Korea’s Education System

Check out this interesting video highlighting Korea’s academic system. Seems at least thrice as stressful as Singapore, no? Recently, I do see quite a few Koreans studying in Singapore, possibly to them it is less stressful in Singapore compared to Korea.

One comment in the video summarized it: “How sad, all that for a spot in university that isn’t ranked high internationally, an average job with average pay and a crappy personal life that barely exists.”

Video features:

  • Hagwons (Korea tuition centres)
  • Superstar Tutors
  • Plastic Surgery
  • University Admissions
  • Alternative New Schools in Korea

Reason for Maths Tuition

My take is that Maths tuition should not be forced. The child must be willing to go for Maths tuition in the first place, in order for Maths tuition to have any benefit. Also, the tuition must not add any additional stress to the student, as school is stressful enough. Rather Maths tuition should reduce the student’s stress by clearing his/her doubts and improving his/her confidence and interest in the subject. There is a quote “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.“. Tuition is one way to help the child with preparation.