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This book Why Before How: Singapore Math Computation Strategies, Grades 1-6 is surprisingly very popular. As an Amazon Affiliate, one of the most popular book I promote on my site is actually this book. It is a Singapore Math book that focuses on the “Why” before the “How”, which is very important as nowadays questions are designed to be solved using thinking, not just mechanical procedures.



Tips to becoming an Oracle DBA

Here are some tips on becoming an Oracle database administrator. It will be useful for students interested in computer science and IT. 🙂

Tips to becoming an Oracle DBA

The Oracle database is the most sophisticated and complex database today. Knowing enough to become a database administrator is not an easy task. Oracle dataset administration is only recommended for information technology, information systems and computer science professionals who have undergone the relevant Oracle training.

The Oracle DBA’s position and salary attracts many young graduates, but few know exactly what it takes before they can earn this hallowed title in any company. An Oracle DBA is typically a senior-level manager in the smaller companies, mid-level in much bigger corporations, and their annual salaries can go as high as $ 100,000-250,000.

But the money does come with its load of responsibility – data management for the whole company, with the risk of grounding all operations with just a slight glitch. The first thing any aspiring DBA will have to remember is that database administration is just like any other profession; there’s no shortcut leading to the top.

Preparation, preparation and more preparation!

You can’t wake up one morning and decide to enroll for a DBA course, more so an Oracle DBA course. Majority of the successful DBAs in Oracle began to learn after obtaining their Bachelor’s and even Master’s degree in an IT related field. This is a career move that will require thought and plenty of preparation beforehand, and a lot of dedication after.

Oracle DBA requires 24/7 unfailing commitment, with long hours (since most of your work begins after everyone has checked out for the day) and on-call duty during holidays and other important occasions. That’s not all, as a DBA, you must keep yourself updated with every new change that comes in the Oracle and computer systems technology or you risk obsolescence.

You can now see that the Oracle DBA does earn every one of the dollars he’s paid, right?

Below is a list of qualities you should have in order to succeed in the pursuit of a career in Oracle Database Administration:

  • Communication skills

An Oracle DBA will constantly be in communication with end-users and managers to determine their data needs and act accordingly. College-level communication skills will be a must, with outstanding abilities to communicate through any medium and interpret information provided.

  • Business degree

It helps a lot if you have a college degree in business administration from a proper graduate training institution. This equips you with the foundational understanding of business systems and processes, which is required in order to best perform your job as an Oracle Applications DBA.

  • Foundational DBA skills

Prior to becoming an Oracle DBA, which is more demanding and complex, it’s recommended that you practice database administration at lower levels. Oracle has designed levels of learning for beginners, and practicing as you pursue OCA and OCM certification will be very helpful. This is because an Oracle DBA should understand other related database technologies as well e.g. Oracle Application Server and Java – J2EE, JDeveloper, Apache.

  • College classes

In preparation for a career in DBA, Operations Research is a class you want to take in your CS or IT course. This involves the development of complex decision rules and their application to real-life datasets. The back-end data store is usually Oracle, and it provides a great platform to prepare for the job setting.

Author Bio

Tom Foster is an expert in database administration. For more information on WordPress, SQL, Oracle and other database management and administration, contact the database professionals by visiting their website.



Challenging O Level Trigonometry Question (A Maths)

A reader of our blog asked the following Maths question:

Given that \sin x+\sin y=a and \cos x+\cos y=a, where a\neq 0, express \sin x+\cos x in terms of a.

This is a rather challenging question, since there are many options to start. Which formula(s) should we use? Factor formula? R-formula? Give it a try first if you want to have a challenge.


It turns out we can write:

\sin y=a-\sin x

\cos y=a-\cos x

Then, use \sin^2 y+\cos ^2 y=1

(a-\sin x)^2+(a-\cos x)^2=1


a^2-2a\sin x+\sin^2 x+a^2-2a\cos x+\cos^2 x=1


2a^2-2a(\sin x+\cos x)+1=1

2a(a-(\sin x+\cos x))=0

Since a\neq 0, we have a-(\sin x+\cos x)=0.

Thus, \boxed{\sin x+\cos x=a}.

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Schaum’s Outlines–Problem Solved.

Maths Group Tuition at Bishan: E Maths and A Maths

Maths Tuition @ Bishan starting in 2014.

Secondary 4 O Level E Maths and A Maths.

Patient and Dedicated Maths Tutor (NUS Maths Major 1st Class Honours, Dean’s List, RI Alumni)



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Singapore Maths Group Tuition for O Level 2014

Maths Tuition @ Bishan starting in 2014.

Secondary 4 O Level E Maths and A Maths.

Patient and Dedicated Maths Tutor (NUS Maths Major 1st Class Honours, Dean’s List, RI Alumni)



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3D Trigonometry Maths Tuition



(a) Draw a line to form a small right-angled triangle next to the angle 18^\circ

Then, you will see that

\angle ACD=90^\circ-18^\circ=72^\circ (vert opp. angles)

\angle BAC=180^\circ-72^\circ=108^\circ (supplementary angles in trapezium)

By sine rule,

\displaystyle \frac{\sin\angle ABC}{30}=\frac{\sin 108^\circ}{40.9}

\sin\angle ABC=0.697596

\angle ABC=44.23^\circ

\angle ACB=180^\circ-44.23^\circ-108^\circ=27.77^\circ=27.8^\circ (1 d.p.)

