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Time Management Tips for Students (What to do if fail JC Test / Promo Exam?)

Do you wish there is a method to improve your grades? How do you improve your grades after failing a Common Test for Secondary School or JC? The Four Quadrant Method is an ideal method for students (especially higher level … Continue reading

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Try out this simple and effective time management and study strategy, named the Pomodoro Technique. It helps to break up big tasks into smaller tasks, so that we don’t feel so overwhelmed by the task. Sometimes, students feel overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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Student Advice: Comments on Perseverance

Source: http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/courses/advice/perseverance.html Comments on Perseverance: One source of confusion for students when they reach college and begin to  do college-level mathematics is this:  in high school, it is usually pretty  apparent what formula or technique needs to be applied, as … Continue reading

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Exam Time Management and Speed in Maths (Primary, O Level, A Level)

Time management is a common problem for Maths, along with careless mistakes. For Exam Time management, here are some useful tips: 1) If stuck at a question for some time, it is better to skip it and go back to … Continue reading

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