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“I LOVE YOU” Math Graph

This is how to plot “I LOVE YOU” using Math Graphs (many piecewise functions plotted together). Interesting? Share it using the buttons below this post! Source: Found it on Weibo (China’s version of Facebook) Love and Math: The Heart of … Continue reading

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How to Find Asymptotes of Graphs

This post is all about finding  Vertical and Horizontal asymptotes of graphs. Vertical Asymptotes Usually, vertical asymptotes come about when there is a rational function with a numerator and a denominator, for instance, . When the denominator is 0, the … Continue reading

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Functions and Graphs

In this post, we will discuss how to sketch the graphs of , for y=-2 to 3. First, we will look at Quadratic Graphs () Quadratic Graphs If a>0, the graph is a “U” shape or “happy face”. 🙂 If … Continue reading

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