Markov Inequality + PSLE One Dollar Question

Many people have feedback to me that the Career Quiz Personality Test is surprisingly accurate. E.g. people with peaceful personality ended up as Harmonizer, those who are business-minded ended up as Entrepreneur. Do give it a try at Please help to do, thanks a lot!

Also, some recent news regarding PSLE Maths is that a certain question involving weight of $1 coins appeared. It is very interesting, and really tests the common sense and logical thinking skills of kids.

Markov inequality is a useful inequality that gives a rough upper bound of the measure of a set in terms of an integral. The precise statement is: Let f be a nonnegative measurable function on \Omega. The Markov inequality states that for all K>0, \displaystyle \mu\{x\in\Omega:f(x)\geq K\}\leq\frac{1}{K}\int fd\mu.

The proof is rather neat and short. Let E_K:=\{x\in\Omega: f(x)\geq K\} Then,

\begin{aligned}    \int f d\mu &\geq \int_{E_K} fd\mu\\    &\geq \int_{E_K}K d\mu\\    &=K \mu(E_K)    \end{aligned}

Therefore, \mu(E_K)\leq\frac{1}{K}\int fd\mu.

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