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A Maths List of Formula to Remember

Are you looking for a list of Additional Mathematics (A Maths) Formulas to remember? Check it out at: https://mathtuition88.com/math-notes-worksheets-sale/ Updated to include: Supplementary Angles, Complementary Angles, and Half Angle Formulas for Trigonometry Remember, memorizing the formula is not enough. We … Continue reading

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Can you read this Math Clock?

DCI Matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock, 11-1/2″ Diameter If you can read this clock, you are without a doubt a geek. Each hour is marked by a simple math problem. Solve it and solve the … Continue reading

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Very Inspirational Math Video

Just to share a video here: Very Inspirational Math Video It is a video of a girl who once did a math quiz and totally blanked out for the whole quiz. However, it turned out that her teacher did not … Continue reading

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Why is e irrational?

Anyone who has taken high school math is familiar with the constant . Today we are going to prove that e is in fact irrational! We will go through Joseph Fourier‘s famous proof by contradiction. The maths background we need … Continue reading

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Math Handheld Computer Game

Featured Item: Educational Insights Math Whiz Is your child disinterested in Math? Looking for some fun and educational Math games? Math Whiz plays like a video game and teaches like electronic flash cards. This portable ELA quizzes kids on addition, … Continue reading

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NUS Math Ranked among Top in Asia

In the latest Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject (2014), NUS Math is ranked among the best mathematics departments in Asia. Featured book: Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers’ Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United … Continue reading

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Notes on Coordinate Geometry by Hwa Chong Institution

Coordinate Geometry Notes Source: http://mathace2012.wiki.hci.edu.sg/ Check out these Formulas for: Distance between 2 points Midpoint between 2 points Gradient Formulas and more at http://mathace2012.wiki.hci.edu.sg/ Featured book: The Ultimate book of Formulas (2000+ Formulas!) Schaum’s Outline of Mathematical Handbook of Formulas … Continue reading

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News: Math, reading performance is stagnant among US 12th-graders, assessment finds

Math, reading performance is stagnant among US 12th-graders, assessment finds Washington Post The nation’s high school seniors have shown no improvement in math and reading performance since 2009, and large racial achievement gaps … Math, reading performance stagnates among US 12th-graders, … Continue reading

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News: Singapore Education Ranked Third in World

Singapore takes third spot in global education rankings Straits Times Teacher Anthony Tan conducting an English lesson with a class of Primary 6 pupils at Woodlands Primary School. Singapore’s education system has … Singapore offers Saudi Arabia help in education Arab … Continue reading

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Monster Group

Check out this Youtube video on the Monster Group (related to Group Theory, a branch in Mathematics) In the mathematical field of group theory, the monster group M or F1 (also known as the Fischer–Griess monster, or the Friendly Giant) … Continue reading

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How to prove square root of 2 is irrational?

A rational number is a number that can be expressed in a fraction with integers as numerators and denominators. Some examples of rational numbers are 1/3, 0, -1/2, etc. Now, we know that . Is the square root of 2 … Continue reading

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Studies and Studying: How do top students study?

Source: http://www.quora.com/Studies-and-Studying/How-do-top-students-study/answer/Qiaochu-Yuan-1 Check out this post by MIT almost perfect-scorer, on how to study. His secret is to study the material in advance, before the lessons even start! This is really a useful strategy, if implemented correctly. Imagine being in Primary … Continue reading

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Math News: Math student from Nanyang Technological University detects OAuth, OpenID security vulnerability

Is it safe to log in through well known sites such as Facebook and Google? Think again, for Wang Jing, a PhD student in mathematics at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, has detected critical security vulnerabilities in the OAuth, … Continue reading

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Education News Update

The Straits Times holds its first Education Forum on Sunday Straits Times The Straits Times’ first Education Forum on May 4, 2014, held at the Singapore Management University’s Mochtar Riady Auditorium. — ST PHOTO: … All 300 places at The Straits … Continue reading

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Riemann Hypothesis Proof

Latest News: Riemann Hypothesis Proved? Source: http://arxiv.org/abs/1402.5952 Recently, I saw on Arxiv (an online Math journal) that a professor from South-China Normal University, Mingchun Xu, has proved the notoriously difficult Riemann Hypothesis. Quote: “By using a theorem of Hurwitz for … Continue reading

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Maclaurin Series Informal Proof

Most students will encounter the Maclaurin Series (also known as the Taylor’s Series centered at zero) when they are studying JC H2 or College Maths. The formula looks pretty intimidating at the start: How on earth does one come up with that … Continue reading

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SG Education News: Even Saudis are learning Singapore way of Teaching

