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Free Logarithm Worksheet for Secondary School

Logarithm Worksheet (PDF): Logarithm Worksheet Comprises of 9 typical Logarithm questions of varying difficulty, with answer provided. Logarithm is a popular question topic for Additional Mathematics that appear in Secondary 3 or Secondary 4 A Maths. Most students have some … Continue reading

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Singapore Math (High School): Logarithm Question

The following is a follow up video on my earlier post on Logarithm Question (Challenging). The video is posted on: http://mathtuition88.blogspot.sg/2014/12/singapore-math-high-school-logarithm.html Thanks for watching! Featured Book: John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy Featured Posts: Recommended Singapore Math Books

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Logarithm rules and Indices rules

Two page helpsheet and formula list regarding Logarithm rules and Indices rules, with common mistakes to avoid: Logarithm and Indices Rules

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Notes on Logarithm by NUS

Notes on Logarithm by NUS: Source: http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/~matngtb/Calculus/mathcentre/mathcentre_workbooks/web-logarithms-new-july03.pdf Quote: Logarithms appear in all sorts of calculations in engineering and science, business and economics. Before the days of calculators they were used to assist in the process of multiplication by replacing the … Continue reading

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Bukit Panjang 2010 P1 Q3a Logarithm Question Solution (A Maths Tuition)

Question: Solve the following equation: (a) Solution: Ln both sides, we get

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Logarithm and Exponential Question: A Maths Question

Question: Solve Solution: Using calculator, and leaving answers to at least 4 s.f., Lg both sides, (3 s.f.) Check answer (to prevent careless mistakes): Since LHS=RHS, we have checked that our answer is valid.

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O Level Logarithm Question (Challenging)

Question: Given , find the value of  . Solution: Working with logarithm is tricky, we try to transform the question to an exponential question. Let Then, we have . Here comes the critical observation: Observe that . Divide throughout by … Continue reading

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