Indian bride walks out of wedding when groom fails math test


Here’s one more reason to learn math!

NEW DELHI (AP) — An Indian bride walked out of her wedding ceremony after the groom failed to solve a simple math problem, police said Friday.

The bride tested the groom on his math skills and when he got the sum wrong, she walked out.

The question she asked: How much is 15 plus six?

His reply: 17.

The news may seem like a joke, but on a more serious note, the usage of calculators in Primary 5 & Primary 6 has led to a drop in the mental arithmetic standards of children in Singapore! As a tutor, I have clearly observed the difference before and after the calculator usage was introduced. Many a times, students need a calculator to calculate what is 18+15, for example. Also, 8 times 8 (mental calculation) would pose a challenge nowadays to some students ages 9-12, whereas in the past students would know it is 64 in less than a second.

What is happening is that students are getting a bit too reliant on the calculator, and hence their human calculator (a.k.a brain) has lack of training in this aspect. How to remedy it is to practice and train in more multiplication questions.




Math Trivia: Sum of all the Roulette Numbers is 666 !


The numbers on a roulette are from 1 to 36, including one zero (European style) or two zeroes (American style).

What is the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel? The answer is actually 666, the “number of the beast”!

\boxed{1+2+3+\cdots +35+36=(37)(36)/2=666}

Interesting? Perhaps this is a warning that gambling is not good?!

Check out this interesting Math video too:

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How to calculate Chinese Zodiac

How to use Math to calculate Chinese Zodiac and Impress your Friends

The Shengxiao (Chinese: 生肖, literally “birth likeness”), also known in English as the Chinese zodiac (“zodiac” derives from the similar concept in Western Astrology and means “circle of animals”), is a scheme and systematic plan of future action, that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes, according to a 12-year cycle. It remains popular in several East Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan. (Wikipedia: Chinese Zodiac)

calculate chinese zodiac

Simple Mental Calculation: Years after 1900

  1. Subtract 1900 from the year you are finding. E.g. 1988-1900=88
  2. Divide your answer by 12 and find the remainder. E.g. 88/12=7R4
  3. Add 1 to your answer. E.g. 4+1=5
  4. The answer represents the Chinese Zodiac of that year! (1-Rat 鼠, 2-Ox 牛, 3-Tiger 虎, 4-Rabbit 兔, 5-Dragon 龙, 6-Snake 蛇, 7-Horse 马, 8-Goat 羊, 9-Monkey 猴, 10-Rooster 鸡, 11-Dog 狗, 12-Pig 猪) Hence, 1988 is the Year of the Dragon, since 5 represents Dragon.

Calculation for Years after 2000

Very similar to the above, with some slight changes.

  1. Subtract 2000 from the year you are finding. E.g. 2015-2000=15
  2. Divide your answer by 12 and find the remainder. E.g. 15/12=1R3
  3. Add 5 to your answer. E.g. 3+5=8 (Note: If your answer is greater than 12, subtract 12 from it)
  4. The answer represents the Chinese Zodiac of that year! (1-Rat, 2-Ox, 3-Tiger, 4-Rabbit, 5-Dragon, 6-Snake, 7-Horse, 8-Goat, 9-Monkey, 10-Rooster, 11-Dog, 12-Pig) Hence, 2015 is the Year of the Goat, since 8 represents Goat.

Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

Chinese Zodiac List

Test your new skills and check the Chinese Zodiac for the following years from 1900 to 2100!

You may also refer to the table at:

Year 1900: Rat
Year 1901: Ox
Year 1902: Tiger
Year 1903: Rabbit
Year 1904: Dragon
Year 1905: Snake
Year 1906: Horse
Year 1907: Goat
Year 1908: Monkey
Year 1909: Rooster
Year 1910: Dog
Year 1911: Pig
Year 1912: Rat
Year 1913: Ox
Year 1914: Tiger
Year 1915: Rabbit
Year 1916: Dragon
Year 1917: Snake
Year 1918: Horse
Year 1919: Goat
Year 1920: Monkey
Year 1921: Rooster
Year 1922: Dog
Year 1923: Pig
Year 1924: Rat
Year 1925: Ox
Year 1926: Tiger
Year 1927: Rabbit
Year 1928: Dragon
Year 1929: Snake
Year 1930: Horse
Year 1931: Goat
Year 1932: Monkey
Year 1933: Rooster
Year 1934: Dog
Year 1935: Pig
Year 1936: Rat
Year 1937: Ox
Year 1938: Tiger
Year 1939: Rabbit
Year 1940: Dragon
Year 1941: Snake
Year 1942: Horse
Year 1943: Goat
Year 1944: Monkey
Year 1945: Rooster
Year 1946: Dog
Year 1947: Pig
Year 1948: Rat
Year 1949: Ox
Year 1950: Tiger
Year 1951: Rabbit
Year 1952: Dragon
Year 1953: Snake
Year 1954: Horse
Year 1955: Goat
Year 1956: Monkey
Year 1957: Rooster
Year 1958: Dog
Year 1959: Pig
Year 1960: Rat
Year 1961: Ox
Year 1962: Tiger
Year 1963: Rabbit
Year 1964: Dragon
Year 1965: Snake
Year 1966: Horse
Year 1967: Goat
Year 1968: Monkey
Year 1969: Rooster
Year 1970: Dog
Year 1971: Pig
Year 1972: Rat
Year 1973: Ox
Year 1974: Tiger
Year 1975: Rabbit
Year 1976: Dragon
Year 1977: Snake
Year 1978: Horse
Year 1979: Goat
Year 1980: Monkey
Year 1981: Rooster
Year 1982: Dog
Year 1983: Pig
Year 1984: Rat
Year 1985: Ox
Year 1986: Tiger
Year 1987: Rabbit
Year 1988: Dragon
Year 1989: Snake
Year 1990: Horse
Year 1991: Goat
Year 1992: Monkey
Year 1993: Rooster
Year 1994: Dog
Year 1995: Pig
Year 1996: Rat
Year 1997: Ox
Year 1998: Tiger
Year 1999: Rabbit
Year 2000: Dragon
Year 2001: Snake
Year 2002: Horse
Year 2003: Goat
Year 2004: Monkey
Year 2005: Rooster
Year 2006: Dog
Year 2007: Pig
Year 2008: Rat
Year 2009: Ox
Year 2010: Tiger
Year 2011: Rabbit
Year 2012: Dragon
Year 2013: Snake
Year 2014: Horse
Year 2015: Goat
Year 2016: Monkey
Year 2017: Rooster
Year 2018: Dog
Year 2019: Pig
Year 2020: Rat
Year 2021: Ox
Year 2022: Tiger
Year 2023: Rabbit
Year 2024: Dragon
Year 2025: Snake
Year 2026: Horse
Year 2027: Goat
Year 2028: Monkey
Year 2029: Rooster
Year 2030: Dog
Year 2031: Pig
Year 2032: Rat
Year 2033: Ox
Year 2034: Tiger
Year 2035: Rabbit
Year 2036: Dragon
Year 2037: Snake
Year 2038: Horse
Year 2039: Goat
Year 2040: Monkey
Year 2041: Rooster
Year 2042: Dog
Year 2043: Pig
Year 2044: Rat
Year 2045: Ox
Year 2046: Tiger
Year 2047: Rabbit
Year 2048: Dragon
Year 2049: Snake
Year 2050: Horse
Year 2051: Goat
Year 2052: Monkey
Year 2053: Rooster
Year 2054: Dog
Year 2055: Pig
Year 2056: Rat
Year 2057: Ox
Year 2058: Tiger
Year 2059: Rabbit
Year 2060: Dragon
Year 2061: Snake
Year 2062: Horse
Year 2063: Goat
Year 2064: Monkey
Year 2065: Rooster
Year 2066: Dog
Year 2067: Pig
Year 2068: Rat
Year 2069: Ox
Year 2070: Tiger
Year 2071: Rabbit
Year 2072: Dragon
Year 2073: Snake
Year 2074: Horse
Year 2075: Goat
Year 2076: Monkey
Year 2077: Rooster
Year 2078: Dog
Year 2079: Pig
Year 2080: Rat
Year 2081: Ox
Year 2082: Tiger
Year 2083: Rabbit
Year 2084: Dragon
Year 2085: Snake
Year 2086: Horse
Year 2087: Goat
Year 2088: Monkey
Year 2089: Rooster
Year 2090: Dog
Year 2091: Pig
Year 2092: Rat
Year 2093: Ox
Year 2094: Tiger
Year 2095: Rabbit
Year 2096: Dragon
Year 2097: Snake
Year 2098: Horse
Year 2099: Goat
Year 2100: Monkey