Saudis learning the Singapore way of teaching Straits Times Since last October, the National Institute of Education (NIE) has taken leadership trainers from the kingdom under its wing, training them in curriculum … All 300 places at The Straits Times’ first … Continue reading

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Math News April 28

Can Monkeys do advanced Math? Read the below news for the answer and more! Math wiz monkeys providing researchers with insights into human brain activity Fox News Monkeys trained to solve math problems are providing researchers with new insights into … Continue reading

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Fibonacci Numbers and the Mysterious Golden Ratio

What are Fibonacci Numbers? Fibonacci Numbers, named after Leonardo Fibonacci, is a sequence of numbers: , with a recurrence relation . Relation to Golden Ratio Fibonacci Numbers are linked to the mysterious Golden Ratio, In fact, the ratio of successive … Continue reading

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Best Fibonacci Number Videos on Youtube

Math is logical, functional and just … awesome. Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci series. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!) Dr James Grime on the Pisano … Continue reading

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Just to share a website on Tuition Agency and Past Year Papers. Website:  http://www.pastyearpaper.com Past Year Paper is an established Singapore Home Tuition Agency that brings to you quality private tutors and free exam papers for primary, secondary school to … Continue reading

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Click to Tweet (Free Math Newsletter Subscription)

Tweet: Visit http://ctt.ec/2feRO+ ! Subscribe to our free newsletter, for updates on Math, Education.

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How to Find Asymptotes of Graphs

This post is all about finding  Vertical and Horizontal asymptotes of graphs. Vertical Asymptotes Usually, vertical asymptotes come about when there is a rational function with a numerator and a denominator, for instance, . When the denominator is 0, the … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle for Reading Math Books

Looking for an alternative to the Ipad? Why not try out the Amazon Kindle? Are your books taking up too much space and collecting dust? Want to switch to Ebooks in this Electronic Age? Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, … Continue reading

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Free Math Movies

Want to watch movies about Mathematics? There is a nice website with Free Movies involving Math. It is not the full movie, but the portion of the movie that involves math. The site is: http://www.math.harvard.edu/~knill/mathmovies/ This is a collection of … Continue reading

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Looking for a Math Board Game / Fun Math Game?

Look no further! In this post I will recommend the Top 5 Math Games for kids, on Amazon.com. Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and is a highly trusted and respected online retailer. Sometimes, it is hard … Continue reading

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2048 Math Game Free Strategy Guide / Walkthrough

2048 Strategy 2048 is a highly popular Math/Puzzle game that can be played on the computer or on mobile devices. The game is about adding two tiles together until you get the number 2048. The link for the desktop version … Continue reading

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Math Weekly News

This is the list of Top Weekly Math News around the world. To view more Math News, you can scroll down to the bottom of this website, and there will be more Free Math News for your viewing. Math, reading … Continue reading

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Singapore Education News April 2014

Singapore education minister shares 4 principles on ICT use in education FutureGov Magazine The Ministry of Education in Singapore is now preparing for the fourth Education Master Plan. According to Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, … Despite criticisms, education system … Continue reading

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HCI Confession Page Math Joke

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HwaChongConfessions “Today I asked the girl I like on FB to help me do math prob 9x-7i>3(3x-7u) 9x-7i>9x-21u -7i>-3(7u) -i>-3u = i<3u but she go put the ans as 3u>i ruining my whole plan T.T” -HCJC Student (M) Math … Continue reading

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Paul Erdos’ Proof that there are Infinite Primes

 Paul Erdos’ Proof that there are Infinite Primes (with Examples) Every integer can be uniquely written as , where is square-free (not divisible by any square numbers). For instance, 6 is square-free but 18 is not, since 18 can be … Continue reading

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E Maths Tuition Centre

https://mathtuition88.com/group-tuition/ https://mathtuition88.com/ E Maths Challenging Question Sometimes, E Maths can seem more difficult than A Maths! Nevertheless, exposure and practising E Maths questions will make it easier as the student gets used to the problem solving techniques required to solve … Continue reading

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The story of Euclid and the infinitude of primes

Once upon a time, there lived a Mathematician named Euclid. Euclid came up with an ingenious method of proving that there are infinitely many prime numbers. Prime numbers are whole numbers that only have two factors, one and itself. For … Continue reading

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Straits Times Education Forum

Source: http://creative.asiaone.com/2014/IA/eduforum_IA140331/index.html This is the link to the Straits Times Education Forum, for parents who are interested to attend. The keynote speaker is Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister of Education.

