GEP Sample Question: The Worker Question

Here is a type of a typical GEP Exam Question that can come out. Technically, this question is in syllabus since it only involves Whole Numbers. However, in practice, this is an extremely tough GEP Exam question for students who have not seen the Worker Question before.

GEP Test Question Sample (Worker Question):

6 men working 8 hours a day can paint a house in 2 days. In how many more days will 4 men, working 3 hours a day at the same rate, complete the same job?

Before you scroll down to check the answer, do give it a try! From personal experience as a tutor, even a 16 year old typical Secondary 4 student cannot solve this question if it is the first time they see it. However, once I explain the solution to them, it is extremely easy and students will get it immediately, even for primary school kids. Someone who has seen these types of questions before can solve it under a minute!

This shows the immense advantage one has if he/she has been exposed to certain types of questions. This is same for the GEP General Ability Test (GAT), a type of “IQ test”, which is basically pattern recognition. If a child has been exposed to books like Match Wits With Mensa: The Complete Quiz Book, words cannot describe the huge advantage he/she has over someone who has not seen a logic pattern puzzle before.

Solution to GEP Sample Question (Worker Question):

There are many types of solutions to this question, but my favorite is using the man-days concept. Man-days is a unit for the amount of work that is needed for something. E.g. If building a house needs 10 man-days, it can be accomplished by either 1 man x 10 days = 10 man-days, or 5 men x 2 days = 10 man-days, etc.

For this question, we will use the unit of man-hours instead.

6x8x2=96 man-hours are needed to paint the entire house.

4 men working 3 hours a day would lead to 12 man-hours a day. Hence 96/12=8 days are needed.

Warning: This is where they trap the careless students! The question asks for how many more days. Hence, the answer is 8-2=6 more days.

Ans: 6 days

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