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Buy surgical mask online Singapore

Just bought this Dotafa (4-ply surgical mask made in Vietnam) mask from Qoo10. The quality is good, with good thickness (see picture below). Delivery speed is fast as well (just 2 days using Qprime delivery). Only issue is the expensive … Continue reading

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Centrum Vitamin Review

I used to think that with a balanced diet, there is no need to take vitamins. However, recently I read several articles that due to soil depletion, there is lack of minerals in the soil that is used to plant … Continue reading

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Does Reboiled Water Cause Cancer?

Just to share with all. Hard to imagine that a simple act like reboiling water is actually causing harm to health. The logic makes sense though: reboiling water evaporates some of the water which is lost as water vapor. The … Continue reading

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The Strange Location of Your Second Brain

Check out this interesting video on the human body’s second brain — the intestines. Children who are studying may want to drink more Yakult and yoghurt to have a healthy intestine, which impacts the brain.

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Good night’s sleep adds up to better exam results – especially in maths

To all students taking Maths exams, do have a good night’s sleep before the exam! Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/5486844/Good-nights-sleep-adds-up-to-better-exam-results-especially-in-maths.html Researchers found that higher scores were related to greater sleep quality, especially less awakenings rather than the actual length of time asleep. The … Continue reading

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Maths Skills to be a Doctor

Doctor and Lawyer are the top two favourite careers in Singapore. Do doctors need to use Maths? Read the below to find out. Even if Maths is not directly needed, the logical thinking skills learnt in Mathematics will definitely be … Continue reading

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