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Tuition for All Subjects

If you are looking for tuition for other subjects, be it English Tuition, Social Studies Tuition, Geography Tuition, Physics Tuition, Chemistry Tuition, Biology Tuition, Chinese Tuition, Economics Tuition, GP Tuition or Piano/Violin Lessons … Check out our page on Other … Continue reading

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Math Joke from China

Translation: After class, Xiaogang asks Xiaodong what is the Math homework for today. Xiaodong replied, “The integer solutions of are the question numbers of the Math Homework that are due.” A Netizen posted: “If I had such a classmate, I would say, “Sorry … Continue reading

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E Maths Group Tuition and Why E Maths is actually more difficult than A Maths

https://mathtuition88.com/group-tuition/ Come for E Maths Tuition at Bishan! Conveniently located at Block 230 Bishan Street 23 #B1-35 S(570230), near Catholic High School. Schedule: Monday 7pm-9pm (E Maths) (Perfect for students who have CCA in the afternoon, or students who want to keep … Continue reading

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How to calculate Chinese Zodiac

How to use Math to calculate Chinese Zodiac and Impress your Friends The Shengxiao (Chinese: 生肖, literally “birth likeness”), also known in English as the Chinese zodiac (“zodiac” derives from the similar concept in Western Astrology and means “circle of animals”), … Continue reading

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April Fools Math!

Check out this video on April Fools Math! The content is about Complex Numbers. Really funny. 🙂 Over a million views! Also, check out this post on Math Jokes: https://mathtuition88.com/2014/03/08/math-jokes/ Also, we have a series of Best Fake Proofs on … Continue reading

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Math and Education Forum

Math and Education Forum Dear Readers, We have started a new Math and Education Forum: http://mathtuition88.freeforums.net/ You are welcome to join! Members with high post counts will be promoted to Moderator. Have a nice day and have fun with Math. … Continue reading

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What is 1 divided by 0?

What is 1 divided by 0? Is it infinity? Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_by_zero Contrary to popular opinion, 1 divided by 0 is not infinity! Wikipedia states that “the expression has no meaning, as there is no number which, multiplied by 0, gives a … Continue reading

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Which is bigger, 0.9999999…. or 1?

One way to argue that 0.99999… is equal to 1 is the following: 1/3=0.33333… Multiply the above equation by 3, 1=0.99999… Is the above convincing? If you are still not convinced, we can let x=0.99999… Then, 10x=9.99999… 10x-x=9.99999…-0.99999…=9 9x=9 Hence, … Continue reading

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Math Rap Video and How not knowing Math can cost you $15,000

Math Rap covering many Math topics: Pythagoras’ Theorem Equation of a straight line Probability Logic Truth Tables “Come to class everyday, and do your homework every night, and everything is going to be alright.” 🙂 If this guy had studied … Continue reading

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US “Common Core” Math gets a bit too convoluted

How would you solve 427-316? Most people educated in the past would simply use the usual subtraction working to arrive at the answer of 111. But lately, in the USA, the Common Core Math approach gets very complicated and teaches an … Continue reading

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How to save money as a student

How to save money as a student Education post: What tips/frugal tips would you give to an international student moving to Singapore? Source: http://www.quora.com/Singapore/What-tips-frugal-tips-would-you-give-to-an-international-student-moving-to-Singapore As an international student, I assume your lodgings are taken care of, hence the bulk of … Continue reading

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Functions and Graphs

In this post, we will discuss how to sketch the graphs of , for y=-2 to 3. First, we will look at Quadratic Graphs () Quadratic Graphs If a>0, the graph is a “U” shape or “happy face”. 🙂 If … Continue reading

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What’s New

What’s New (E Maths Tuition) E Maths Tuition and A Maths Tuition https://mathtuition88.com/group-tuition/ https://mathtuition88.com/ Patient and Dedicated Maths Tutor (NUS Maths Major 1st Class Honours, Dean’s List, RI Alumni) Email: mathtuition88@gmail.com SMS: 98348087

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How to do Partial Fractions

Partial Fractions Step 1: Firstly, we have to check that the fraction is a proper fraction. (Degree of P(x) strictly smaller than Degree of Q(x)) For example, : Proper fraction : Improper fraction : Improper fraction If the partial fraction … Continue reading

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Can Dogs do Mathematics?

Today, our post will be about Man’s best friend and how dogs can do Mathematics. Or can they? Source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/canine-corner/201103/do-dogs-know-mathematics Some people doubt that dogs are capable of even the most rudimentary form of quantitative thinking. The most basic form … Continue reading

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1000 Multiplication Questions

These are some Multiplication Questions and Answers generated by the Multiplication Worksheet Generator for Grade 1 – Grade 3 listed on the Maths Resources for Sale page. Q1) 13 x 7 = Q2) 10 x 9 = Q3) 10 x 8 = … Continue reading

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