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Varignon’s Theorem (Surprising Geometry Theorem)

I first learnt it from Quora: “Take any quadrilateral. It doesn’t have to be any special kind of a quadrilateral. Then connect the midpoints of its sides. Surprisingly, you will always get a parallelogram!” Quite a nice result. Some googling … Continue reading

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Math Riddle (Proof that all triangles are equilateral)

Can you spot the subtle mistake in this video? Very interesting and a good exercise in geometry proving! 🙂 Featured book: Tutor in a Book’s Geometry Need help with Geometry? Designed to replicate the services of a skilled private tutor, … Continue reading

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The Three Square Geometry Problem – Numberphile

Watch this interesting video about the “Three Square Geometry Problem”! Theoretically, a fifth-grader or P5/PSLE student can solve it! The featured solution is truly brilliant and requires one to “think out of the box”. Featured book: Tutor in a Book’s … Continue reading

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Tips on attempting Geometrical Proof questions (E Maths Tuition)

Tips on attempting Geometrical Proof questions (O Levels E Maths/A Maths) 1) Draw extended lines and additional lines. (using pencil) Drawing extended lines, especially parallel lines, will enable you to see alternate angles much easier (look for the “Z” shape). … Continue reading

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O Level 2007 E Maths Paper 2 Q3 Solution (Geometry Question)

(a) (opposite angles of parallelogram) (shown) (b) (from part a) (opposite angles of parallelogram) Thus, triangles ADP and CBR are congruent (ASA). (c)(i) Considering the triangle ADP, (shown) (ii) Considering the triangle ABQ, (shown)

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Challenging Geometry E Maths Question — St Andrew’s Sec 3 Maths Tuition Question

Question: ABCD is a rectangle. M and N are points on AB and DC respectively. MC and BN meet at X. M is the midpoint of AB. (a) Prove that and are similar. (b) Given that area of : area … Continue reading

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