Recommended Maths Olympiad Books for Self Learning / Domain Test

I have added more Math Olympiad books suitable for students training for GEP Math / DSA Math.
These are books actually bought by a viewer of my website through my Amazon affiliate link.
Just to share, and hope it is helpful!

Singapore Maths Tuition

A First Step to Mathematical Olympiad Problems (Mathematical Olympiad Series)The Art of Problem Solving, Vol. 1: The Basics

The first book is written by Professor Derek Holton. Prof Holton writes a nice column for a Math magazine, which gives out books as prizes to correct solutions. I tried some of the problems here: Maths Olympiad Magazine Problems.

GEP Math Olympiad Books

If you are searching for GEP Math Olympiad Books to prepare for the GEP Selection Test, you may search for Math Olympiad Books for Elementary School. Note that Math Olympiad Books for IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) are too difficult even for a gifted 9 year old kid!

A suitable book would be The Original Collection of Math Contest Problems: Elementary and Middle School Math Contest problems. It covers the areas of Algebra, Geometry, Counting and Probability, and Number Sense, over 500 examples and problems with fully explained solutions.

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