(b) By Sine Rule,

\displaystyle\frac{AB}{\sin\angle ACB}=\frac{30}{\sin 44.23^\circ}

AB=\frac{30}{\sin 44.23^\circ}\times\sin 27.77^\circ=20.04=20.0 m (shown)


\angle BCD=\angle ACD-\angle ACB=72^\circ-27.77^\circ=44.23^\circ

By Cosine Rule,

BD^2=40.9^2+50^2-2(40.9)(50)\cos 44.23^\circ=1242.139

BD=35.24=35.2 m


\displaystyle\frac{\sin\angle BDC}{40.9}=\frac{\sin 44.23^\circ}{35.24}

\sin\angle BDC=0.80957

\angle BDC=54.05^\circ

angle of depression = 90^\circ-54.05^\circ=35.95^\circ=36.0^\circ (1 d.p.)


Let X be the point where the man is at the shortest distance from D. Draw a right-angle triangle XDC.

\displaystyle\cos 72^\circ=\frac{XC}{50}

XC=50\cos 72^\circ=15.5 m

Tips on attempting Geometrical Proof questions (E Maths Tuition)

Tips on attempting Geometrical Proof questions (O Levels E Maths/A Maths)

1) Draw extended lines and additional lines. (using pencil)

Drawing extended lines, especially parallel lines, will enable you to see alternate angles much easier (look for the “Z” shape). Also, some of the more challenging questions can only be solved if you draw an extra line.

2) Use pencil to draw lines, not pen

Many students draw lines with pen on the diagram. If there is any error, it will be hard to remove it.

3) Rotate the page.

Sometimes, rotating the page around will give you a fresh impression of the question. This may help you “see” the way to answer the question.

4) Do not assume angles are right angles, or lines are straight, or lines are parallel unless the question says so, or you have proved it.

For a rigorous proof, we are not allowed to assume anything unless the question explicitly says so. Often, exam setters may set a trap regarding this, making the angle look like a right angle when it is not.

5) Look at the marks of the question

If it is a 1 mark question, look for a short way to solve the problem. If the method is too long, you may be on the wrong track.

6) Be familiar with the basic theorems

The basic theorems are your tools to solve the question! Being familiar with them will help you a lot in solving the problems.

Hope it helps! And all the best for your journey in learning Geometry! Hope you have fun.

“There is no royal road to Geometry.” – Euclid

Animation of a geometrical proof of Phytagoras...
Animation of a geometrical proof of Pythagoras theorem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reason for Maths Tuition

My take is that Maths tuition should not be forced. The child must be willing to go for Maths tuition in the first place, in order for Maths tuition to have any benefit. Also, the tuition must not add any additional stress to the student, as school is stressful enough. Rather Maths tuition should reduce the student’s stress by clearing his/her doubts and improving his/her confidence and interest in the subject. There is a quote “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.“. Tuition is one way to help the child with preparation.

Parallelogram Maths Tuition: Solution



(a) We have \angle APQ=\angle ARQ (opp. angles of parallelogram)

AP=RQ (opp. sides of parallelogram)

AR=PQ (opp. sides of parallelogram)

Thus, \triangle APQ\equiv\triangle QRA (SAS)

Similarly, \triangle ABC\equiv\triangle CDA (SAS)

\triangle CHQ\equiv\triangle QKC (SAS)

Thus, \begin{array}{rcl}\text{area of BPHC}&=&\triangle APQ-\triangle ABC-\triangle CHQ\\    &=&\triangle QRA-\triangle CDA-\triangle QKC\\    &=& \text{area of DCKR}    \end{array}



\angle ACD=\angle HCQ (vert. opp. angles)

\angle ADC=\angle CHQ (alt. angles)

\angle DAC=\angle CQH (alt. angles)

Thus, \triangle ADC is similar to \triangle QHC (AAA)

Hence, \displaystyle\frac{AC}{DC}=\frac{QC}{HC}

Thus, AC\cdot HC=DC\cdot QC


Tuition That We May Have To Believe In

This insightful article makes a really good read.

Quotes from the article:

To be honest, the amount to be learnt at each level of education is constantly increasing, and tuition could just help you get that edge over others. After all, it was meant to be supplementary in nature.

The toughest part at the end of the day however, is probably this: getting the right tutor.

guanyinmiao's musings (Archived: July 2009 to July 2019)

This commentary, “Tuition That We May Have To Believe In”, is a reply to a previous article on tuition by Howard Chiu (Mr.), “Tuition We Don’t Have To Believe In” (Read).

I must say Howard’s article had me on his side for a moment. He appealed to me emotively. Nothing like a mental picture of some kid attending hours and hours of tuition immediately after school when he could well be enjoying himself thoroughly with… an iPhone or iPad (I highly doubt kids these days still indulge their time at playgrounds). But the second time I read his article, I silenced the part of my brain which still prays the best for children, so do pardon me if I sound a tad too pragmatic at times.

The overarching assertion that Howard projects his points from is that there is “huge over consumption of this good”. Firstly, private tutoring…

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