by Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). There are no solutions, but if you have any questions you are welcome to ask me, by leaving a comment, or by email. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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Is d/dx (a^x)=x a^{x-1}? (a conceptual error in O/A Level Math)

In O Level, students are taught that So naturally, students may think that (a is a constant) Well, actually that is good pattern spotting, but unfortunately it is incorrect. Do not be too disheartened if you make this mistake, it … Continue reading

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How to avoid Careless Mistakes for Maths?

Many parents have feedback to me that their child often makes careless mistakes in Maths, at all levels, from Primary, Secondary, to JC Level. I truly empathize with them, as it often leads to marks being lost unnecessarily. Not to mention, it … Continue reading

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Why is e^(ln x)=x? (O Level Math/ A Level Math Tuition)

Why is ? This formula will be useful for some questions in O Level Additional Maths, or A Level H2 Maths. There are two ways to show or prove this, first we can let Taking natural logarithm (ln) on both sides, … Continue reading

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Factorize a^3-b^3 (O Level Math Tuition Question)


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The mass of particles of a certain radioactive chemical element (O Level Math Tuition Question)

Question from http://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=8315&start=780 The mass of particles of a certain radioactive chemical element is halved every 10 months.  During a chemical experiment, the initial mass of particles of the chemical element is 3mg. (i) write down an expression, in terms … Continue reading

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