Homeschool Math Challenging Puzzles

Homeschool Math Challenging Questions

Mathtuition88 will be starting a series of Homeschool Math Challenging Problems, aimed at age 8 to 10 (Grade 2 to 4).

This series is targeted at kids age 8 to 10 who are strong / gifted at mathematics and wish to further stretch their potential. It is also useful for children who may not be strong in math at the moment, but have a keen interest in math nonetheless.

In particular, it is very suitable for the following purposes:

  • Homeschooling for gifted kids
  • Preparation for GEP (Gifted Education Programme) screening and selection tests
  • Preparation for Math Olympiad
  • Puzzles for kids interested in math but find school work too easy.
  • PSLE challenging Math problem sums. The questions are also well within the PSLE Math Syllabus, and will be challenging to Primary 6 students as well.

This series of questions will follow the Singapore Math syllabus for Grade 3 students, covering the following topics:

  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Fractions
  3. Money
  4. Measurement (Length, Mass, Volume)
  5. Time
  6. Area and Perimeter (rectangle/square)

Although the syllabus above is elementary, we are choosing the toughest math questions (while still remaining in the framework of the syllabus). Hence, the title of the series is “Homeschool Math Challenging Puzzles for Grades 2-4”!

As far as possible, the questions will be categorized under:


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16 thoughts on “Homeschool Math Challenging Puzzles”

      1. Thanks! I think I may upload perhaps one question per week (or more/less depending on my schedule).
        Currently the questions are still in process of being crafted.
        Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. My 8-year-old prefers math over language arts, and I think he’ll enjoy thinking through this question. He likes puzzle kinds of activities in math….keeps him interested more than the workbook math problems. I’m not a math person, so it’s a struggle for me as a homeschooling mom. lol.

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  2. Reblogged this on Singapore Maths Tuition and commented:

    The questions listed are also very suitable as PSLE Challenging Math Problem Sums.

    Basically, for Grade 2-4, they are very challenging.

    For Grade 6 (Primary 6, students), they are challenging math questions.

    Do give it a try and see if your child can solve it!


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