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Mathematics is not a spectator sport (How to study Maths for Humanities students)

Studying Mathematics is totally different from studying Humanities, this is the reason why humanities students often don’t do well in maths. But with the right studying techniques (i.e. practising doing mathematics), humanities students can be very good at maths. Together with … Continue reading

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Chinese Math Students vs English Math Students

Source: http://toshuo.com/2007/chinese-math-students-vs-english-math-students/ This is a recent test used in England: Here’s a Chinese math test: Now we know why students from China are so good at Maths!

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Maths Skills to be a Doctor

Doctor and Lawyer are the top two favourite careers in Singapore. Do doctors need to use Maths? Read the below to find out. Even if Maths is not directly needed, the logical thinking skills learnt in Mathematics will definitely be … Continue reading

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The Key To Career Success

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brooks-mccorcle/the-key-to-career-success_b_3511254.html “The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.” ~ Stan Gudder, Mathematician Math, at its core, is about solving problems — about breaking a challenge into its basic elements … Continue reading

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Sec 3 Hwa Chong Institution Maths Test Papers and Resources

Site: http://anglc.wiki.hci.edu.sg/space/content Description: Includes Sec 3 Hwa Chong Institution Maths Test Papers and Resources   Please visit our site https://mathtuition88.com/free-exam-papers for updates on more Free Exam Papers and Maths Tips.

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How to avoid Careless Mistakes for Maths?

Many parents have feedback to me that their child often makes careless mistakes in Maths, at all levels, from Primary, Secondary, to JC Level. I truly empathize with them, as it often leads to marks being lost unnecessarily. Not to mention, it … Continue reading

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