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A typical sample GEP Exam Paper Question (Math) is the Chicken and Rabbit Question. This test is highly popular in the GEP Screening / GEP Selection Test, Round 1 or even extremely difficult Round 2.

A sample question would go like this:

A farmer has 36 chickens and rabbits in total.
He counted 124 legs altogether.
How many chickens and how many rabbits are there?

(By the way, this question is generated from my Chicken and Rabbit Question Generator!)

This is a highly typical GEP Exam paper question that may come out in the GEP test.

How do we solve it? One way is the trial and error or Guess and Check method. However, this method may not work for high numbers. What if the farmer had 10000 sheep?

The GEP Exam Paper has limited time, hence, we would need to solve it in an efficient way.

There is one method called the Assumption method, where students can remember the acronym ASSD!

Steps of ASSD to solve GEP Exam Paper “Chicken and Rabbit” Question:

Step 1 (A): Assume) Let’s assume all the 36 animals are chickens.

Then, there would be 36×2=72 legs in total.

Step 2 (S): Subtract) Clearly, 72 legs is too few.

In reality, there are 124-72=52 legs more.

Step 3 (S): Subtract) 4-2=2

Each rabbit has 2 more legs than a chicken.

Step 4 (D): Divide)

The extra 52 legs must be due to the rabbits, and each rabbit contributes 2 more legs.

Hence, there are 52/2=26 rabbits!

There must be 36-26=10 chickens then.


During the GEP Exam Paper, checking is essential to avoid careless mistakes. 26×4+10×2=124, which tallies! Hence, we are right!

To practice more Chicken and Rabbit questions, which is highly likely to come out in the GEP Exam Papers, check out our Chicken and Rabbit Worksheet Generator.

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