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Basically to summarize the article above, the co-founder of Kiasuparents’ son scored a respectable 4As and 229 T-score for PSLE. However, as their set target was 250, he did not get the Nintendo DS that was part of the deal for achieving the target of 250. Probably the Nintendo is to play the most recently released Pokemon Sun/Moon. Poor kid! I remember that my highlight of finishing PSLE was to play Pokemon (close to 20 years ago). I still remembered I was playing the Blue version, starting as Bulbasaur.

PSLE can be highly unpredictable (variance of 20-30 marks from usual expected mark is common and expected). This is particularly due to language exams, composition, and also the famous rigid marking scheme of PSLE science, where all the “keywords” must be mentioned in order to get the mark. Mathematics is the more reliable subject here as it is more objective, so try to score as high as possible in it.

Hence DSA becomes increasingly important as a backup plan to act as insurance in the event that something goes wrong in the PSLE. Check out some DSA/GAT/HAST posts here. It is always good to have a “Plan B”.

Also, if you suspect that the child’s school teacher is not that excellent in teaching, e.g. don’t know/emphasize the “keywords” which are necessary to get any marks at all in PSLE science, you may consider engaging a tutor as soon as possible. Check out the most recommended tuition agency in Singapore.

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