2016 PSLE Difficulty — Second Hardest PSLE in history

Watch this interesting video on the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam) in Singapore: https://www.facebook.com/cnainsider/videos/1073805505975459/

According to this girl, her teacher says that PSLE 2016 is the 2nd hardest exam in history.

It seems school children these days have longer working hours than even adults. Adults work from 8am-5pm, children have to study from 7am all the way to night time.

One problem from all these cramming may be loss of joy in learning. After all the years of “forced studying”, few if any students have any more joy of learning in their hearts.

The young girl in the video is very optimistic and cheerful despite all the extra classes, keep it up!

How to Excel in DSA

With PSLE getting more and more tough, DSA is more and more important as a backup plan, or even as “Plan A”. A well-planned DSA application could lead to success in entering the secondary school of your choice. Once the PSLE new scoring system is out, DSA is the critical distinguishing factor.

Check out these posts on how to excel in DSA.


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