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Chinese Math Students vs English Math Students

Source: http://toshuo.com/2007/chinese-math-students-vs-english-math-students/ This is a recent test used in England: Here’s a Chinese math test: Now we know why students from China are so good at Maths!

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Additional Maths — from Fail to Top in Class

Really glad to hear good news from one of my students. From failing Additional Maths all the way, he is now the top in his entire class. Really huge improvement, and I am really happy for him. 🙂 To other students … Continue reading

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Make Britain Count: ‘Stop telling children maths isn’t for them’

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/maths-reform/9621100/Make-Britain-Count-Stop-telling-children-maths-isnt-for-them.html “The title comes from the central argument of the book,” says Birmingham-raised Boaler, “namely the idea that maths is a gift that some have and some don’t. That’s the elephant in the classroom. And I want to banish … Continue reading

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