Recommended A-Level H2 Assessment Books and Guidebooks

Most students will prefer to read a concise, and to-the-point guidebook that really cuts off all the unnecessary stuff. Unfortunately, school notes are often the opposite, including tonnes of irrelevant information that at the end of the day is not tested. Though good for general knowledge, school notes are too long and wordy for a speedy and efficient revision session. When your exam is next week, you certainly don’t want to read through the history of Calculus, or all about the Galapagos Islands, for instance.

For example, reading the standard textbooks like “Halliday” (Fundamentals of Physics) for Physics or “Campbell” (Campbell Biology (11th Edition)) for Biology is very good when you are a year or two away from the A-levels, but absolute disaster if you are just months away from the A-levels.

The legendary guidebook series for A Level is by the author C.S. Toh. He has a knack of summarizing all you need to know into one book. His books are now available for sale on Qoo10, which means you can order it and get it delivered to your home without having to step out of the house. (Many people comment that sometimes bookstores do not have stock of this book.)

The store URL and the links are below. The subjects available are H2 Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. (Click on the images for the URL link)

Step-by-Step International Pte Ltd


[S$20.90][Step by Step International]CS Toh A-Level Mathematics


[S$15.90][Step by Step International]CS Toh A-Level Chemistry


[S$15.90][Step by Step International]CS Toh A-Level Physics



C.S. Toh Book Reviews

The books of C.S. Toh are a well-known secret weapon for H2 students. Both forums Hardwarezone and Kiasuparents have good reviews on C.S. Toh books.


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