Math News: Math student from Nanyang Technological University detects OAuth, OpenID security vulnerability

Is it safe to log in through well known sites such as Facebook and Google? Think again, for Wang Jing, a PhD student in mathematics at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, has detected critical security vulnerabilities in the OAuth, OpenID security protocols. (Source: [Second article in the list below]

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Unique Math Learning Center Opens in Lake Forest: Local After-School Program to Provide
Chicago Tribune
Mathnasium – The Math Learning Center opened its doors in Lake Forest in March to students looking for math help and math enrichment. The new …
Math student detects OAuth, OpenID security vulnerability
( —To get right to the point, a doctoral candidate in math has discovered two holes in OAuth and OpenID that could leak data and redirect …
A math lesson for city: Teachers’ contract likely to cost billions
Mayor Bill de Blasio, who visited Staten Island Wednesday evening to speak at an SIEDC cocktail reception at the Hilton Garden Inn, has cleared his …
Math error halts Bank of America’s stock buy back and dividend increase
WILMINGTON, Del., April 28 (UPI) — Bank of America has had to halt its proposed stock buy back and dividend increase because of a math error in its …
Philadelphia girl makes math a game – and excels
Josephine Nyugen, a sixth-grader at St. Cecelia, right, with her father, Joseph, left, plays the math game ‘Into the Vortex’ on the First in Math website.
Math for public works borrowing bill proves tough
St. Cloud Times
Lawmakers from the Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee look around the prison yard near the loading dock inside the Minnesota …
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt takes Go Math! Academy into the home market
Boston Globe
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a Boston-based education company, developed the program for students in kindergarten to sixth grade to learn basic math …
Steve Ballmer’s math on Apple innovation doesn’t add up
His math of Apple innovation appears lacking to this longtime Mac user. Let me add a few more of his “tricks” to the list: The Apple II platform. Ballmer …
Math class helps special needs student try to win a wheelchair van
There’s a lot more going on than just addition and subtraction in Mr. Green’s math class. “We just want to help out this family,” Said Cody Green.
Budget math takes a U-turn: Christie blames federal tax law that brought windfall last year
The same federal tax policy that Governor Christie is now blaming for New Jersey’s $807 million budget shortfall helped save his budget last year …

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