Top PSLE Score

The top PSLE Score for this year seems to be 286, from RGPS (Raffles Girls Primary School).

Close runners-ups are 283, from NYPS (Nanyang Primary School) and Nanhua.

Source is from, which is self-reported by parents. Casting aside the “troll scores” of 299 or 300 which are not believable, this seems to be the most accurate top PSLE score available, since the mainstream media are not allowed to report them.

Congratulations for those who have done well. And for those who have not, do not be discouraged as there is still a long road ahead, and there will be many opportunities to prove yourself.

For those considering tuition, check out StarTutor, which is highly recommended by us. Tutors are screened for their educational qualifications and matched accordingly, with zero administrative fees.

From experience, O Level is a completely new ball game from PSLE. It is possible for relatively weak students in PSLE  to do very well in O Levels, and also vice versa; for quite strong PSLE students to do poorly in O Levels. It is a new beginning for students.


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