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Challenging Trigonometry Question (ACS(I) Sec 3)

Solution: (a) Using the formula, Cross-multiply, (b) The trick here is to break up into Range: Since is acute (1st quadrant), is positive.  

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Logarithm and Exponential Question: A Maths Question

Question: Solve Solution: Using calculator, and leaving answers to at least 4 s.f., Lg both sides, (3 s.f.) Check answer (to prevent careless mistakes): Since LHS=RHS, we have checked that our answer is valid.

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Challenging Geometry E Maths Question — St Andrew’s Sec 3 Maths Tuition Question

Question: ABCD is a rectangle. M and N are points on AB and DC respectively. MC and BN meet at X. M is the midpoint of AB. (a) Prove that and are similar. (b) Given that area of : area … Continue reading

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O Level Logarithm Question (Challenging)

Question: Given , find the value of  . Solution: Working with logarithm is tricky, we try to transform the question to an exponential question. Let Then, we have . Here comes the critical observation: Observe that . Divide throughout by … Continue reading

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