Math News April 28

Can Monkeys do advanced Math?

Read the below news for the answer and more!

Math wiz monkeys providing researchers with insights into human brain activity
Fox News
Monkeys trained to solve math problems are providing researchers with new insights into understanding a human learning disability in which children …
Math and Science Pay, But High Schoolers Care Less
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Math and science are the peas and carrots of the jobs market: great for a career future, but resolutely unpopular with the young. Even amid a relatively …
Math wrath in Pincher Creek?
Pincher Creek Echo
Protesters gather during a rally to support a petition calling for math curriculum reform at the Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton, Alta., …
Monkey Math and Other Number-Crunching Critters
Discovery News
Rhesus monkeys are able to perform math at an advanced level, reports a study this week from Harvard Medical Medical school. The monkeys were …
Math department wins national award for exemplary program
The Williams record
According to Susan Loepp, professor of mathematics, the College’s department is unique in several regards. “Everyone likes math even if they don’t …
From math failure to savant: How a mugging made a numbers whiz
CTV News
Padgett describes the brutal bar attack and his subsequent transformation into a math savant in his new book, Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury …