E Maths Group Tuition and Why E Maths is actually more difficult than A Maths


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Do not underestimate E Maths!

Those who truly understand the Maths Syllabus at Secondary Level will know that E Maths is in some ways, more difficult than A Maths. Not to mention the infamous E Maths Bell Curve, which is definitely well above 75 marks to get a chance of A1. (Some sources say the Bell Curve for E Maths is 90 marks. See http://forums.sgclub.com/singapore/questions_about_o_378705.html )

“Amaths is good, like ditzy said, I tell you, if you practise amaths everyday and do past years papers, you can see amaths quite okay one. During my secondary school years i felt that emaths more difficult than amaths.”

Source: http://sgforums.com/forums/2297/topics/401226

“You can ask many people out there, which one is more tedious and require thinking more, they’ll say emaths.
Reason simple very simple:
They throw an entire paragraph at you which hidden clues here and there, slight errors is almost unavoidable.
Short and simple, they throw question at you. Just solve. End of story.”

Source: http://forums.sgclub.com/singapore/additional_maths_hard_336484.html

My year some speculated that E Maths A1 was as high as 90?”

Source: http://forums.sgclub.com/singapore/questions_about_o_378705.html


Maths Tuition @ Bishan starting in 2014

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Maths Tuition @ Bishan starting in 2014.

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